A Different Stay in Madrid

If you are in a situation to experience one of these amazing short stays in apartments in Madrid, there are a number of activities that can make your visit special and different. Therefore, we suggest you some different and original, but certainly fabulous things that this city has to offer.

Would you like to enjoy in flamenco? For starters, flamenco is perceived as a form of colorful and cheerful singing and dancing. In fact, it originated from Andalusian Gypsies, which was expressed through their performance. If what you want is to see and enjoy in authentic flamenco, go to a bar. You will find a lot of these bars in Madrid. Prepare yourself to stay awake until midnight, when you go out to enjoy in a flamenco show in which performers and dancers reflect the passion, power and grace that are contagious. There are purists when it comes to the “true” flamenco, but even for the most demanding tastes there are good places in Madrid, we recommend Casa Patas or the Coral de la Pacheca, but in reality, there are many tablaos in which you can learn and enjoy flamenco in Madrid.

If what you want is to enjoy contemporary art and creation, we suggest you to visit Matadero Madrid. This building, originally a neo-Moorish building, was the center of trade of the city. It has now become a place of contemporary creation, and some of its facilities are la Casa del Lector, la Central del Diseño, una Cineteca, una Nave de Música, las Naves del Español and the ship called Intermediae. The billboard remains diverse and attractive throughout the year. You should not limit your visit only to the traditional museums, as you should take into consideration this interesting proposal.

And if you are looking for gastronomic delight, we suggest you to try out traditional mantecados. The mantecado is a type of pastry or a typically Spanish bun. There are several cafes and bakeries in Madrid that offer them as their specialty. Enjoy the mantecados with cinnamon, almond, lemon or chocolate.

Finally, we suggest you to visit a place that is not the most common among tourists visiting Madrid, which is a shame. You should spend a day (or even a weekend) in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Its structured corridors will delight you with well-tended gardens, which will make you forget you are in a big, cosmopolitan city.

These are just some of the different alternatives available during your short stay in apartments in Madrid, a city that invites you to explore not only the traditional, but the new, the delicious, the exotic and the monumental. Indulge yourself and your family in visiting the city in relaxation and exploring different options offered by this city.

How to Find Your Way Around Madrid: Public Transport

Madrid is an ideal place to spend a few days there to have some rest or to have fun, depending on what you consider a relaxing and enjoyable activity. After we have already found a Madrid apartment for the weekend, it is time to go out and explore all that the city has to offer… but how? Well, today we will recommend using public transportation. If you are going to get to know the city, do as the locals do and take advantage of the fact that Madrid has one of the best public transportation in the world.

Why do we say this? The price is not expensive, the service is quite good and the network covers both the city and all of the suburbs. Therefore, taking buses, the metro and trains is highly recommended if you want to go from one place to another, within the city, as well in the districts in the periphery. If we compare the price with other European cities, we can see it is pretty good, and the frequency of the departures is acceptable.

Among these transports, undoubtedly the most widely used is the metro. Altogether there are twelve metro lines, to which we must add those of light rail. You can get to virtually any point of the city using the metro, and it is quite fast. The only downside of the metro is you often have to change lines as there is no direct line to a certain part of the city. Therefore, you will have to walk and go up and down, but in reality, it is not a significant obstacle.

On the other hand, the bus network also represents a good option, giving you the benefit of contemplating the city when travelling. Routes, schedules and frequency can be found online, so you can plan your tours to make your stay in Madrid even more pleasant. A tourist map shows the bus stops located near the most famous tourist sites of the city, which can really be helpful when planning how we will spend our time while we stay in the Spanish capital.

Image taken from the EMT Madrid page: http://www.emtmadrid.es/Home/Destacados/Plano-turistico.aspx

Finally, we have the network of trains, which undoubtedly represent the best alternative to nearby areas, especially when it comes to the areas outside the city. Trains can be taken at various metro stations and you will connect quickly with different community districts.

The Cercanías Renfe company gives very detailed information regarding schedules and destinations that will helps us if we decide to spend some time in the areas near the city.

Finally, it is a highly recommended option (for both economic and practical reasons) to purchase a subscription for the tourist transport for the time you are going to spend in the city.

Madrid Markets Guide

Let’s say that you have already decided to spend a pleasant weekend in Madrid. You have already found a good apartment in this city, and you are ready to visit all the cultural and tourist sites depending on the time you have available to spend in the city.

A more than pleasant option, when it comes to both learning about the city and non-traditional shopping stroll, is going on a tour of the markets located in Madrid. What is a market? It is an alternative way to the commercial activity that has become very popular in large cities:  it is a different and much more enriching experience than visiting a supermarket. Besides being popular, markets are also very traditional. The community of Madrid is known for having a lot of markets: 186 in total scattered over 136 municipalities in the region. And this city is noteworthy, since the municipality of Madrid has 26 markets which are located in 15 different districts, most of them are opened more than once a week. Therefore, any day of the week that you want to take a chance and go to a flea market, surely you will find one close to you when you are in Madrid.

What products can be found in the markets? Foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, clothing and footwear, crafts, toys, spare parts, and perfumes. Basically, you can find almost anything. By buying in this type of shops, we help the major sector of the community.

Now, what are these markets and on which day of the week can you find them opened?

Madrid Center Markets:

- Tuesdays and Saturdays at P. Campillo del Mundo

- Sundays (the most traditional and the most prestigious market of the city) El Rastro in the Calle Rivera de Curtidores

Barajas Markets:

- Saturdays in the Ayerbe Street

Hortaleza Markets:

- Tuesdays in the Alcorisa Street

- Sundays in La Uva (Street station)

Carabanchel Markets:

- Thursdays at Via Lusitana

- Mondays in the Gorrión Street and another one in Camino de las Cruces

Latin Markets:

-Saturdays in the Rafael Finat Street

Fuencarral – El Pardo Markets:

- Wednesdays in the Santa Ana Street and in the San Cugat Street

- On Fridays in El Pardo

Moncloa – Aravaca Markets:

- Thursday in the San Restituto Street

Villaverde (four!) Markets:

- Thursday in the City of los Ángeles and another one in San Cristóbal de los Ángeles

- Saturdays at Villaverde Alto

- Sundays in the Colonia Marconi

Puente de Vallecas Markets:

- Sundays in the Ronda del Sur Street

- Mondays in the Aragon Street

- Thursdays in the Fontarrón Street

Villa de Vallecas Markets:

- Tuesdays in the Sierra Gorda Street

San Blas Markets:

- Tuesdays in the Arcos del Jalón Street

Tetuan Markets:

- Sundays in the Marqués de Vienna Street

Vicálvaro Markets:

- Thursdays in the San Cipriano Street

And finally… Usera Markets:

- Saturdays in the Orcasur Avenue

Madrid with Children

With millions of people living in Madrid, you are not likely to ever get bored. There is always something going on, that can entertain you. There are all sorts of events depending on your age and your personal interests. Different events for children are also available in Madrid. If you are in Madrid with children and you want to spend great time with your children, regardless of their age, you can attend some of the event created for them. Each event has a different target group, so while some workshops are suitable for pre-school children, teenagers will not be interested in attending those.

Most of the events for children are organized during weekends or during holidays. However, there are events during the week as well, so if you are visiting Madrid on a week day, you will still be able to find an event that would entertain your children.

After you have checked out the apartments Madrid and after you have found a place to stay during your visit in the capital city of Spain, you are ready to plan an eventful day with your family. Here are some of the activities that you can include:

  • Madrid’s amusement park called Parque de Atracciones – This is a popular location among tourists, located in the Casa de Campo. The amusement park has several sections. Some of them are suitable for young children, while other parts of the park are for older children and adults. With lots of entertaining activities, outdoor and indoor shows, restaurants, this park is a perfect location for a day full of interesting and exciting activities for children.
  • Madrid Zoo – Also situated in the Casa de Campo district, this zoo is considered to be one of the best in Europe. More than 3000 animals, an aquarium and a dolphin show will make this visit one-of-a-kind event for your children. There is even transportation around the zoo, if children get tired from walking. Lots of rare animals in their natural habitat will be a delightful sight for young ones.
  • Workshops – There are different workshops organized for children of all ages. Different children organizations host these events, where children can learn about life around them through interactive activities and while communicating with other children of the same age. The topics range from art workshops, music workshops, workshops which involve a parent and a child collaborating on a project, etc. As children enjoy having fun and making their small project, they will be learning a lot as each workshop has educational goals set.
  • Theatres for children – Children plays are available in some theatres. They are specially designed for children of different age, with colorful costumes and masks that attracts children’s attentions and keep them focused on the play. Funny and interesting dialogues, songs and dance are used in the plays to create an enjoyable experience.

Consult your children, find out what they would like to do, so you know which of these activities to choose and get your camera ready to capture the funny moments for a family photo album.

Flat Madrid for Vacation

If you are interested in visiting Madrid, there are plenty of opportunities to find accommodation that would be perfect for your staying. In some cases you might need a flat Madrid for short term. On the other hand, if you need to stay for longer in Madrid, there are flats that you can rent for an entire month or even for several months.

The reason why we recommend flats Madrid for your vacation is that you will be able to feel comfortable in a fully equipped apartment. The sense of having your own place will still be there, even if you are far away from your home town. Unlike hotel rooms, apartments are more spacious and thus they provide higher level of comfort and flexibility.

When you stay in a hotel, you are never absolutely sure which room you are going to get. Will it be on the second floor or on the eighth floor? Will it be next to the elevator, so you can hear each time it goes up and down? There are no such worries when you rent a flat in Madrid, because you will get all of the information about the flat in question before you actually rent it.

This means that as you scan through our offer of flats in the center of Madrid, you will be able to find out everything necessary for you to make an informed decision. You will know where the apartment is located, on which floor, whether it has got a terrace or not. You will also find out the size of the apartment and the number of rooms. And most importantly, you will be able to take a look at the image gallery to see exactly how the flat looks like. Looking at the images you can see the furniture, the style, the rooms, the terrace, etc.

Another benefit of renting flats in Madrid is that there are flats of different sizes. While smaller flats are great choice for one person or for two people, flats with several bedrooms are suitable to accommodate a small group from two to six people. This can reduce the costs of staying significantly, as one flat for six people is far more affordable than having two or three hotels bedrooms or smaller flats. This is a great opportunity if you are going to travel with friends or cousins.

Once you settle down in the flat of your choice, you are ready to go sightseeing and enjoy the famous landmarks of Madrid, such as Retiro Park, the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Golden Triangle of Art in the Paseo del Prado, Cibeles Palace and Fountain, Puerat del Sol Square, Gran Via street and many other landmarks that represent the history and the art of this city. You can easily get around Madrid using metro or city buses, but on a sunny day, you should certainly walk around the city and enjoy the cityscape where traditional and contemporary architecture collide.