Nature Tourism near Madrid: Sierra de Guadarrama

One of the best choices we have when visiting Madrid, Spain is to enjoy the surroundings. This does not only refer to a wonderful urban landscape and everything the central area of the city provides. Thanks to its advanced system of roads and public transport (especially trains), renting Madrid apartment allows you to visit other nearby areas, and you can always return to the apartment you have rented in order to rest from intense sightseeing.

For all those people who are passionate about ecotourism or adventure, there is a National Park, the Sierra de Guadarrama, just 56 km from Madrid. This park, located in the Sierra, which in a way divides the southern and northern part of Spain, is well connected to the city. You can visit the park by renting a car and driving along the highway A- 6. After that you will follow the road M -601 until the exit 39. Alternatively, you can take the M -607 (Colmenar Viejo), from the Plaza Castillo, in Madrid, and then turn at the M -614, to Navacerrada.

If you do not have your own or rented vehicle, you can take the train, using the ones that go from Madrid to Atocha, Recoletos, Nuevos Ministerios and Chamartín . Other option is to take the bus, using either the line 684 from Moncloa, or the line 685 which goes to Majadahonda and Navacerrada via Cercedilla.

This National Park is the “border” between Madrid and Segovia, and it has peaks up to 2000 meters high. In the National Park, we can find a lot of small towns, historic sites and unique natural wealth. It is an ideal place for all of those who love mountain biking, since it has hundreds of small paths and a variety of terrains, sandy, muddy and rocky paths, as well as paths near the streams. Riding a bike in the park or walking tours both offer you a chance to see breathtaking scenery of valleys, peaks and waterfalls, Mediterranean forests, small castles and monasteries, as well as historical sites from the Spanish Civil War. While enjoying the nature, you can catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers from the capital in the distance.

The place dates back to the period even before the arrival of the Romans (whose traces can still be seen in the remains of the Roman road), and it is surrounded by myths and legends. It is just another example of the wonders that Madrid has to offer, a perfect place for you to enjoy if you choose to rent a holiday apartment in Madrid.

Madrid at Night

We have already talked about the excellent entertainment, cultural and dining opportunities that rental apartment Madrid offers throughout the day. But Madrid lives at night as well. The nightlife in this city is bustling and somehow endless. Madrid’s nightlife has something for everyone, regardless of your preferences, your age or nationality. There even are a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars that accept children late in the evening. Sure it is not a good idea to take your kids to a bar, but if you are single, or you have the opportunity to travel with your partner and enjoy the nightlife, it is an experience you will not forget.

Are you looking for a glamorous night?

You can try drinking a martini in the elegant bar El Cock, or perhaps drinking cocktails in Chicote Museum, which is considered to be one of the best bars in Spain. If you want something more modern, check out la Reina Bruja, with their interior completely illuminated with LED lights.

As you can already guess based on those first three recommendations, something that enriches and makes nightlife in Madrid fascinating is its variety, diversity and energy. For example, continuing with bars full of style and elegance, you can also visit 4 Bajo Cero or the Ramses, both in the Barrio de Salamanca. But if you are interested in something completely different, try going to La Lupe. If you are looking for a place to listen to good rock music, try going to Malasaña.

There are also very good choices if you want to enjoy good live music, played by a DJ, and taste excellently prepared drinks. In that case the recommendation is el Bar Camp, where you can even watch interesting short films.

It has always been a sign of “success” for a bar in Madrid to have a good terrace, and even more so today, as it represents a space for smoking, which cannot be done indoors. A good example of a restaurant with a great terrace bar is La Cocina de San Antón, which also gives you an excellent night view of Madrid cityscape.

As for clubs, there are so many of them, that it is difficult to choose. The large clubs, such as el Goa, el Pacha , el Macumba and el Fabrik are constantly active when it comes to nightlife, but there are more modern clubs that are becoming important in the spectrum of Madrid’s nightlife, such as el Charada club. We must also say that not everything in the nightlife of Madrid is related to bars and clubs. A good night walk in the Retiro Park and by the Manzanares River , followed by a night in tapas or a movie night, in a cinema such as el Cine Ideal, are excellent ideas. It is always a perfect culmination to a night in Madrid and to end it with chocolate churros, also called Spanish doughnuts.

A Visit to the Madrid National Library

No doubt there are many opportunities when you visit the Spanish capital after you have chosen a rental apartment Madrid. Your visit can be a gastronomic tour, a shopping tour, you can visit the museums … the city offers many options. One of these is to visit the National Library, which is located in a wonderful neoclassical building on one side of the Plaza de Colón. The library shares its premises with the National Museum of Archaeology.

Just visiting the building and learning about its history is enough to make the walk spectacular, but there is more to this library than architecture. The library was founded in 1712 by King Felipe V, being at that time the “Palace Public Library”. Shortly after that, the legislation was issued so that a hard copy of every book published in Spain had to be sent to this library. It was in 1836 when the name of the library had been changed to the current name.

We mentioned how beautiful the architecture of this complex is. From the front you can admire three arches and carved metal door. Outside the building you can also find very representative sculptural works, such as those of Alfonso X and San Isadora, or sculptures made ​​by Agustín Querol, representing the triumph of science and the arts. The stair itself is a favorite spot for tourists to take pictures. And even though you can find other works of art to admire within the premises of the library, what distinguishes current work the most is the pursuit and protection of the printed history of Spain.

The rooms that comprise the National Library are:

1. The General Hall: with monographs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogs and directories.
2. The Cervantes Hall: with antique originals. This room is a true delight for all book lovers.
3. The Barbieri Hall: the music room, as you can find music sheets, recordings and audiovisual resources.
4. The Goya Hall: all visual materials are here.
5. Press and Magazines Hall: with all the magazines, newspapers, official gazettes and online resources about Spain, as well as the international publications.

Whether you are a book lover and you can spend hours observing the impressive premises of this institution, or if you just stop long enough to admire the beauty of the building in which the library and the most important of its historical heritage is kept, a visit to the National Library is one of the memorable details of your visit to Madrid, being an example of the wide variety of activities that can populate the time you decided to spend in this amazing city.

Original Ideas to Take Advantage of Your Holiday Rental Apartments in Madrid

There are many ways in which you can explore Madrid. Definitely a great start is to choose holiday apartments in Madrid. Comfortable facilities and a terrace will allow you to enjoy the city, both at dawn and at dusk. But what is the best way to enjoy during your visit as much as possible in this city? There are as many answers to this question as there are many people who live or who have visited Madrid. Here we will present one way that perhaps is not the most conventional one, but it definitely is a great way to get the most out of your stay in holiday apartments in Madrid.

The invitation today is to visit the facilities of the “Slaughterhouse”. This place, which was, as the name implies, a trail or a space dedicated to killing animals for meat consumption, has become a cultural beacon of art in this city, which never falls behind in terms of art.

Although we can still “feel” the blood in the room, the walls are now covered with graffiti, and the whole construction of neo-moorish style is rejuvenated with the idea of becoming a modern and innovative cultural complex. The history of this building is wide and changing. It went from a slaughterhouse to become an abandoned building, home for people living in the street, and it eventually became standard of contemporary art, theater, cinema and generally a breeding ground for high artistic level, which does not stay behind other European sites in the same category. Its various galleries and old warehouses are now dedicated to various arts areas: painting, sculpture, music, theater … which is why currently Slaughterhouse has become a cultural laboratory where it is experimented with new forms of artistic funding.

An interesting fact about this place is that there are theaters within this public space and exhibition spaces for concerts featuring works and art performances, more conventional art works, and even works during the holiday seasons, works created for children, to involve the young ones and develop a taste for art.

In Slaughterhouse facilities there are also companies, foundations and private institutions involved in the sponsorship and funding of artworks developed and presented in these facilities. We also find (as you cannot miss in Madrid) a food court and a bar where, of course, there are tapas as well.

One last great thing you do not want to miss in this place is undoubtedly the Reader’s House, a huge public library where events related to books or topics are organized. Yes, you can spend an unusual and fantastic day there, after which you can head out to explore the cosmopolitan city of Madrid all over again. You will feel very fortunate to have chosen a holiday trip, focusing yourself on the wonders that this city has prepared for you.