A Quick Trip to Madrid

There are many holidays that may eventually be celebrated on Thursday or Friday during the year, giving us those wonderful “holiday bridges”, which usually offer the opportunity to get rid of the stress and recharge our batteries. The problem with these mini-holidays is that we have to plan a short trip, because we do not have time for a long stay or a holiday. That is why for your holiday apartment for rent Madrid, here at Apartamentos Mayor Centro, we suggest a suitable itinerary for a quick three-day trip to Madrid.

In this simple route, we try to include different aspects of this wonderful city, remembering that it is impossible to ignore the artistic part of this city, which we have already addressed in more detail in this blog.

For the first day, we recommend you start with the classics: first the Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum. We estimate that the visit will take about three hours. In order to take advantage of the sites in the close vicinity, you should continue the first day with the traditional and world-renowned Prado Museum, for which you will also need at least three hours. Then we advise an outdoor walk while you enjoy Madrid’s architectural beauty: a walk through the Puerta del Sol. Finishing the day in a restaurant that offers you the best of Madrid and Spanish cuisine, such as the “Casa Labra”, is an ideal way to round up your first day of a quick tour around our capital city.

On the second day, how about we start with something completely different from the previous day? The proposal is to start at the Retiro Park and enjoy its wonderful gardens. We then go on to the artistic part of the city, with a two-hour visit of the Reina Sofia Museum and we continue with a perfect lunch in the “Arrocería Gala”. We will finish the second day with a flourish tour of the historic center of the city: the Plaza Mayor for which you will need between one and two hours.

For the final day of this quick tour of the most representative places in this city, we suggest you start with an iconic location in Madrid (and indeed, across the country), the Royal Palace of Madrid. As for the second stop, we cannot forget a trip to a place ideal for the amateur photographers, the Catedral de la Almudena, for which you will need about three hours. The ideal way to end your work day or your journey is to enjoy in a gourmet dinner at a prestigious restaurant, such as “The Galayos”, located in the center with internationally recognized paella.

Of course these are just a few key ideas to organize a quick trip to Madrid, but with them, well-structured over three days, you can get an overview of how to set up your own plan for your visit.

Apartments Madrid Short Stay

Having in mind the fact that Madrid is a large metropolitan city, full of diversities, there are millions people visiting Madrid due to various different reasons. For some people a visit is related to their business, since they are supposed to participate in business meetings. There are those who seek professional improvement on numerous seminars and lectures. People come because of concerts, exhibitions, performances, shopping, visiting relatives, friends, etc. Yet, there are those who include Madrid as one of the stops in their travel.

What all of those visitors have in common is the need to find apartments Madrid short stay. Since the type of visit imposes the need for someone to stay in the capital city of Spain during a short time period, one is obliged to find accommodation that will provide condition for enjoyable staying.

When it comes to apartments Madrid short stay, there are plenty of opportunities, especially when you trying to find apartments to rent for your short visit. People are very different and they have very different needs from one another, so the apartments are adapted to satisfy all kinds of tastes and needs. All you have to do is say what exactly you want.

For example, if you need an apartment with a garage or a balcony, you can go through the selection of apartments offering these, and you can narrow down your search. Location of the apartment is often an important element in the process of choosing an apartment to rent, especially for people who arrive to Madrid on business. Those are usually the people who will not have much time to waste, and therefore they choose the apartment that is located near the places they will be visiting while in the city.

When it comes to tourists, location is not the most important factor, but instead tourists are focused on renting comfortable apartment. They also like to compare prices, are finding more affordable accommodation, usually means larger budget for sightseeing and eating in the restaurants, or it can even mean longer staying, which is a great opportunity for tourists to prolong their holiday.

On the other hand, the tourists with a significant budget sometimes seek luxurious apartments, which are fully furnished and equipped with all sorts of gadgets. In this case, the price will not be much of a factor, but such tourist will choose an apartment that is nicely designed and furnished according to their liking.

Even though a short visit can usually be stressful, due to the fact that you quickly have to adapt to the new environment, it is of great importance that you find apartment where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. In this way, the process of adaptation will go much smoother and you will soon be ready to enjoy in the city. Regardless of the type of your visits, you will certainly have at least couple of hours for sightseeing and eating in one of Madrid’s restaurants where you will be able to try local specialties.

An Apartment with Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Stay in Madrid

Here on the blog Apartamentos Mayor Centro, we have given many recommendations on how to make the most out of your stay in Madrid. We have shared the best places to visit according to your specific plans for your stay in Madrid: whether you are traveling alone or you are exploring the city with your family. Even if your visit is only related to your business, it does not mean you should not spend a couple of incredibly pleasant days in this beautiful metropolitan city.

And today we are going to talk about one of our Madrid apartments, which can be an excellent choice for your short or medium holiday in our capital city. In particular, we are offering you a spacious apartment, called “Superior Apartment with Terrace no. 55”, which is ideal for a family visit, due to its internal arrangement. It is an apartment with two bedrooms, one with double bed (ideal for parents) and another room with three single beds. This arrangement allows us to host a family of up to six members in this apartment. Besides the beds that are already described, the sofa in the lounge can also be used as an additional bed. Having in mind the number of people that can be accommodated, this apartment is also ideal for a group of cousins ​​or friends who have decided to travel together and spend their vacation in Madrid. In that case, the convenience and comfort of our apartment would also bring a really affordable price, since it is split among six guests.

What else can you enjoy if you go for this apartment in particular? A spacious living room, that will make you feel at home, and where you can spend a wonderful evening with your family or friends. If you find it too hot during the sunset, there is always the option to go to the terrace and share a few drinks or a cold soda to finish an exhausting tour around the city. The apartment also has a full kitchen (including a refrigerator and a microwave) to cook at ease and pleasure, so that your holiday does not reach stratospheric costs. Eating in the best restaurants in Madrid is an incredible experience, but doing it three times a day could result in spending a very expensive long weekend or holiday. Therefore, we suggest being more selective when choosing to which restaurant you want to go, while you prepare the rest of your meals conveniently in your apartment. As for the bathroom, you can count on shower, bathe and even on a hair dryer so that you will shine, when taking a stroll through the streets and avenues in Madrid.

To discover interesting ideas on how to get the most out of your time in the Spanish capital, you can take a look at other posts on our blog, as it is important that you choose the perfect accommodation, one of our best apartments Madrid.

Spring Break in Madrid

For single people, it is a great opportunity being able to spend spring break away from the ongoing work stress and to have a few days to enjoy. Spring is an ideal season because not only is there one holiday, but there are several holidays during a short time period. The weather is warm, but not too hot, and both the field sand the cities are naturally decorated with flowers, as the nature comes to life in spring.

If we opt for something urban because we want this spring to be a true party and we want to enjoy the nights out, an excellent option is to choose Madrid. This cosmopolitan city has an impressive, and internationally recognized, ambient which guarantees a break full of fascinating nightlife.

We start by renting apartments in the center of Madrid, in which we can enjoy in the comfort, just as if we were at home, but at the same time, we will enjoy the luxury and pleasure of a fully furnished space in the city center. From there, we can visit the places famous for the great atmosphere during the night parties in Madrid. We can have dinner around ten in the evening, and after an amazing dinner we can go out for drinks, in several bars until two in the morning, when you hit the nightclubs. That’s a perfect plan. Once you are in the club of your choice, you can completely shake off idleness and dance until the sun comes up. You can end the evening with a breakfast, having traditional churros with chocolate, after which you return to admire the cityscape from the balcony in your apartment, and then sleep until late afternoon. The long days of spring are ideal for this. Here is a short list of clubs where you will enjoy and which will make you want to come back to Madrid.


  • OHM Club, Plaza Mayor.
  • Club Ocho y Medio, in the Mañasaña neighborhood (remember not to dress too formal).
  • Club Kapital (in Atocha …here is where you should dress up!)
  • Club Fabrik (monthly Goa sessions)
  • Joy Eslava Club (in the center, ideal for a hipster style)
  • Tupperware Club (in the Chueca and Malasaña , ideal for mingling)
  • Dark Hole Club (for those who like to dress in black, in the Chueca and Malasaña)


Remember, these are just some of the options you can find. These are very different (and as you can see from our short list, there are clubs for all tastes and possibilities), so once you choose the one you want, you can enjoy a night out in Madrid. Surely you will not regret it and you will spend an unforgettable spring. The key is to properly choose your favorite clubs and spend more than one night in each, so you dig the atmosphere, music and drinks of the place.