Adventure Tourism in the Surroundings of Madrid

As one of the favorite outdoor activities and the one that makes such a profound difference in our lives, traveling is a valuable experience that helps people to learn and to grow. There are so many different ways people experience traveling. Everyone focuses on what interest them the most. This is how various niches of travel have been developed, where everyone gets to design and customize their travel to experience the things they appreciate, find interesting or fascinating. This is how one of the very popular types of tourism has developed – adventure tourism.

Adventure Tourism

What is adventure travel?

Adventure travel is a special form of tourism, focused on exploration or traveling with some dose of risk. Unlike ordinary travel, adventure travel includes using and developing special skills and, most often, physical exertion. Instead of using the well-known paths and routes, adventure travelers prefer unexplored routes.

Besides the actual enjoyment traveling includes, adventure travelers seek for excitement and thrill that, going into the unknown, brings. Involving significant effort or experience something with a degree of risk represents a challenge for them. And precisely this challenge is what motivates them to keep wanting more.

Adventure travelers are not passive observes that join a tour of visiting a particular landmark. They are the action-takers, they experience travel in their own way, creating an out-of-the-ordinary holiday. They do not want to see must-see places in the city. Instead, they want to explore a particular aspect that interests them and create their own adventure. They want to experience new things, to try something they have never before and to test their limits by enforcing strenuous activity which often includes visiting “unreachable” places, climbing great heights, etc. They set of to a challenging adventure that can include ecotourism, ethnic tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, extreme tourism, etc.


Adventure travel in Madrid

There are many ways to experience adventure travel in Madrid. We are going to show you the opportunities offered in the city, as well as venues where you can organize such an adventure. Have in mind that adventure travel tours also exist, if you want to let the organization to someone else and simply enjoy the actual adventure.


Rock climbing in Madrid

Rock climbing is a very exciting activity for people into sports with enough agility to reach the top of the peak. The challenge represents that natural rock formation or artificial rock wall. Most often, climbers climb up the route. The actual activity requires a significant physical and mental power to overcome the obstacle and balance your way to the top.



This indoor climbing construction is a perfect way to experience rock climbing in Madrid. The center organizes many excerpting sports activities, classes, etc. They are even the host of the national climbing championship. ROCKGAME strives to make climbing available to everyone. Besides climbing activities for professional athletes, they also welcome beginners for which they have special training courses. Climbing for kids is also part of their offer.


Location: Capellanía Street, number 47. Capellanía Industrial Estate 28411 Moralzarzal



·      Sputnik Climbing Center

Here is another venue offering rock climbing in Madrid. The large indoor space is specifically designed for climbers of all levels, including professionals, beginners, as well as children. The colorful rock formations repent an exciting challenge for an adventure travel. Furthermore, the center also offers outdoor activities. These include guided climbing activities, mountain skiing, trekking, canyoning, etc.  These are organized in the nearby area of Madrid, for which they provide transportation and other things related to organizing such an activity. Climbing and mountaineering courses are also available.


Location: Calle la Granja 100. 28108. Alcobendas. Madrid



Mountain biking in Madrid

To experience the real thrill of mountain biking, you will need to go beyond the center of Madrid. In the surroundings of Madrid, you will find so many exciting tracks and paths that wait to be discovered and conquered. For such an activity, you will probably need guides to help you find these hidden paths, as you will find it difficult to find them on your own, especially if you are traveling to Madrid for the first time.


·      Track MTB

Track MTB offers the unforgettable biking ride across Sierra de Guadarrama mountains in Central Spain which were recently designated a National Park.  If you want to explore this side of Spain and landscape that goes beyond the central urban area, this adventure is the perfect choice. During your tour, you will be near the city of Segovia, another destination worth visiting.




·      Mountain Cranks

A team of professionals who love outdoor adventure is ready to take you on a biking adventure that is completely customized for you. Mediterranean forest, countryside, and hills surrounding Madrid are some of the locations you can explore. They divide their tours into easy, moderate, and advance. This is perfect as you can find the one that best suits you, depending on how fit and active you are. They also provide guidance regarding technique you use, the value of being active and how to create challenges for yourself even if you already are mountain bike enthusiast.


This tour comes with free transport to the specific biking destination, as long as you are located in the center. So if you find an apartment in the center of Madrid, you will easily join the route and enjoy your next adventure.




Zip-line in Madrid

If the height is what excites you the most, zip-line is the adventure you were seeking for. The entire concept consists of a cable places on a slope. It is designed so that the gravity pulls you down the slope as you slowly slide. This slide can be more or less steep. Zip-line has been very popular as an entertainment activity among young travelers, as well as among sports enthusiasts. And now, you can experience this excitement in Madrid as well:


·      Spain Zip Line Adventure Parks

The guided adventure with different circuits available for all levels. You can take the easy way with a basic zip line, or you accept a real challenge and join an exciting adventure that will take you more than 10 meters high. Besides zip lining, this adventure center also offers horse riding and hiking. Basically, it is an amazing escape from the city center, enabling you to enjoy the fresh air and plenty of exciting outdoor activities.




Adventure activities

Here are two more venues to experience different types of adventurous activities in Madrid, which include climbing, hiking and other adventurous sports:


·      Dreampeaks

Most of these centers we have mentioned so far offer multiple activities to enjoy adventure travel in Madrid. One of those is certainly Dreampeaks. It includes adventure sports, mountain activities, climbing, canyoning, trekking, etc. The activities are organized by qualified instructors and guides, so you can feel safe during your adventure. This kind of travel is a beautiful way to enjoy the Madrid surrounding, to experience nature and explore your own limits. It is a challenge that keeps you alive and striving for more wonderful adventures.




·      Sierra de Guadarrama National Park

Located only an hour from the city of Madrid this national park is an ideal location to escape all the hustle of the busy city streets. It is an incredible landscape, with its natural wealth and paths to explore this site. Many forest tracks are available, as well as recreational areas, viewpoints, etc. The activities you can enjoy include outdoor rock climbing, winter activities (climbing channels, ridges, sled area, snowboarding area, cross-country skiing), nodding skiing and snowshoeing, etc. Even though you can enjoy the park all year long, the winter activities are organized based on the accumulation of snow and are only available during a limited time of the year. So if you are visiting during winter months, this location is the go-to place for everyone eager for snow time and exciting outdoor activities.




Reaching heights

If being high up in the air is your thrill, if it makes you feel free and alive than the following three activities are definitely for you. As they take you high in the air, you also get to explore Madrid from a completely different view, and not many people can brag about seeing Madrid this way:


·      Flying in a balloon

A type of an adventure activity that will provide a magnificent experience or riding through the air and explore the historic places in Segovia, Aranjuez, Ávila, Toledo, and Madrid. It is a completely new and unique way to explore the area, with enough excitement to be the desired choice for many adventure travelers. The two passengers traveling together is a minimal requirement per ride, although the balloon can accommodate more than 10 passengers, depending on the size of the balloon. This makes it a perfect choice of an activity for groups of friends. The flight approximately takes an hour.




·      Bungee jumping in Madrid

HighJump is the place where you can find many different jumping related activities which include standard bungee jumping (called puenting in Spanish), double bungee jumping (if you want to share the journey with another person), high jumping, rope jumping, etc. The height can vary depending on the activity and how daring you feel in the moment.

Location: Plaza del General Vara del Rey



·      Paragliding

If your dream of flying is yet to be achieved, your travel to Madrid might just be the perfect occasion to fulfill it. The paragliding flight takes you over Madrid and its surrounding. It is an extraordinary experience and the feeling you will never forget. You do not need any special skills to try out paragliding, but you can be accompanied by an expert pilot to over an extra layer of security.

Location: Alberto Martín González Camino Ancho, 55-57



Regardless of the activity you choose, we know that your travel experience will be wonderful. The city offers quite a selection of adventurous activities that will be a perfect challenge and adrenaline boost, even for the most extreme adventurers.

We also want to recommend our Madrid apartments in the center as the city, as the place to stay if you want to be close to the center and easily reach any destination you might choose to participate in these exciting activities.

In the end, we want to conclude this adventure tourism guide, with an inspirational quote that will encourage you to start doing things, to dare to try something new, and simply to enjoy traveling.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain


Wine Tourism in Madrid

Wine tourism is becoming more and more important as a branch of tourism. Countries such as Spain, which rely a great part of their economy on tourism, are particularly interested in exploring how this can contribute to their further development. It leaves a way to promote other landmarks and culture in general.

Wine tourism has become an innovative way to provide a unique travel experience. It is the way to present the cuisine and culture of one country to the travels whose great passion is wine. Exploring this area of tourism offers many opportunities for local manufacturers and entrepreneurs to discover ways to build their brand and reach global travelers who stay in Madrid.


For starters, it is worth mentioning the three types of wine tourists and what is common for their travel experience:

The Wine Geeks: Want to know everything. Wine is the sole purpose.

The Gastro-Tourist: Food and wine is an important element.

The Passing-By Casual (Wine) Tourist: “We’re in a wine region so let’s visit a winery.”

Source: Forbes


Take a look at these groups. Can you identify with one of them? What is the most important part of wine tourism for you? Is it all about the wine, or do you want to explore food as well?

Answering these questions will help you create a personalized wine tourism experience for you. It will give you a chance to plan your visit accordingly and choose the best way to experience Madrid.


Wine cellars and bars

One of the common ways to start with wine tourism is to explore local wine cellars and bars. The great thing about this experience is that with wine, you get to taste traditional Spanish dishes. If you are not up for a full course meal, traditional Spanish tapas would be a great choice. They are usually served with wine and provide a mixture of ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.

  • García de la Navarra

This wine cellar (also a restaurant) offers the best selection of local wines. It is also a very nice place to eat, with delicious dishes and tapas to accompany wine drinking and create a perfect atmosphere.

Location: Montalbán, 3


  • La Chula de Chamberí

A trendy bar with high tables and areas for groups of friends is a very pleasant bar, in a sort of a tavern style. Besides wine, cooked dishes are available for all of those gastro-tourists who love to combine good wine with food.

Location: Fernando el Santo, 11


  • Taberna Arzábal

A traditional Spanish tavern with an amazing selection of tapas and wines is a perfect choice for a nice evening out in Madrid.

Location: Doctor Castelo, 2


  • Vinícola Mentridana

A budget-friendly option for all of the gastro enthusiast is Vinícola Mentridana. This interesting bar has a bohemian vibe to it with a fantastic wine list to offer.

Location: San Eugenio, 9


Wine shops in Madrid

Regardless if you are interested in buying a bottle of wine to bring to a friend’s dinner or you want to look for extraordinary wines to complete your collection, the best selection you can find in Madrid is in the wine shops. Here are a couple of places to explore:

  • Lavinia

Located in the Salamanca district, this place has a certain modern glow to it. It is a modern-looking shop, situated in the exclusive part of the city, alongside stores such as Channel, Louis Vuitton, and others. However, this store is more than a regular wine shop. It is an ideal hub for all the wine lovers. Wine shop downstairs with a top restaurant and wine-related events, it has become a place you must visit as a part of wine tourism experience.

Location: Calle de José Ortega y Gasset 16


  • Bodega Santa Cecilia

The best way to describe this one is to say that this is a wine supermarket. The complete design of the shop resembles a supermarket. It even has a supermarket checkout counter. Beautiful wine bottles arranged immaculately in the aisles, alongside wine gifts and books. The shop even has a carefully selected offer of traditional Spanish foods. Since food goes well with wine, you can basically purchase everything you will need to host a small dinner party for you and your friends. With Spanish wine of course. The shop also has a bar where they serve tapas with wine, so visiting a wine shop can soon turn out to be a wine tasting event.

Location: Blasco de Garay 74


  • Carlota Wine Shop

This one is a bit smaller shop than the previous two, but still offers a nice selection of different wines. The interior is quite stylish and homy. It is a family-run business so you can expect a knowledgeable shop owner to chat with you and tell you more about different wines. There is a private wine tasting available which is a perfect choice if you want a more personalized experience.

Location: Calle Libertad, 26


  • Enoteca Barolo

This shop offers a great assortment of wines mainly from Spain, but from other countries as well. It even has an online store to check out the product selection in advance. You can sort the selection by price and by wine type (red, white, pink, sparkling) as you explore their offer online. Still, visiting the actual shop is an amazing experience altogether. As you would expect, wine tasting is available, as well as other interesting wine-related activities.

Location: Calle Principe de Vergara, 211


  • Más Que Cervezas

Opened every day of the year from 11 am until 10 pm, this wine shop offers an impressive selection of wines and beer, as well as cocktail appliances.

Location: Calle del León, 32


  • Vinopremier

Extensive wine offer as well as gourmand menu make this vine shop an excellent choice for all the travelers who visit Madrid. Wine tasting is also available. Their store also has accessories section where you can find a lot of different things related to wine, such as glasses, sets, gift boxes, etc.

Location: Calle Valverde, 29


Vineyards of Madrid

Up to this point, the wine tourism in Madrid has been an experience that has taken you around the city area, mostly the city center. This is very convenient if you are staying in an apartment in the center of Madrid. It means that you can quickly reach your destination of choice, commonly on foot. Sometimes you can use public transport if you notice that there is a quick and easy way to get there.

However, exploring vineyards of Madrid is a completely different kind of experience. It will take you on a trip an hour or two from Madrid, but it can also turn into a real adventure of exploring the country and its hidden gems.

The first thing you need to know is that all of the vineyards of Madrid are grouped and listed on the website Vinos de Madrid. This makes organizing a trip much easier because you can explore vineyards online and choose the ones you want to visit.

The vineyards are divided into three regions:

San Martin

As you travel through nice villages and towns on your way to this winery, you will get to know the Spanish landscape. You will discover the charm of the life away from the city noise and crowd. The area is located in the South East of the country.

To visit San Martin, you can take the bus from Príncipe Pío Station. This station is very close to the Royal Palace of Madrid and the central area of the city. The destinations you are looking for is San Martín de Valdeiglesias. The buses leave every 30 minutes, sometimes even in shorter intervals.


This wine route will take you 30 kilometers to the south of Madrid. It makes Navalcarnero a perfect destination for a day trip nearby Madrid. Besides wine, the area also boasts with its gastronomic culture.

To reach the destination, you will again need the bus at the Príncipe Pío Station. This time, your final destination is Navalcarnero, and luckily, there is a bus that takes you directly there. The buses leave every 30 minutes.


The largest wine communities of the three, it is the only one that is located in the north region of the country. Many Madrid vineyards are located precisely in this area. In fact, vineyards stretch all the way from the town of Arganda del Rey (in the north) down to Aranjuez (in the south).

Since the area is pretty vast, there are multiple buses you can take, depending on which vineyard you plan to visit. For example, to reach Arganda del Rey, you can use Metro Line 9. This one is perhaps the fastest way to travel in the city. To visit Aranjuez, you will need to go by train. The full list of vineyards with the exact address is available in the listing on the website Vino de Madrid. 

Madrid wine tours

As you explore what the city has to offer in terms of wine tourism, you get to the wine tours. The main benefit of these tours is that you will have a professional guide to help you enjoy this wonderful experience as you taste traditional Spanish wines. You will not have to worry about looking the places on the map, planning and organizing trips around the city or even to a different town. When you join a specific tour, most common things you can expect include:

  • Wine tasting
  • Winery or vineyard tour
  • Food tasting (in case the tour combines gastro experience)
  • Local expert guide to organize the trip and provide information about the places you visit
  • Transportation


If you love wines and find this to be a great passion of yours, you will enjoy exploring what Madrid has to offer. Depending on your personal preferences and the time you have to spend in the city, you will get to plan a trip to explore wine tourism and where this kind of adventure takes you. For your own convenience, it is recommended to find an accommodation with a perfect location. Most commonly, apartments in the center of Madrid are an ideal choice because you will be able to organize each activity with all of the transportations available nearby.