Terraces in Madrid

After a long day of tourism activities, nothing better than relaxing in the best possible way. Rest is a vital part of the tourist experience especially after extensive walks, shopping days, sports and attractions.

Terraces are an ideal place to relax when the sun is overwhelming and weariness strikes. These are found around the streets or in hotel rooftops and emblematic buildings. Either to rest or eat and drink something, listen to some good music and chat with friends or family, there is a great variety of terraces for all people and all tastes.

Hotel Riu Plaza España Terrace

Hotel Riu Plaza España is one of the most luxurious buildings of the city. It is located between Gran Vía and Princesa Street. It has 27 floors and more than 580 rooms being all of them of top quality. In the upper floor of the eighth highest building of the city, there is Terrace 360°. It gets its name because it allows for panoramic views of Madrid, in 360 degrees. In addition, it has a glass walkway over which people can walk safely.


The ticket for the terrace costs 5 euros in the morning and until the afternoon and 10 euros at night. It has a direct entrance from the street even though due to its popularity and beauty, there is generally a long queue. A drawback is that it does not have a restaurant. Only snacks are served.

Radio Terrace

This terrace is in Me Madrid Reina Victoria Hotel which is located in Plaza de Santa Ana. It is a very modern pub which offers different beverages and cocktails prepared by the bartender on call. Also, high quality tapas are prepared so that all guests get the most enjoyment from the place.

For the complete relaxation of people, there are diverse comfortable sofas with cushions and wood furniture as well as great lighting. Besides, beautiful city views can be appreciated. In the interior, there is a long bar to enjoy food and drinks and a VIP area.

Urban Terrace

On the roof of the luxurious Urban Hotel, there is a beautiful terrace. It can be found in 34 Carrera de San Jerónimo Street. It offers great views, a relaxing environment, different tapas to taste and an ample food and cocktail menu. In it, gin stands out. It is an ideal place for calm summer evenings.

Sabatini Terrace

One of the terraces with the best views of Madrid centre is found in the rooftop of Aparto suites Jardines de Sabatini. In Cuesta de San Vicente Street, opposite Palacio Real, this place can be visited and it is highly recommended to relax and spend a great evening. International tapas can be tasted and there is an ample menu of cocktails.


Considering its decoration, it has artificial grass and tables with chairs of gardening style. Its fame for having the best views is justified by Palacio Real which is directly opposite the Aparto suites. Next to these facilities, the splendid Monte del Pardo can be observed.

Queen’s Terrace

Terraza de la Reina is located in Chuecas neighbourhood, more precisely in Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, near Gran Vía. This place is characterized by its great gastronomic offer which is very varied and it is available during the whole day.  Here, people can have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The menú is very ample. For early birds, different types of menu can be chosen. On weekdays, a midday menu is offered.  All kinds of tastes are addressed because the menu includes tapas, hamburgers and pizzas in addition to different beverages. A characteristic of the place is its decoration due to the fact that every six months, all the place is modified to represent the current season.

Matadero Terrace

This terrace can be visited only in summer. It is located in Plaza Matadero and more specifically in the open patio of Matadero Madrid. In the cultural space, between apartment blocks, there is a mobile terrace. It has different green spaces so that kids can play and adults can relax in the shadow while they have a drink.  Every summer, this terrace is built. It is accompanied by other art facilities to encourage activities of this kind, together with music so that it can be transformed in an ideal place to enjoy summer days.

Other outstanding terraces

Throughout the city, there are other terraces which are worth visiting. In the interior of Atenas Park, on Catedral de la Almudena, a beautiful terrace can be found. It offers cocktails and gins of high quality, privileging a calm and relaxing environment with a lot of nature.  El Café del Espejo offers a terrace with an Art-Nouveau style whose atmosphere resembles cafés of the beginning of this century. It is a classical place, a historical point of artists, businessmen and intellectuals. It remains open throughout the year and it is located in Paseo de Recoletos Boulevard.

El Viajero, a classical restaurant of La Latina neighbourhood, has a beautiful terrace on the third floor from which food and beverages can be enjoyed, together with the best views of the city. On the ground floor, the actual restaurant is found, where barbecued meats, a bar and a café stand out.

On the rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes, one of the most prestigious terraces is found, considering one of the best viewpoints of Madrid with a very important gastronomic Project. In its restaurant, there are plenty of classical Spanish dishes not only in food but also in tapas. The cheff Javier Muños-Calero is in charge of their preparation. To access this place, it is necessary to pay for a ticket.