Hidden Markets in the City

Shopping is one of the favourite activities chosen by tourists when visiting a city. Walking and visiting several important places and buying new things are essential for visitors. Therefore, it is very important that a touristic city can count on different interesting and attractive areas available for all kinds of public.


In that sense, Madrid is a great city for a shopping day. However, it is not necessary to keep only traditional stores or large shopping malls in mind. Throughout the city, there are several markets, some well-known and others perhaps more hidden, that keep their secrets and offer unique experiences. Some of the most important markets located in Madrid will be described and highlighted below.


Design Market

It is the ideal place for fashionistas. It was created in 2013, and it has had great success since then, bringing together all the members in the realm of fashion and design. It is organized by the Design Central unit and it is located mainly in Matadero Madrid, although it may change the location on occasions. It takes place on the first weekend of the month, and the next edition is expected in March. Tickets are two euros, while children under 12 are admitted free of charge.


As expected, in this market there are important emerging and veteran designers, who offer their products to distributors, professionals and the public in general. One of the main ideas is to promote potential entrepreneurship on sustainable fashion, together with the generation of awareness of responsible consumption.

Unique pieces of decoration, jewellery and fashion can be found on more than 150 stands from different designers. Since its first edition, this market has hosted thousands of visitors. In addition to fashion, many other options such as: concerts, a varied gastronomic offer and other recreational activities can be found.


Salesas Village Festival

In Plaza de las Salesas, in the neighbourhood that bears the same name, this event takes place: it is one of the most important street markets in Madrid. The main business industries and establishments in the neighbourhood go out to show and promote their products to all visitors. The next edition will take place in February.

Promoted by ACOTEX merchants association, this festival is part of the “Madrid Capital de Moda” initiative. Campoamor and Santa Teresa streets are transformed during the 9 hours it lasts, with a large diversity of activities and experiences throughout its more than 40 stands, which include: fashion, jewellery and beauty, decoration and art, gastronomy, leisure and recreation.


Motor Market

In the old train station, today the Railway Museum, located in Paseo de las Delicias 61, an interesting market is held. Every second weekend of each month it opens its doors with free admission to all audiences.

In this place you can find a variety of products, which are offered by professional and also private sellers. Some of the objects that can be found include different kinds of furniture with creative or retro-style designs, vinyl discs, original bicycles, second-hand fashion items, among others.

After a long shopping day, people can sit, rest and enjoy a snack at the different food, beverage and coffee shops. It is an ideal place for the family, since it has recreational activities for children, and even a nursery for pets.


Frogs Market

In Barrio de las Letras, there is a market created by the Association of Merchants, which organizes events with different themes, focused on the cultural, commercial and artistic variety of the neighbourhood and designed for audiences of all ages.

The market operates on the first Saturday of each month throughout the year. Admission is free for all visitors. All commercial establishments become part of it, and they seek to offer and highlight the commercial, cultural, gastronomic and cultural characteristics of the neighbourhood. Additionally, hotels join in, by providing special offers, discounts and distinctive menus to visitors.

The event is named after Cantarranas Street, which runs along the entire Las Letras neighbourhood. The Merchants Association initiative to encourage people to visit the area and help the local business is a success. More than 260 establishments take part in the market, along with the support of the hotel sector and the collaboration of Madrid Town Hall.


GastroCat Market

Nowadays, this is one of the most successful and biggest markets in Madrid. It focuses on the world of fashion, and takes place during a weekend per month. The calendar for the first part of 2020 is already set; the next date will take place from March 12th to 15th, repeating in April, May and June.

The venue for the event is the Westin Palace, located in Plaza Cortes, 7, which corresponds to Paseo del Arte touristic area. Admission is free. This market is characterized by its elegance; it has more than 60 stands, which offer unique pieces and products from different areas, such as fashion, cosmetics, accessories, jewellery, crafts, decoration, gourmet, children’s fashion and items for collectors.

Each edition is a unique experience, since the objects and products offered on the stands vary entirely in the following editions of this “pop up” market. In addition to the stands, the place has a gastronomic area, run by the Westin Palace Hotel. It’s called the GastroCat  -GastroGato-, and people can relax after shopping, while enjoying a quick meal and a drink. Additionally, they can buy some exclusive products in this area.

Gastronomic events in Madrid

One of the most important factors in a touristic city is its gastronomy. Having a strong gastronomic presence and variety serve to capture tourists’ attention. We are not only talking about the city’s food or restaurants but also about different gastronomic events.

In Madrid city, different gastronomic events are organized and available for the locals as well as for visitors. We are going to describe the most important ones.

Farmers market

The market Madrid Productores is located in Plaza Matadero de Madrid, during the last weekend of every month. There, about 90 artisan producers related to the gastronomy of Madrid Community are gathered. The products have a relation producer-consumer and they are also of high quality, handcrafted and ecological.


Within the different types of food which can be found in this place, the best vegetables, cheese varieties, meet from “Sierra”, olives, honey, virgin olive oil, sourdough artisan bread, wine, vermouth, craft beer and many others stand out.

In this place, apart from finding goods, there are shows, talks, tastings of products and many other gastronomic activities. In addition, there is an area in which people can enjoy the products they buy, with tables and chairs.

Apart from being an attractive touristic point, the market contributes to the development of rural areas, helps small producers with the selling and promotion of their goods and brings awareness about the consumption of healthy food with the environment.

Madrid Exquisito

This gastronomic event suggests top level menus at reasonable prices for all kinds of public. The brand Freixenet is in charge of this event and there are many restaurants which are incorporated each year. People can try delicious dishes in emblematic buildings of Madrid like in a terrace in front of Palacio Real, in a tabern or in a table of a trendy pub in the city centre. The next edition will take place in April 2020.

Each of these gastronomic dates offers the chance of enjoying a luxurious sample with different seasonal goods. The prices range from 25 to 45 euros. Besides, 1 euro from each menu is destined to charity, more precisely to charity canteens which are managed by Mensajeros de la Paz, an ONG of Madrid.

Mercado Municipal de Productores

Another farmers market is carried out in the intersection of Planetario Avenue and Meneses, together with Parque Tierno Galván, near IMAX. Here, the focus is on green food products of a nearby regions. The market is available once a month.

The slogan of the place is the promotion of responsible, conscious and sustainable consumption. It is composed by 36 small producers who have their working place 120 km away from the capital. There, oils, vegetables, meat, fruit, natural juices, cheese, honey, preserves, eggs, fresh pasta, snacks, among others can be bought. Everything is focused on the ecological and handcrafted production.

Due to the growing demand of consumers to get food directly with the producers, Dirección General de Comercio y Emprendimiento del Área de Equidad, Derechos Sociales y Empleo promoted the creation of this space. It serves to boost the economy of these small producers, the handcrafted and sustainable consumption of food and the care of the natural environment.


This food market is characterized for being outdoors and having more than 20 stands. It offers different products and tastes of high quality, ideal to satisfy any need because they cover the Spanish gastronomy as well as the gastronomy of other parts of the world.

This street market has more than 20 proposals in which craft beer, selected wins to drink in cups, coffee from different parts of the world, fusion cuisine, international menus, hamburgers, crepes, Galician pies, artisanal goat cheese, cookies and many others can be enjoyed. Each person’s palate will be satisfied.

This place has the participation of many well-known chefs like Estanis Carenzo, Iván Domínguez, Luis Arévalo and Mario Sandoval. The MadrEAT takes place the third weekend of each month.

Cortezo Yatai Market

Decorated as if it were an Asian Street market, this gastronomic space is in Atocha Street. The decoration and smells of this place serve to illustrate cities like Tokio or Hong Kong.

Here, Asian street food can be enjoyed in its yatals, the name street food stands receive. Along both bars, sushi, beam, Vietnamese snacks, poke bowls and many other food items of the east, south and southeast of Asia can be tried and enjoyed. There also are two stands of traditional Asian fusion cuisine.

The place is open during the whole week from 12pm to 1 am. The average price is between 10 and 12 euros which covers one consumption.

Calle Gourmet

The first gastronomic market of street food covered by a roof is found in the mall La Ermita. It works during weekends and it has a high quality offer.

The place has 500 square metres and it is located in the mall’s hall. It is formed by a drinks bar in the middle and 12 varied gastronomic stands. All of the menus are prepared at the moment and they include: ceviches, crepes, perritos and snacks, sushi, Chilean pies, stuffed potatoes, barbecue ribs, Brasilian and Venezuelan food and many others. Also, there is a great variety of desserts and pastries. This offer can be complemented with the tasting of cocktails, crafted beverages, different coffee options and even gourmet popcorn.

The place is open from Friday to Sunday during all the month from 12 to 00 during Friday and Sarturday while on Sunday, people can visit it from 12 to 6.