Admiring the Cityscape of Madrid

There is no better way to get to know the city than to walk around the city on your own. Observe carefully the cityscape and fill your eyes with the beauty it has to offer. This is especially true for Madrid.

If we start from the idea that we are talking about the Spanish capital, one of the most important European cities, and of course, the home of numerous cultural, economic and recreational sites, there is no doubt about the beauty of its urban landscape.

To properly enjoy a weekend, a short break or a holiday in this city, our recommendation is to rent a design apartment, comfortable and edgy, located in the heart of the city. Thus, with great convenience, you can afford to go around the city knowing that you have an accommodation that makes you feel at home.

Once settled, there is nothing left to do than to dive in and explore every inch of the city.

Recall that the long history of Madrid, their arrivals and departures, different governments and other aspects of its historical development, have given the city a special charm from the various architectural styles that influence the city’s look. Not only can these styles witness the influence of Spanish history, but they also remind of neighboring countries and the European avant-garde both past and present centuries.

An initial tour to enjoy Madrid’s cityscape can certainly start from the Puerta del Sol. If we consider that this point is one of the most famous squares of the city, and that it is within walking distance of other traditional sites such as Plaza Mayor, we understand why it can be a good starting point. As to the Plaza Mayor, it’s a real pleasure to walk through this ancient site dating from the seventeenth century.

Now if what you really want is to imbue with the bustle of a big city, you should go to the street Gran Via, the most famous street around Madrid and find cinemas, theaters, bars, restaurants. .. Everything a gourmet tourist or a sophisticated tourist could want. No wonder it is said that this is the street that never sleeps.

Now, if you want a more familiar, but completely central site where you could enjoy in the city but with more tranquility, you can go to the park El Retiro, the most famous park in the city and a traditional meeting place for children.

The options for enjoying Madrid cityscape do not end with these few alternatives presented. You can explore the Plaza de la Cibeles , Puerta de Alcalá , the Royal Palace , the Almudena Cathedral , or maybe something more modern, such as the Four Towers (buildings that are currently the highest skyscrapers on the European continent) .

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