Almudena Cathedral

Having an apartment rental Madrid for a weekend gives you many opportunities for having fun, learning and discovery. For those people passionate about the architectural heritage and religious or sacred art in Madrid, it will be inevitable to visit the Almudena Cathedral, or in Spanish Catedral de la Almudena.

Looking back in history, we can detect the importance of this cathedral in the city of Madrid. Not long after Philip II ascended the throne and declared Madrid the capital of Spain in 1561, he expressed his desire to have a cathedral for his new capital. However, partly because of the political difficulties and the great power exercised by the archdiocese of the mighty city of Toledo, the construction of such work did not begin for many years.

It was not until 1868 when a devout congregation of la Virgen de la Almudena, the patron saint of the city, received authorization from the archdiocese to build a church in her honor.

Construction began in 1883, just a year before Madrid acquired the rank of archdiocese of Pope Leo XIII’s hands. All these events resulted in the building becoming a great cathedral rather than a simple church. The design of the Marqués de Cubas was a neo-gothic, grand and fabulous style with a basic design in the shape of a Latin cross.

Despite the support received for the construction of the Cathedral, the construction was slow and conducted in phases. Paradoxically, the construction was over during the war which ended in the early period of the thirties. Later in the forties, the neoclassical style of Royal Palace demanded modifications on the Cathedral in order to acquire a more aesthetic and uniform cityscape. The architects Fernando Chueca Goitia and Carlos Sidro were responsible for the design changes to adapt the Cathedral to more classic style.

If we say that the Cathedral was completed in 1993, we can see that it took more than a century to construct it, but it was definitely worth it. The building is an amazing construction and it undoubtedly dominates the urban landscape despite being next to the beautiful Royal Palace. Inside, you can see a statue of la Virgen de la Almudena, superbly decorated and located on the richly ornamented altar. Likewise, it is essential to visit the crypt, which is breathtaking with its neo Roman dome.

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