An Apartment with Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Stay in Madrid

Here on the blog Apartamentos Mayor Centro, we have given many recommendations on how to make the most out of your stay in Madrid. We have shared the best places to visit according to your specific plans for your stay in Madrid: whether you are traveling alone or you are exploring the city with your family. Even if your visit is only related to your business, it does not mean you should not spend a couple of incredibly pleasant days in this beautiful metropolitan city.

And today we are going to talk about one of our Madrid apartments, which can be an excellent choice for your short or medium holiday in our capital city. In particular, we are offering you a spacious apartment, called “Superior Apartment with Terrace no. 55”, which is ideal for a family visit, due to its internal arrangement. It is an apartment with two bedrooms, one with double bed (ideal for parents) and another room with three single beds. This arrangement allows us to host a family of up to six members in this apartment. Besides the beds that are already described, the sofa in the lounge can also be used as an additional bed. Having in mind the number of people that can be accommodated, this apartment is also ideal for a group of cousins ​​or friends who have decided to travel together and spend their vacation in Madrid. In that case, the convenience and comfort of our apartment would also bring a really affordable price, since it is split among six guests.

What else can you enjoy if you go for this apartment in particular? A spacious living room, that will make you feel at home, and where you can spend a wonderful evening with your family or friends. If you find it too hot during the sunset, there is always the option to go to the terrace and share a few drinks or a cold soda to finish an exhausting tour around the city. The apartment also has a full kitchen (including a refrigerator and a microwave) to cook at ease and pleasure, so that your holiday does not reach stratospheric costs. Eating in the best restaurants in Madrid is an incredible experience, but doing it three times a day could result in spending a very expensive long weekend or holiday. Therefore, we suggest being more selective when choosing to which restaurant you want to go, while you prepare the rest of your meals conveniently in your apartment. As for the bathroom, you can count on shower, bathe and even on a hair dryer so that you will shine, when taking a stroll through the streets and avenues in Madrid.

To discover interesting ideas on how to get the most out of your time in the Spanish capital, you can take a look at other posts on our blog, as it is important that you choose the perfect accommodation, one of our best apartments Madrid.

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