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Madrid: Business Hub of the Iberian Peninsula

Even though the city is a famous travel destination offering an amazing cultural experience with some of the most impressive art collection displayed in Madrid museums, it is important not to neglect the fact that Madrid is an urban, fast-growing city, which represents a significant part of the business world in this part of Europe. […]

Visit Madrid for Academic Reasons: a City Full of Options

For decades, the city of Madrid has been a central hub of the country and go-to location for people with different goals and plans, especially in terms of career and professional development. Madrid attracts a lot of people every year with different academic goals in mind. Both people from the smaller towns in Spain and […]

Madrid: A City to Enjoy Music and Art

If you are planning a trip around Europe, Madrid will probably one of your destinations. Regardless of the type of travel, whether you are using trains or you travel by plane, whether you stay in an apartment in Madrid or choose other alternatives, deciding to visit this city is certainly going to be the right […]

Sustainable Tourism in the Surroundings of Madrid

The world around changes as we speak. There are so many things going on around us, somewhat independently, as we hardly ever stop to examine the world around us. Yet, things that happen in such a way influence each other and continuously change the world in which we live. As the world is starting to […]

Hidden Corners of Madrid Cultural Heritage

There are so many ways to experience Madrid. That is one of the beauties of traveling. You get to see new places and meet different cultures in your own unique way. Your own perception and experience is what defines your trip and helps you find out more about the place you are visiting. As you […]

Adventure Tourism in the Surroundings of Madrid

As one of the favorite outdoor activities and the one that makes such a profound difference in our lives, traveling is a valuable experience that helps people to learn and to grow. There are so many different ways people experience traveling. Everyone focuses on what interest them the most. This is how various niches of […]

Wine Tourism in Madrid

Wine tourism is becoming more and more important as a branch of tourism. Countries such as Spain, which rely a great part of their economy on tourism, are particularly interested in exploring how this can contribute to their further development. It leaves a way to promote other landmarks and culture in general. Wine tourism has […]

Easy Recipes for Typical Madrid Tapas

Are you on the lookout for the new quick and easy dishes to make? Do you want to taste the traditional Spanish cuisine, right there in your home? Then, this article is for you. When tourists first visit Madrid, national cuisine is one of the first things they explore. Regardless if they arrive at the […]

The Cultural Offer in Madrid

Over the years, we have been helping travelers from all over the world experience Madrid in a better, more comfortable way. As a renowned provider of apartments in Madrid, we have the first-hand experience of how travelers see the city and the challenges they might face once they first arrive. Wanting to help all travelers […]