Madrid Apartments

How to Rent an Apartment in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most exciting cities in Spain, and as such it is visited by millions of people each year. Visitors from all over the world arrive to visit Spanish capital and to get the glimpse of local tradition and culture.

Having in mind that we have been specializing in apartment renting in Madrid, we have years of experience to helps us providing helpful tips and advice on how to rent an apartment in Madrid, which is why we have decided to compile a list of things to know that will help with apartment hunting in Madrid.

Browse online an apartment in Madrid

Before you even consider booking a flight and buying a ticket, you need to start looking for an apartment in Madrid. Even though it might seem unnecessary to start with apartment hunt first, it usually is, especially during the peak season, which is between May and October, and any time of the year during public holidays. Most people choose particularly this period to visit the city, hence this is the peak season, and if you are one of those wishing to visit the city in that period, make sure you start browsing online well in advance.

Take advantage of websites for booking apartment online, as this way you will be sure that the accommodation is waiting for you, and that you will not end up apartment hunting once you arrive, taking all of your luggage with you as you walk around the city, trying to find a place to rent. The internet is a great tool to use when looking for an apartment, as you can manage everything from the comfort of your own home. This gives you enough time for browsing and selecting accommodation that really suits your needs and your budget.

Research an apartment in Madrid

Start by determining where you want to rent an apartment. Madrid is a huge metropolitan city and it might be overwhelming when you first try to determine the part of the city you want to stay in. Use your computer and take advantage of tools such as Google Maps, and explore the area. Besides amenities that are nearby, focus on how that particular area is connected to the airport. Being a traveler, these two criteria are probably high up on your list of priorities when you look for an apartment to rent.

Rent an apartment in Madrid

Landscape of the central area in Madrid

Make a checklist

Although nearby amenities and connection to the airport are important, people have many different demands when renting apartments, which is perfectly common and something we are used to at Apartamentos Madrid. However, we do suggest creating a checklist to keep everything and make sure you end up with an apartment that truly fulfills your needs and requirements.

When we talk about checklists and requirements, here are a couple of things that should come to your mind:

  • The size of the apartment
  • The number of rooms
  • Safe in the apartment
  • Air-conditioning
  • Heating
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Hair drier
  • Completely furnished kitchen
  • Table for ironing
  • WiFi
  • Reception
  • Garage (if you are traveling by car)

These are some of the most popular requirements we have highlighted throughout the years of experience in working with travelers from all over the world. However, each travel and every traveler is different, so we always suggest everyone to create their own list of things they want and need to have when renting an apartment. That is the main benefit of serviced apartments in Madrid, you are more flexible when choosing and you have more opportunities when it comes to specific requirements. This is why this type of accommodation is recommended for families with children. Additionally, having a checklist helps with speeding up the process and making sure you spend your vacation in Madrid in an apartment that you will love.

Join online groups

Using the Internet as a resource is a great way to prepare for your trip to Madrid. Besides using it to do the research and explore the city through virtual maps, you could also start learning some basic Spanish phrases, that will turn out to be very useful when strolling around the city. In addition, online groups are very useful source of information related to many different aspects of staying in Madrid. Starting from learning about your rights as a tenant in Madrid, to finding out about the best places to eat in the center of the city, you can find almost everything you need to know before you head to Madrid. Being well-informed is a great plus when traveling in general, especially when it comes to long-term stay in a city such as Madrid. Learning about the city and city life is also helpful when looking for a way to rent an apartment in Madrid, regardless if you are considering short-term or long-term stay in Madrid.

The best way to use the power of the Internet in this purpose is to join online groups on social media, or to join travel forums. You could also check out review websites, to find the best places to visit, the best restaurants and cafes. User reviews and comments are great source of information, as you get to read about someone else’s experience, and learn how things go in real life. People can share their knowledge about the public transport, prices, etc.

If we talk about international travelers, it is helpful to join online groups where you can meet a lot of people from your own country or city. This way you can compare things between the two countries or between the two cultures, which makes traveling so much more interesting and exciting.

Have an open mind

Even though you have your checklist ready and you know exactly what type of apartment you want to rent, you should always have an open mind. While you might have everything planned and figured out, the reality might be different from what you have expected. You might need to compromise and sacrifice certain things and necessities from the apartment, if the location is very convenient to you. On the other hand, you might choose an apartment that is a bit away from the city center, but the interior is just the way you imaged, plus the price works really well for you due to a limited budget.

Regardless the reasons, try to be think realistically and keep an open mind, so that you are able to find the apartment that suits you. Make sure you consult your travel companions as well, as they might have a different say in all of this, and their requirements might not match yours in every single aspect.

Choose a credible renter

There are a lot of renters in Madrid. Some are companies, while some are individuals, but they all want to reach you and many other travelers who are visiting the city. The main goal for all of the renters is to rent their accommodation, but you should have in mind that not all renters are equal. You should not think that you could go for any accommodation and that you can expect your experience to be perfect.

What all respectable renters in Madrid are trying to achieve is reputation. With years of being in this industry, we know how good name is important for travelers when making a decision where to rent an apartment in Madrid. Having positive reviews and good feedback from the travelers in the past has helped us tremendously when reaching out new travelers, and this is why a lot of travelers trust us when it comes to finding great accommodation in Madrid.

This is very important aspect to have in mind, as you want your vacation to goes smoothly, and worrying about the accommodation should not be on the list of your things to do once you arrive to Madrid. Instead, you should take care of everything online, or by calling the accommodation provider via phone, so that you have accommodation waiting for you when you arrive.

Act fast

Although as a traveler, you need to go through this process of making a checklist, doing research and finding credible renter, you should not delay the decision-making process too much. What does this mean? Well, the peak season in Madrid is known to be sort of a rush hour. While there are a lot of accommodation opportunities around the city, as this still is a popular tourist destination, when you find that perfect accommodation you should book it immediately, as chances are you will not find quite the same accommodation again.

Also, due to a large number of tourists in the city during the peak season, the selection of accommodation can be rather limited, especially if you were hoping to book accommodation last minute, and you have not considered booking a couple of weeks in advance. The added stress to this situation might be caused by the fact that you have fixed dates when you have to leave, or if you have already purchased plane tickets for the specific dates. In this case, you will have to be very resourceful and use the power of Internet to explore all of the options that are available. You will probably have to be more flexible and to make compromises when choosing an apartment to rent, as you might not have too many apartments available to choose from.

And once you find that apartment that would be a great fit, contact the owner as soon as possible, in order to make sure no one beats you to it.

Since apartments provide so many benefits for travelers, they are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to selection of types of accommodation, but as you can see there is a certain process one must go through when trying to find and book an apartment in Madrid. What you need to have in mind is the fact that you want to spend your vacation enjoying visiting the city and exploring its landmarks, so make sure you arrange everything related to your accommodation before you arrive. Besides the dates of arrival and departure, this should also include the time for check-in and check-out, as these sometimes can be more flexible to fit your schedule.

Why You Should Rent an Apartment in Madrid?

When you come to stay in a city of Madrid, you get a lot of opportunities to find accommodation. A city so big and diverse offers so many different places to live in, regardless if we talk about the size of the apartment, location, etc.

Needless to say, when you want to look for an apartment, you will have a lot of online resources and booking websites that will help you with both finding and booking the apartment you would like to stay in while you are in Madrid.

Being a part of this industry and working with travelers from all over the world, our team at Apartamentos Madrid knows how renting an apartment is always a great option of travelers. This is why we want to focus on explaining some of the main benefits and reasons why you should rent an apartment in Madrid.


Long-term or short-term apartments in Madrid

The first thing to think about when renting an apartment in Madrid is the length of your stay. This is a very important aspect of your travel, as it significantly affects the type of accommodation you will need during your stay.

For short-term stay you will feel more flexible and it will be easier to find a type of accommodation you want. You will be less picky, as you know that you will be in the city for only a couple of days, which means that there is no need to invest too much time into finding an apartment to rent in Madrid. In general, when it comes to short stay, travelers are most likely to spend a lot of time sightseeing and exploring the city, so they do not actually spend much time in the apartment, except to go have some rest and sleep.

Still, having your own apartment even when you are supposed to stay in the city for a couple of days only, is no reason to give up on your daily routine, diet, etc. Living in a serviced apartment will make this all easier to you.


When it comes to long-term apartments, things are different here. Besides travelers, there are a lot of people who relocate due to a business opportunity, continuing education, attending seminars, etc. All of those who plan to stay in the city for a longer period of time must think about apartments as a perfect way to feel comfortable, even though they might miss home and are having difficulties adjusting to a life in a new city.

Staying in an apartment for a longer period you also get to sort of settle down, despite the fact that you are a newcomer, and you might still know only a few people in the city. And this feeling of settling down, feeling of belonging, is important for people who move home, regardless if the period we talk about is two months or two years. Either way, people have the need to feel like they belong somewhere, as this helps them feel good about themselves, to be happy and fulfilled. In the end, it also helps with overcoming that nostalgic feeling most people have when they leave behind a place where they grew up or people they care about so deeply.


Renting an apartment vs. staying in hotel

As a traveler, you must have been in a situation where you would consider between renting an apartment and staying in a hotel. These are both types of accommodation commonly available to travelers, but there are a lot of differences between staying in an apartment and staying in a hotel.

One of the major benefits of renting an apartment, as opposed to staying in a hotel, is comfort. Hotel rooms are usually small and you are confined to a tiny area, where you barely have enough space to place your suitcases, especially if you are not traveling lightly. On the other hand, apartments are available in various different sizes, so you can choose exactly the size of the apartment you would find comfortable. There is no need to be confined to a small space, just because you are traveling. Sacrificing comfort when on vacation is not always the answer, especially if you plan on staying in the city for a week or more.

In a situation like this, it seems pointless to choose smaller space, and limit your comfort, as you know you will need to be able to relax. Holidays are all about having fun and enjoying time you get to spend away from home and away from work, so make sure you feel comfortable when staying in apartment.

Another major difference between these two types of accommodations is particularly related to travelers who plan on staying in the city for a longer period of time. Long-term apartments in Madrid are much more suitable option for finding accommodation than staying in a hotel as the cost of accommodation is significantly lower. Apart from comfort, which we have already mentioned as a great benefit of choosing apartment rentals instead of any other type of accommodation, the cost of an apartment is usually much cheaper when you rent for an extended period of time.

Unlike hotels, where the main characteristic when it comes to payment is paying per night of your stay, apartment owners and agencies usually have different payment options. Those options most commonly depend on the length of the stay.

For example, if you need to stay in an apartment in Madrid for two or three days you will pay per day. In this case, the price of your accommodation can be similar to the one you would pay in a hotel, as you get to pay per night. On the other hand, you might need to stay in the apartment for a month, in which case you would ask for the price of renting that apartment for a month. In this situation, you end up paying much less when you pay for the entire month, than in cases where you would have to pay for thirty separate nights, because a monthly rental is not an option.

The same goes for different periods of time, such as a couple of months or even a year. Paying a monthly rental is much more affordable solution in this case, and it is a solution we recommend to most travelers who are supposed to stay in Madrid for a longer period of time.


Traveling with family or friends

Now we come to another situation where you should rent an apartment in Madrid, instead of selecting any other type of accommodation and here is why. Traveling with family and friends is a period where you travel with a group of people, regardless if that is a group of two, three, four, etc.

There are two main reasons why people travel with family (sometimes two families can travel together) and friends. First we have a pleasure of sharing a travel adventure with people you love spending time with. Obviously, in this case, spending a lot of time together, bonding and having fun together is the goal of your travel. The second reason is the fact that people traveling together want to share the travel costs. Travel costs most commonly include cost of accommodation, but they also include a situation where friends could share money for fuel by traveling in one car, instead of all of them buying tickets and traveling separately.

When it comes to accommodation costs, staying in an apartment is a much better solution for people who are traveling together. Instead of renting two or three separate bedrooms, family and friends can all stay in one apartment. Obviously, you will need a two-bedroom or even three-bedroom apartment, so that everyone feels comfortable, but even so, this alternative will turn out to be much cheaper solution that staying in a hotel. Apart from sharing the price of the actual apartment rental, you also get to share food expenses, especially if you choose to cook in the apartment. Staying in and eating at home is usually much affordable than ordering food or eating out.

Additionally, while you stay in an apartment, you will have much more time to spend together, as you can spend a lot of time in the living room, watching TV, playing games, chatting, etc. You could also cook and eat meals together. All of these activities are more difficult to organize in a hotel, especially if you end up being located on different floors.

This aspect of bonding and spending time together is very important when we talk about a family traveling together, especially in cases you are traveling with kids. It might be stressful to travel on its own for some people, but traveling with kids is even greater endeavor. Kids easily get bored, they might hungry, tired, etc. Regardless the reason they can cause you problems when you need to focus on preparing all the documents, carrying your luggage and paying attention to your kids at the same time. In some cases, one room in a hotel might not be enough, so you should always consider renting an apartment in these situations, as you will end up spending much more time together as a family. And when it comes to eating habits of your kids, you are the one who knows them best. As some kids might be fussy eaters, preparing food on your own, in the kitchen of the apartment you rent, might be much more suitable for you when traveling, instead depending on different options such as eating out or eating in a hotel’s kitchen.

In the end, all that matters is that you are having fun during your travel to Madrid, regardless the amount of time you are going to spend in the city, and regardless if you are in the city to work, study or explore its culture. What you need to have in mind is that travel or relocation is a great opportunity to experience something new, to enjoy trying out new things, visiting new places and meeting new people. This is all part of your life, part of your experience which makes you who you are.

Having all of this in mind, we can safely conclude that staying in an apartment has much more benefits, which is why you should rent an apartment in Madrid. Although comfort is the number one benefit, and it is commonly the main reason why travelers choose this type of accommodation, we cannot neglect other benefits such as costs and possibility to stay with family and friends.

Each travel is different and unique in its way, but what all travelers have in common is that they want to find accommodation easily. They also want it to be comfortable and affordable, which all together lead us to believe that apartments are exactly what most travelers are looking for, as only apartment rentals fulfill all of these conditions, thus enabling travelers to enjoy and take the most out of their travel while in the Spanish capital.

Apartments in Madrid City Center

You will finds numerous reasons to visit Madrid, regardless if you are fond of art and you want to visit some of the most prestigious museums in the world and internationally famous collections they house, or you are a party lover and you enjoy going out late in the evening. Shopping lovers, families with kids, business professionals, students, and basically all type of travelers around the world have at one point visited or considered visiting Madrid. This is a must-see location many travelers feature on their bucket lists, as the city never cease to stop to amaze and delight people from all over the world, people from different countries and different cultures.

The diversity which you will encounter in the city is something that is astonishing to international visitors, as they are able to see the traditional Spanish culture and customs, merging with the influences of neighboring countries, as well as the influence of settlers who have moved to Madrid in the past few decades.

If you are one of those people lucky to get a chance to visit Madrid, you will need help with finding accommodation. The city has so much to offer, there is no doubt about that, but as a traveler, you want to find the most convenient option for staying in the city, as this aspect should take only a smidge of your time during your trip. Obviously, your travel is all about getting in touch with different culture and customs, meeting new people and attending exciting events. There is not much time to spend on finding an apartment in Madrid to stay in, so here are some tips to help you along the way.

Madrid City Center

Madrid is a very large city, with metropolitan area being a home to more than six million people. The city stretches around the vast area, with lots of interesting places to visit and live in, but most of the tourists in Madrid actually only get in touch with the central area of the city. The main reason for this is certainly the fact that the historic center of Madrid is the oldest part of the city, and as such it holds a special place in the life of the city. Much has been preserved of the historic center, and monuments, buildings, squares, fountains and parks are all there to witness different epoch in the city’s history, epochs that shaped them, influenced the landscape of the area and made it to what it is today.

Madrid city center occupies four neighboring districts, which are generally considered a central area of the city. Travelers are most likely to visit at least one of them, but most travelers usually end up wandering around this entire area, as there is so much to see and visit in terms of culture, history, entertainment, etc.

1. Centro

This district is the oldest one in the city, so you will find a lot of old buildings and monuments that date centuries back and have been preserved from decay. As the city has grown over the centuries, the Centro district in Madrid remained the heart of the city with infrastructure being developed and improved as the area become a very important part of the local life. Some of the places tourists are interested in visiting in this part of the city include: Puerta del Sol, Royal Palace of Madrid, Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, Plaza de España, Plaza de Colón, Paseo del Prado, etc. All of these places represent important places in the history of the city, and they are still as important, having in mind that some of the most city’s largest events, such as New Year’s celebration, are held at the squares of the Centro district.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

Image source:

2. Salamanca

Here is another district near the central area, very popular among visitors and tourists, and certainly a place you should consider visiting during you stay in Madrid. The area is now considered the most prestigious part of the city to live in, with lots of lavish buildings and houses, and some of the most luxurious and the most expensive shops in the city. One of the major reasons people love visiting this area is shopping. The landmarks you can visit in this district include: Calle de Alcalá, Paseo de la Castellana and Paseo de Recoletos.

Paseo de la Castellana

Paseo de la Castellana

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3. Retiro

The most remarkable part of this central district is Retiro Park, the largest park in Madrid, which features some of the impressive landmarks such as the Crystal Palace, the Retiro Pond, and the Monument to Alfonso XII. Since the park had major influence in the monarchs’ life in the past, it is very important for the city in this historic sense. You will also find lots of cafes and restaurants in the area, which is great for having a break and enjoying the local cuisine. Besides the park, the most important landmark in this area is certainly Paseo del Prado, a grand boulevard with the famous museums, including the Golden Triangle of Art, located along the avenue. If you love art and culture, there is no way you are going to miss visiting this shrine, where some of the most important artworks are stored.

Parque del Retiro

El Retiro Park

Image source:

4. Chamberí

Beautiful architecture is something that characterizes Chamberí district, which is why you will absolutely love going for a walk and enjoy gorgeous buildings as they display different styles that influenced the decoration and the outline of the facades of the buildings in this area. Plaza de Colón, Plaza de Chamberí and Plaza de Olavide are some places of interest that you might want to consider including in your day of sightseeing of Chamberí district.

Plaza de Colón

Plaza de Colón

Image source:

Having presented the basic information about the districts in the central area, we will know focus on how to find an apartment in Madrid city center.

The best way to find an apartment in Madrid is to go through the offer online and scan the apartments that are available for the period during which you plan on visiting the city. A lot of websites and companies offer accommodation in Madrid using online presentations, so you will be able to choose and book the accommodation before you even arrive to the city. Although choosing accommodation online might seem more difficult than viewing the apartment in reality, you will have lots of images to look at the interior, in order to access if the particular apartment is really a place where you would like to spend your holiday in Madrid, regardless if we talk about short-term or long-term holiday. Reviews are also very helpful when choosing accommodation, as you get to read the experience of other travelers, who have chosen that particular accommodation provider in the past.

Online offer of accommodation is very vast that it will satisfy the choosiest travelers out there. Regardless if you want a cozy little studio apartment or a spacious apartment with a terrace, you will have a lot of opportunities to choose the accommodation that is perfect for you.

Benefits of apartments in Madrid city center

It is no wonder the travelers from all over the world choose the central districts as the place to stay while in Madrid. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Great connection to the airport

Although you can always use metro or taxi to get to and from the airport, Madrid’s Airport Express Shuttle Bus is a very convenient solution for all the travelers. The bus operates 24 hours, 365 days a year, within 15 to 20 minutes interval (35 minutes during the night). It is one of the quickest way to get to and from the Barajas Airport to Atocha (Cibeles at night), with an approximate 40-mintues ride. Four stops in the center of the city allow connection to other parts of the city. The price of the ride is 5 Euros.

  • Lots of cafes and restaurants

When visiting the city, you will surely want to go out and have coffee or try out some local specialties, and the best way to do so is in the central area, as this is where you will find lots of different types of restaurants and cafes. All of the gourmands visiting Madrid will enjoy eating out in Madrid and enjoying delicious Spanish cuisine, with tapas, paellas, Iberian ham and other treats on the menu, accompanied by Spanish wine and sangria. Additionally, some of the most popular parties are organized in the bars in the central districts of Madrid.

  • Shopping spree in Madrid

You will find a lot of shops in the central area of Madrid, perfect for a shopping spree, regardless if you are on the hunt for new clothing items, accessorizes or souvenirs. Apart from the large shopping malls located in the outskirts of the city, the central area is a shopping paradise for everyone looking to spend a day shopping in Madrid.

  • Walk and enjoy the sights

Another major benefit of finding an apartment in the city center is the fact that you will not have to spend much time using public transport. Instead, you will be able to visit the most important landmarks in the central area on foot, as they are all located quite nearby. Walking is a perfect way to enjoy sightseeing of the city such as Madrid, as walking from one landmark to another is very much interesting allowing you to enjoy the wonderful architecture and beautifully decorated shop windows along the way.

What else you need to know about city center

The central area of Madrid is the busiest part of the city, not only when it comes to tourists, but among locals as well. A lot of offices are located in the business centers scattered along the streets of the central districts, and you will see a lot of people commuting every day using the city’s metro to reach this part of the city. This means that you can expect the area to be crowded, even if there are not many tourists in the city.

Of course, the most crowded period for the central area is during holidays, when the concentration of tourists in this area is the highest. It does not matter if they are staying in the center, or they have stopped by for a meal or a drink, or day are walking along the streets enjoying sightseeing, a lot of tourists will end up in the central districts, one way or another. Therefore, you should not be surprised by huge crowds of people or hundreds of visitors queuing in front of the museum or other sights you can visit in Madrid.

The center of Madrid is also a home to many people, who live in the residential areas of the city. Frequently, you will find lots of people who have spent their entire life in the center of the city, and are unable to image their life outside the hub the central area has turned into. When you visit Madrid, you get a chance to become one of those people, even briefly, as renting an apartment in Madrid city center is a perfect way to feel like a local and get to experience the perks of living in the center of one of the busiest and one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

What Distinguishes Madrid Apartments?

When you decide to can spend some time in Madrid, whether you are in the city because of your vacation, because of business or perhaps studies, you begin to evaluate your housing options and based on your observations and analysis, you can decide either to stay in a hotel room, a hostel or an apartment.

As for the latter alternative, you will certainly give priority to your comfort. If there is anything that distinguishes and differentiates Madrid apartments from other types of accommodation in this city is precisely the high level of comfort the apartment can offer.

As it happens many times when you want to spend short time or slightly longer time in another city, people do not seek a bit controlled environment you can find in a hotel, but what they prefer is to get the feeling of independence you have at home. In this way, your experience in this new city will be enjoyable, pleasant and certainly worthy of being remembered.

Renting an apartment allows you to have your own kitchen, your own bathroom and even a living room, giving you a feeling of spaciousness and freedom you cannot have in a hotel.

In general, all companies that rent apartments and rooms for short and medium staying in Madrid and in other major Spanish cities offer you a variety of options depending on the number of people who will be using the property, and also according to your personal preferences. For example, it is common to find apartments that have a terrace, a balcony, a large living room and refrigerators. Everything is designed to give you more options and to enable you to feel freedom and comfort you can experience while you are in this amazing metropolis.

Another very interesting feature of the Madrid apartments and one that makes it very special and distinctive is that several companies that offer this type of accommodation (and Apartamentos Mayor Centro is one of them) have built their facilities in classics or old buildings, which gives every apartment a special and unique style, allowing you to experience a real sense of living history in the Madrid apartment of your choice.

If all this was not enough, a benefit of choosing an apartment for your stay in Madrid is the economy. If you choose a hotel, in order to enjoy sophisticated experience that an apartment can offer, you will end up paying much more. However, in case you are on vacation, a business trip or you are in the city to study, you should invite other people to join you and share the apartment, as this way you can split the costs. Additionally, you can prepare your own food, thus save the money you would spend in restaurants, while making reservations for one or two dinners at the best restaurants in Madrid.

Apartments Madrid

Madrid is a large, cosmopolitan city offering loads of possibilities for professional improvement, career opportunities, as well as for all sorts of entertainment. If you are about to visit apartments Madrid in order to find the one where you would feel comfortable, we advise renting an apartment in the center of Madrid.

First of all, renting an apartment that is located in the city center is a perfect way to feel the urban life of this large city, full of different cultures and nationalities. Whether you are interested in walking around the city or going out to the local clubs, living in the center will be very convenient.

A great part of Madrid’s landmarks is located in the center of the city. For example, Puerta del Sol, one of the busiest squares in Madrid is located in the center. This square is also the center of the network of the Spanish roads, as well as the place where the New Year’s celebration is held. The clock in the square marks the midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Another famous square in the central part of the city is Plaza Mayor. A rectangular area, which was used as a place for markets, bullfights, and public executions, over the past four hundred years, is now an open area surrounded by residential buildings, with balconies overlooking the square.

If you love shopping, but you want to look for traditional and unique items and souvenirs, it is most likely that you will find those on old-fashioned flea markets. There is one such market, right there in the center of the city. El Rastro de Madrid, also called El Rastro, is a well-known flea market where you can by all sorts of products, including hand-made items. Besides hundred of stall there even are several antique shops. The market is open on Sundays and on public holidays during the year, from 9 am to 3 pm.

Living in the center of Madrid will also be convenient when it comes to eating out. If you want to witness the chefs’ remarkable creativity and skillfulness, you should visit El Club Allard, one of the best rated restaurants. La Era Restaurante would be a perfect place for the late dinner, especially if you are interested in tasting some of the most delicious meals from Spanish traditional cuisine. Il Bambino is famous restaurant serving Italian cuisine, and Nara would be a great choice for deserts and pizzas. There are only some of the top rated restaurants in the central area, but you will find a lot of more restaurants and cafes as you go for a walk.

Another benefit of living in the center is that you can easily get to any part of the city you want, as the center is the meeting point for all of the public transportation. Logically, this would be a good starting point for sightseeing and exploring the city, as you learn about its magnificent history and culture.a

Apartments in Madrid

Having in mind the fact that Madrid is a large metropolitan center in the southwestern part of Europe, it is natural that it has so much to offer, regardless if we talk about business, education or culture. Not only is it a modern commercial center, but it is also a place where the influences of different epochs and art movement have left the traces in city’s architecture, paintings, parks and monuments.

When it comes to opportunities for living in the capital city of Spain, the choices are endless. Different districts of the city and different neighborhoods are at your disposal, so you can choose the apartment according to your liking.

Central part of the city is densely populated with a lot of high buildings. While there are old apartments in Madrid central district, there are newly built skyscrapers as well. The apartments vary in size and style, but the convenient location makes them very desirable, especially for tourists.

Retiro is the district named after the famous park in Madrid, which is located in this area of the city. This district is also a home to Atocha Railway Station. Although in the past this part of the city was not as popular for living, during the late 20th century, it grew into an important residential area, especially due to the fact that it is very close to the center of the city.

The urbanization of the district known as Salamanca started in the first half of 20th century, and over the years this part of the city became one of the wealthiest areas of Madrid, with luxurious apartments and expensive shops found along the streets of this district.

A lot of apartments can be found in the suburbs around the central area of the city, which are blooming over the recent decades. While these apartments are less desirable for tourists, they do offer a lot of perks to the locals. Not only are they usually affordable, but they offer tranquility and isolation from the city noise and crowded streets.

Besides the location of the apartment, when looking for apartments in Madrid, you want to find one which will make your staying comfortable and enjoyable. It is natural that people have different needs, especially when we talk about short-term visits versus long-term staying. In addition, depending on whether you are travelling with your family or solo, you might be in need of different type of accommodation, which will have a huge impact on decision where to rent an apartment.

In general, if you want to be able to make a good decision, you should go through the opportunities, as most of the apartments can nowadays be booked online, and then compare the apartments that are as closer as it gets to your original vision. Occasionally, you will be able to find a perfect match, but in most cases, you will have to make a compromise in order to find the solution and choose a place to stay while you are in Madrid.

Why Choose an Apartment with a Terrace in Madrid

As summer approaches, the days get longer and high temperature predominates during the day. This affects the way we plan a vacation, since what we seek is to find a place that allows us to enjoy 100% in the heat, in the blue sky and the summer breeze.

Not only does this lead to carefully choosing the location for our vacation, but it also determine with thoroughness the type of accommodation that is ideal for a completely enjoyable summer vacation.

Therefore, here in Apartamentos Mayor Centro, we offer apartments with a terrace Madrid, an ideal alternative to making you feel as if you were home and on the other hand, ideal for enjoying the pleasure of having a terrace with a panoramic view of the cosmopolitan Madrid .

Like all our apartments, those with terrace have all the facilities and amenities that allow you to forget about your everyday problems, while being on vacation. You will be able to enjoy in a homely atmosphere, intimacy and comfort that you can hardly have when staying in a traditional hotel. A huge benefit is that they can also have a terrace, well furnished with a table, chairs and accompanied with ornamental plants, allowing you to start and end your days in Madrid with a great view of the sunrise or sunset over the rooftops of the city.

As you can see, this type of apartment is an ideal place to spend a summer vacation in Madrid. It is an ideal place to enjoy everything the city has to offer, from museums to attractive circuit, to adventure tourism and ecotourism, it can all be discovered near the Madrid urban era. And after a tiring day of hiking, there is nothing better than finishing the day with a dinner or a drink outdoors, sitting in the comfort of your balcony, feeling the gentle breeze that soothes summer heat as dusk approaches.

Choosing an apartment with a terrace allows you to enjoy Madrid summer 24 hours a day, because our apartments are centrally located, in the very attractive locations and the best attractions in the city are nearby. Although urban transport in Madrid is very effective and economical, nothing is better than having everything at your fingertips, at a distance that allows you to walk to your destination. In this way you can fully enjoy the city either during the night or during the day. If your choice is to do it by day, you can finish your day with a cocktail enjoying on the terrace of your apartment. If you want to experience the active nightlife of Madrid, you can finish the night full of dancing with drinking coffee and watching the sunrise from your balcony. Therefore, choosing this type of apartment will be a perfect choice for any plan you have designed for your visit in Madrid.

Madrid Apartments

Are you one of several million people who visit the capital city of Spain every year? If you are, you will probably need to find accommodation during your staying in Madrid. Regardless if you are in the city for business, for shopping or simply as a tourist, you should find the accommodation that will provide perfect conditions for an enjoyable staying.

While there are different types of accommodation offering different possibilities, one of the most recommended solution for staying in a new city is to rent an apartment. Therefore, Madrid apartments are an option we would highly recommend, as you will be able to enjoy all the perks of having your own accommodation while you may be miles and miles away from home.

When it comes to tourists:

  • It is advisable to find an apartment near a metro station or near the city center. This way, you will be able to easily get from the airport or train station to the accommodation you have previously booked.
  • Or… Renting an apartment in the city center is also convenient if you prefer to go sightseeing on foot. All you need is a map and a pair of comfortable shoes, and you are ready to explore the city and its culture.

Perhaps the motive for your visit is business. If that is the case, it is very unlikely that you would be interested in finding an apartment in the city center when the place where you will be spending most of the time is located far away from the center of the city. When you are in the city for business, you are usually on a tight deadline, and you ought to finish the work as soon as possible. This is also the case when you arrive to Madrid in order to attend a seminar or a conference. In any of these cases, your priority is to focus on the work and on the activities you have planned as a part of your trip. If the opportunity for a sightseeing tour or dinner in a fancy restaurant comes up, you should most definitely take advantage of it.

Having in mind the fact that you will probably have short time to complete the work, you are most likely to find the apartment near the office or the conference room. In this case, you will save a lot of time, which would otherwise be spent in the public transportation.

In case you do need to use the public transportation in Madrid, you should know that you will be able to easily find your way around the city. Madrid is well known for having one of the best metro networks in the world, with lines connecting all major parts of the city. Since the entire metropolitan area of Madrid includes more than six million people, it is natural to have a well developed public transportation network. Besides using the metro, you can use buses and trains that connect the city center with the suburbs.

Tips to Pack When Visiting Madrid

If there is anything that can disturb us when we have to travel to another city, either for pleasure or business, it is the weather and the instructions with recommendations related to which clothes one should pack before going on the trip.

As for Madrid, if you have already solved the issue of finding accommodation for your days in this city with the holiday rental apartments Madrid, it is time to think and decide which clothes you plan to bring for your visit to this cosmopolitan city.

The first thing we should do is to talk about the weather. You should be aware that Madrid is not a city of extreme weather. In fact, the weather remains mild and warm throughout the year. It is not too cold during winter, and only during the month of August is it quite warm, as this is the peak of summer.

In general, starting from the months of March and April, the weather is warm, not too hot, and this weather lasts well into the fall. Of course, both mornings and evenings are a bit cooler, and because of the changes in recent years (perhaps caused by climate change), occasional rain is possible outside the winter season.

It is also important to consider the clothing recommendations for the city. Maybe if you come from an area or a country with great differences between the weather during the different seasons, you will find that the Madrid weather is nice and warm enough to wear shorts and sandals while visiting the city. This is not a good idea. Since the people are accustomed to the climate and even in April they carry sweaters because they believe it is not too hot, it will be very clear that you are a tourist. In addition, there are restaurants and nightclubs that do not allow entry in such casual clothes.

Since there are many cultural sites that have a religious character (Almudena Cathedral is just one example), where you cannot enter while wearing shorts and sandals, it is best to contemplate more neutral attire for your holiday in Madrid.

Obviously, when on holiday, you will not want to carry too formal attire, but something that allows you to comfortably reach all the places you want to visit.

Therefore, the recommendation for the things to pack in your suitcase, if you are visiting Madrid from March to October, would be to bring the following:

- Jeans

- Three or four shirts or light cotton blouses

- Comfortable flat shoes

- More formal attire (a summer dress for a woman, and a combination of shirt / formal trousers for a man)

- Shoes for going out

- Couple of more casual dresses (for girls)

- Shorts which is not too short, in case you visit from June to September

- Comfortable clothes for sleeping

- Two sweaters, which are not too thick

- An umbrella, which is easy to carry in a purse

- A jacket or sweater to protect you, in case the temperature changes

Apartments Madrid Short Stay

Having in mind the fact that Madrid is a large metropolitan city, full of diversities, there are millions people visiting Madrid due to various different reasons. For some people a visit is related to their business, since they are supposed to participate in business meetings. There are those who seek professional improvement on numerous seminars and lectures. People come because of concerts, exhibitions, performances, shopping, visiting relatives, friends, etc. Yet, there are those who include Madrid as one of the stops in their travel.

What all of those visitors have in common is the need to find apartments Madrid short stay. Since the type of visit imposes the need for someone to stay in the capital city of Spain during a short time period, one is obliged to find accommodation that will provide condition for enjoyable staying.

When it comes to apartments Madrid short stay, there are plenty of opportunities, especially when you trying to find apartments to rent for your short visit. People are very different and they have very different needs from one another, so the apartments are adapted to satisfy all kinds of tastes and needs. All you have to do is say what exactly you want.

For example, if you need an apartment with a garage or a balcony, you can go through the selection of apartments offering these, and you can narrow down your search. Location of the apartment is often an important element in the process of choosing an apartment to rent, especially for people who arrive to Madrid on business. Those are usually the people who will not have much time to waste, and therefore they choose the apartment that is located near the places they will be visiting while in the city.

When it comes to tourists, location is not the most important factor, but instead tourists are focused on renting comfortable apartment. They also like to compare prices, are finding more affordable accommodation, usually means larger budget for sightseeing and eating in the restaurants, or it can even mean longer staying, which is a great opportunity for tourists to prolong their holiday.

On the other hand, the tourists with a significant budget sometimes seek luxurious apartments, which are fully furnished and equipped with all sorts of gadgets. In this case, the price will not be much of a factor, but such tourist will choose an apartment that is nicely designed and furnished according to their liking.

Even though a short visit can usually be stressful, due to the fact that you quickly have to adapt to the new environment, it is of great importance that you find apartment where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. In this way, the process of adaptation will go much smoother and you will soon be ready to enjoy in the city. Regardless of the type of your visits, you will certainly have at least couple of hours for sightseeing and eating in one of Madrid’s restaurants where you will be able to try local specialties.