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Alternative touristic attractions in Madrid

Madrid is an amazing city for tourism. It has beautiful landscapes, historic monuments, and structures which were declared a world heritage site. Options are almost infinite, that is why it is impossible to get bored in Madrid, even if people go more than once. Nonetheless, there are places and sites of great touristic value which go unnoticed, as if they were hidden.

They are alternative tours and visits in the city which have a great cultural and touristic value. Madrid offers a wide range of options for tourists, even for locals who do not know all the secrets of the city.

Temple of Debod

It is an Egyptian temple originated in 2nd century after Christ and it is currently found in Parque del Cuartel de la Montaña, an area which is close to Plaza de España. This monument was donated to Spain by the Egyptian government to avoid its flooding during the building of the Asuán dam.

Temple of Debod

The building of the temple was carried out by Adikalamani king, which ended up being a chapel dedicated to the Amón and Isis gods. A few years later, kings of the Ptolemaic dynasty built new stays next to the original building. Finally, when Egypt was incorporated to the Roman Empire, the emperors Augustus and Tiberius finished building and decorating the temple.

When Nubia converted to Christianism, in the 6th century, the temple was abandoned. When the dam was built during the 20th century, the Egyptians decided to give the building to Madrid. In order to do so, it was carried stone by stone and reconstructed in the same way. It was finished in 1972, the year which it was opened to the public. Inside it, many audiovisual materials are displayed, together with videos and models, to show the details of its decorations and meaning.

Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

This historical place was built in honor to San Antonio de Padua, by order of Carlos IV. It was built by Francisco de Fontana and it has a central space with a big dome which is illuminated with a lantern. However, this monument achieved greater importance because of the historical ensemble made by Goya in the 18th century.

In 1905, the building was declared a National Monument while in 1928, it was decided to build an identical temple by its side to preserve the original as Museo de Goya. It has always been a priority to preserve this place. Precisely, the original temple serves to keep the painter’s remains since 1919.

Parque El Capricho de la Alameda de Osuna

This green space belongs to the artistic-natural heritage of the city. It is located in Alameda de Osuna and it is highlighted for its beauty and for being little known. It was created in 1784, by María Josefa de la Soledad Alonso Pimentel duchess. The most prestigious gardeners of the period worked there and it was visited by well-known figures.  However, with the death of the duchess, the park began to decline until it was almost forgotten. In 1974, the Council of Madrid bought this green space and started its restoration which was finished in 1999. The park recovered its beauty and has a high level of botany, sculpture and art. Inside it, pavilions and chapels can be found as well as fonts, plazas and the dukes’ palaces.

The garden has three different styles: firstly, the French garden, which extends from the west of the garden. Secondly, the Italian garden, located in the lowest and oldest part of the place. Finally, the English landscape, which extends along the park.

 El Ángel Caído

Madrid City can claim that it is the only one which has a monument to the devil. More precisely, it is about a statue which represents the moment in which the fallen angel was expelled from Eden.

The font is found in Parque de El Retiro, and it was acquired by the Council of Madrid, which ordered a pedestal design from the architect Francisco Jareño. The original work is from Ricardo Bellver. The font was inaugurated in 1885 and it is located 666 meters above the sea level.

Búnkeres de la Guerra Civil

Parque del Oeste has a surface close to 100 hectares. In one of its zones, more precisely in an area located between Seneca Avenue and Paseo de Ruperto Chapí, elements of the dark past of Spain are found. There, three bunkers for machine guns used during the Civil War can be found. During those times, twenty bunkers were built, but only three remain.

Panteón de Hombres Ilustres

In the cloister of Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Atocha, Panteón de Hombres Ilustres is found, a place where politicians and personalities of the 19th century remain buried.

The historic architecture and the funerary sculpture, two of the most present elements at the end of the 19th century, are found in this building. Renowned sculptors were in charge of building the graves for those important figures of the Spanish political and military history. Some of the most distinguished names which rest inside this place are: Palafox, Canalejas, Ríos Rosas and Cánovas, among others.


The oldest restaurant in Madrid, it is located in Cuchilleros street in the heart of Madrid. This place was founded in 1725 by a French cook called Jean Botín, together with his wife of Asturian origin. It is recognized as the oldest restaurant in the world in the Guiness World records.

Currently, this restaurant is administered by the fourth generation of the González family who are the successors of the founding family. The environment of the original inn is kept up until today since it is reflected in its wood-fire oven which was used at the moment it was founded, almost 200 years ago. The restaurant is an enormous place; it covers the four floors of the building.

Madrid: Business Hub of the Iberian Peninsula


Even though the city is a famous travel destination offering an amazing cultural experience with some of the most impressive art collection displayed in Madrid museums, it is important not to neglect the fact that Madrid is an urban, fast-growing city, which represents a significant part of the business world in this part of Europe.

Being an influential accommodation provider and offering apartments in the center of Madrid, we have direct experience with travelers, and we get their feedback on how and why they travel to Madrid.

Being such an important business hub of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is an excellent choice to grow, present, develop and promote your business. You will get the opportunity to develop professionally, to learn from the business leaders and to nurture skills that are necessary in the modern business world.


Why is Madrid considered a business hub?

Ever since it became the capital of Spain in the 16th century, Madrid has been growing. The population has continuously been on the rise, and so has the infrastructure needed for such a growing population. Being the country capital, certainly made the city an essential center for numerous events, festivities, and in general, it became a desirable place to live in.

The industrial sector started to develop more prominently in the 20th century, which made the city economy and influence even stronger. Modern times have brought a shift in the city economy, so the sector that dominates currently is service sector. This means that business services such as research and development, information technology and accountancy are some of the services that contribute the most to the gross value of Madrid’s economy.

The contribution of the four most important business sectors to the city economy:

  • Services to business (14.5%)
  • Transport & communication (14.3%)
  • Property and rental (11.5%)
  • Financial services (11.5%)*


What is also obvious from the figures above is a significantly large stake transport and communication sector has on the city economy. Construction of road, regional highways, high-speed rail, and high-standard public transport in the city are all the elements of national transport infrastructure. Of course, another important factor, especially when it comes to international businesses is Madrid Airport. It is the fourth largest airport in Europe, it represents a major transport hub in this part of Europe, and it has a significant contribution to the city’s economy.

Trade fairs are imporant part of city life in Madrid. There are events organized every single week throughout the year, with fairs, business exhibitions, workshops and conferences on different topics and for businesses of different sizes.


Trade Fair Institution of Madrid

Trade Fair Institution of Madrid (IFEMA) is the institution that organizes a large percentage of business events. It represents the core of the business scene and hosts events for different sectors while promoting Madrid as the business hub. The institution drives the city’s growth and influence in the business sector and contributes in various ways to the city’s economy. The institution operates in other continents, especially in Asia and America, which gives a great credibility and international aspect to this organization and its role in the business life of Madrid.

A large portion the events are hosted at the Feria de Madrid venue, one of the most important business venues in the city with a capacity to host various types of events, with numerous halls, and auditoriums, etc.

Some of the most important business events organized by IFEMA for the next year include:

  • FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair (Dates: 23rd – 27th of January, 2019)
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (Dates: 25th – 30th of January, 2019)
  • GENERA Eneergy and Environment International Trade Fair (Dates: 26th of February – 1st of March, 2019)
  • HydroSensoft International Symposium and Exhibtion of Hydro-Envrironment Sensors and Software (Dates: 26th of February – 1st of March, 2019)
  • WATM Congress The largest Air Traffic Management exhibition and industry forum in the world (Dates: 12th – 14th of March, 2019)
  • MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID Spain’s leading international trade fair for the automotive industry targeting trade visitors from the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and North Africa (Dates: 13th – 16th of March, 2019)
  • FARMAFORUM + Biotechforum + Cosmeticaforum + Labforum
  • Forum Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Technology Laboratory (Dates: 28th – 29th of March, 2019)
  • SIMA Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (Dates: 30th May – 2nd of June, 2019)
  • GamerGy E-sports & Gaming Festival (Dates: 21st – 23rd of June, 2019)
  • MADRIDJOYA  International Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watch Trade Fair (Dates: 11th – 15th of September, 2019)
  • EXPOTURAL The Nature, Climate and Sustainable Tourism Fair (Dates: 31st October – 3rd of November, 2019)
  • BIOCULTURA Organic Products and Responsible Consumption Fair (Dates: 7th – 11th of November, 2019)


Digital Business World Congress (DES2019)

This is one of the largest business events organized in Madrid. Next year, the Digital Business World Congress will host 450 international speakers. Having in mind the role of digital in today’s business, this kind of event gives you an opportunity to learn from the business leaders in the digital world. You will meet influencers, listen to the executives from international companies and you will get to understand the digital economy and how this business model affects the way companies do business nowadays. You will get to learn about new practices and strategies that work, along with gaining an understanding of tech concepts such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, cybersecurity, etc.

Different sectors, from health to banking from retail to agriculture, all gather for such an event as the goal is to learn how technology has affected each of those sectors. The business models and strategies are continually evolving, and technological solutions that appear on the market only speed up these changes.

The goal of such an event is to offer solutions and techniques that can help to use technology in different sectors, to promote growth, increase competitiveness on the market and transform the traditional business models into businesses that keep up with modern technology and use it to their advantage.

Renowned international technology experts participate in the event allowing attendees to learn and meet the influential of the modern business world, to compare their experiences and discover the new advanced solution that they can use in their own businesses. The idea is to unite knowledge and expertise, to unite business leaders and to create a unique mindset where business professionals are no longer isolated, but they can learn from each other, they can support each other and develop technologies and strategies together.


Dates: 21st – 23rd of May, 2019

Previous year: Digital World Congress in 2018 gathered almost 21,000 visitors from 50 countries and gained a lot of influence and credibility for Madrid as the business event of the year. This kind of an event only further promotes Madrid as the business hub of the Iberian Peninsula.


Business travel to Madrid

Business travel is in many ways different from a regular journey. Even though it involves traveling to a different location, often times internationally, it still is a unique experience from traveling for leisure. Here are the most important elements that make business travel to Madrid unique.

  • Practical thinking when looking for accommodation in Madrid

When you plan a business travel to Madrid, you need to be practical. In terms of accommodation, you need to stay at a place which is convenient. Usually, such a place is an apartment in the center of the city of Madrid, if your business venue is in this part of the city. Some business travelers also love choosing accommodation which offers a good connection to the airport. This is especially important when flight arrival or departure is at the inconvenient time of the day (for example past ten in the evening).

  • Planning in advance

Business travels are not spontaneous, but instead, you usually have the exact dates planned in advance. A great benefit is that you get to organize everything in advance. There is no need for any rush decisions. It is also a great way to prepare for the journey when you know the schedule in advance.

  • Focusing on the business side of travel

This includes focusing on what business travel provides. While sightseeing and exploring the city of Madrid might be exciting activities, for those focused on the business side of travel, professional conferences, workshops, meetups, and networking events are much more appealing activities in Madrid. After all, the goal of business travel is to promote and develop your business skills, so any other cultural activities and sightseeing may or may not be a part of the itinerary, depending on how much free time a business trip involves.



Visit Madrid for Academic Reasons: a City Full of Options

For decades, the city of Madrid has been a central hub of the country and go-to location for people with different goals and plans, especially in terms of career and professional development. Madrid attracts a lot of people every year with different academic goals in mind. Both people from the smaller towns in Spain and people from abroad can find a lot of possibilities regarding academic development and continuing their education. Having in mind that Madrid is a part of the EU, traveling and moving to Madrid for people from Europe is quite convenient and easy to organize.


Here are some options you can explore if you are visiting Madrid for academic reasons.


Getting to Madrid

The first thing you need to take care of is your stay in Madrid. Initially, you will need to legally organize your stay. This means getting a visa if one is necessary for your stay, which depends on the country you are traveling from. People from the EU are able to travel more freely, while other citizens usually need to sort out details, such as obtaining a student visa, or a work permit, etc.

The next step includes arriving in Madrid and finding accommodation. The type of accommodation you can find during your academic visit can be quite diverse, depending on the situation. Sometimes the institution that enables you to travel to Madrid takes care of finding accommodation for you. Other times, you might be able to choose accommodation on your own. The second option is more flexible, as you can choose between different types of apartments, studios, etc. Also, you can select the location. In most cases, people prefer an apartment in the center of Madrid or one that is close to their place of interested during their stay in Madrid.


Studying in Madrid

Madrid offers a lot of opportunities for educational development, with multilingual study programs, different study groups, and degrees. This means you can find a program that perfectly suits your interest and affinities. Here are Madrid universities offering academic opportunities.

·          The Complutense University of Madrid

Offering unique Complutense cultural program, accepting international students, including Erasmus students, with Foreign Language Center this Madrid university provides an excellent opportunity for student mobility and a possibility for anyone to continue education in the Spanish capital. There is also the International Welcome Center for foreigners to get specific information of interest, regarding their residence, life in Madrid, etc.

It’s one of the six public universities in Madrid. However, what’s more recognizable about this university is the fact that it is one of the biggest universities in Europe. Besides academic possibilities and study programs, there are cultural events and offerings, as well as sport activities available to students.

·          Autonomous University of Madrid

This university has many recognitions, one of which is its Academic Ranking of the World Universities. It welcomes international students and offers programs specially designed for those who are in Spain for the first time, and who are not familiar with the language and culture. The university has two campuses with excellent connection to the city center. Therefore, if you choose to stay in Madrid city center, you will easily reach the campus and be able to easily attend all of the events organized there.

·          Technical University of Madrid

Ranked as one of the top technical universities in Spain, this place is a leading academic institution in technological development and engineering. When it comes to opportunities, the university offers numerous study programs, as well as exchange mobility programs that welcome international students and help them with adapting to the new surrounding. All enrolled students are offered help in multiple ways and orientation programs to enable them to fully explore the potential of their new academic life and reach success in their studies.

·          IE University

This university is an international university with two campuses, one Madrid and one in Segovia. 75% of the students are international students coming from abroad. This means that the programs and curriculum are adapted to such a diverse, international group of people who seek to continue their education. The university provides a supportive environment for the students and promotes learning as a way of life. This concept is so important in today’s global market where people are expected and often are required to learn practically every day. The university offers a lot of different study programs providing numerous opportunities for students.


Research and career development

The combination of life-long education concept with a great reputation these universities have in Europe contribute to the respect of the academic life and opportunities. When you also have in mind the popularity of the city amongst the business professionals in many industries, this city offers so many opportunities to focus on academic research, participate in studies, join the formal or informal educational programs or simply work on your career development, using the method that best matches your interests and field of work.

When you explore the academic community or a specific field of interest you work in, you will find numerous research and development programs you can become a part of. Even though these programs are often associated with students and postgraduates, the fast-developing world of technology has made professional development a requirement for the people of all ages, regardless of their prior experience and education. Attending seminars, workshops, global events, conferences, and many other events that promote life-long learning and professional development are all ways to stay competitive as a professional in your industry, to keep up with the trends and make sure your academic background is still a valid reference in your career.


Academic visits and what to see

When you visit a city such as Madrid for academic reasons, you’ll soon discover numerous opportunities to explore the city. While part of your day might be occupied with activities such as lectures, conferences, workshops, and similar academic events, you will probably have some free time. That’s all you need, some time of your day to start exploring the city, the culture and the history of the Spanish people, to initiate the process of immersion and really get to see how people in Madrid live, and the relevance history, culture and religion have on their everyday lives.

Here’s a couple of suggestions to visit places if you are visiting the city for academic reasons:

·          Museums

The perfect way to learn about the history and culture of a nation is by visiting museums. When you take into account the fact that Madrid has such a rich offer and world-famous art collections, this will be even more reason to start your sightseeing. Visiting a museum is an active process of exploring the culture and learning about the history that shaped the modern life you can see in the city around you. As you go through different epochs, you will see how each of those has affected the everyday life and left the trace in the buildings around you, customs and habits of the people nowadays, etc.

·          Enjoy music and art

The combination of music and art is a great way to experience the cultural offer of the city and go beyond the academic research. Find out how to enjoy Spanish music and art with these suggestions.

·          Cultural heritage

When you stay in the city for a long period of time, you will have many opportunities to see the cultural heritage that represents such value in the history of Spain. The first days upon your arrival to Madrid, you will spend exploring the vicinity and visiting the most popular places, so-called tourist hubs, where most travelers spend their time and go sightseeing. However, later on, you will get to immerse into this whole experience and go beyond the central area to explore hidden corners of Madrid’s cultural heritage. These places have such a great value that they are true pieces of history and represent a unique legacy of the country.

·          The culture is all around

When you arrive in the city, you will find out that culture is all around you. Just take a look at the recognizable square, a fountain that represents a little piece of history and religion, a library with a collection of over 26 million items or one of many World Heritage Sights. There are so many places in Madrid that will take your breath away and convince you that this city indeed radiates with history and culture. Use this Madrid culture guide to find out the places you need to visit.

Studying abroad and pursuing an academic education in Madrid can be a life-changing experience. It is not always easy going abroad, even if there are academic reasons that encourage you to do so. There are so many obstacles that might discourage you, starting from the language barrier to uncertainty regarding finding an apartment in Madrid. However, if you find a good program, one that supports you academically and fulfills your educational goals, you will soon realize that you will be able to overcome the obstacles and truly enjoy this incredible experience.


In the end, regardless what your reasons are for visiting Madrid, we have a very helpful, practical guide to help you understand the world in the city and learn a thing or two about Madrid: Tips for traveling to Madrid.




Sustainable Tourism in the Surroundings of Madrid


The world around changes as we speak. There are so many things going on around us, somewhat independently, as we hardly ever stop to examine the world around us. Yet, things that happen in such a way influence each other and continuously change the world in which we live.

As the world is starting to appreciate the nature around us and the fact that people are changing the environment with every step, the issue of suitability has been one of the significant aspects to consider in our modern history.

Sustainability includes the use and exploration of the resources which is in harmony with nature. The main principle of sustainability is to keep the balance as intact as possible. The idea is to prevent global development to harm our world and to preserve the natural resources for the generations to come. This idea is so powerful and so meaningful that it has been implemented in many aspects of our lives, so we have technological sustainability, environmental sustainability, etc.


Sustainable tourism

The concept of sustainable tourism has become an important part of traveling for both leisure and business. The central premise behind this whole concept is to create this kind of thinking: When you visit a place as a tourist, you must strive to leave a positive impact on that environment.

It is a broad concept that can include many different ways and opportunities for travelers to express this positive attitude and show appreciation towards the environment by making sure they do not disrupt the harmony.


How can travelers contribute to sustainable tourism?

Firstly, you have to understand how traveling affects the environment to determine how together we can change things and enjoy traveling while still thinking about the environment.

  • CO2 emission – Over 70% of emission comes from transport, more than 20% comes from accommodation and the rest is from other activities related to other activities that affect the environment.
  • Cultural heritage preservation – Travelers need to be well-informed about the importance of the sites they’re visiting and prevent any behavior that would in any way impact the original look of the landmarks.

Obviously, the biggest issue is the emission of the gases that cause irreparable harm to the environment. This is how sustainable transportation has been brought into the spotlight.

In essence, sustainable tourism is responsible travel when travelers respect the environment they explore and find ways to conserve it by minimizing the impact they have on such an environment.


Sustainability in the city center

Most travelers choose to stay in the city center. Some find apartments in Madrid, and some prefer other types of accommodation. Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, there is one great benefit of staying in the center of Madrid.

Popular landmarks are within walking distance. As public transport is causing a significant level of pollution in the cities across the globe, travelers can contribute to reducing the emission by walking instead of taking the bus or taxi. Why would you possibly choose to spend time on a bus, especially when the weather is beautiful outside if you can walk instead? While you walk, you get to see a lot of interesting things along the way. You get to stop and check out the store windows, or just enjoy the sights in front of you.

Since our apartments are in the city center, we always advise our guest to walk to the landmarks such as the Puerta del Sol (which is only 20 meters away from our apartments) and the Plaza Mayor (30 meters away). Even when it comes to longer walks such as 200 meters to the Prado Museum, our guests say that they always prefer walking than taking any other type of transport even though they are available in the city center.

A great way of transportation in big cities such as Madrid is using a bike. Not only is it efficient because you can’t really get stuck in a traffic jam, this solution is also environment-friendly.


How to rent a bike in Madrid?

BiciMAD is a city service which provides bike rental service in Madrid. It is a public transport that includes electric bicycles available on 123 stations in the city. This is a perfect way to show how suitability can be an important factor in developing a network of public transport and enabling people to reach the desired location conveniently. If you want to consider this way of exploring Madrid, check out this page with information on the locations of the stations where you can rent a bike, as well as the details about the rates that apply for different types of users.

Even though sustainability is a big issue, Madrid is not particularly a bike-friendly city like some other European capitals. However, what Madrid does have is plenty of locations in the city and in its surroundings which are perfect for riding a bike.


Exploring Madrid on a bike

Madrid is such a big city with lots of parks and green areas that you can find a lot of exciting locations to enjoy a bike ride in Madrid. Here are a few suggestions where you can explore Madrid on a bike.

The Retiro Park

The city’s most popular oasis and one of the most significant landmarks is undoubtedly the Retiro Park. We always recommend having a walk or a picnic in this park as one of the things you must do in Madrid, but riding a bike around the park is also an exciting activity. In fact, you are unlikely to explore the entire park solely on foot, so renting a bike is a perfect way to go.

Madrid Rio

This is a bicycle network that includes an extensive cycling path along the river. It is a perfect way to spend a day outdoors with your friends or family and yet have a positive influence on the environment. These cycling paths are also connected with other trails that take you further from the city center enabling you to explore the surroundings of Madrid in the same way.

Casa de Campo

The area is a large park with lots of interesting outdoor activities, a swimming pool, sports courts, amusement parks, etc. One of those fun activities is cycling. You can rent a bike and start your adventure around the park as you enjoy the nature and plenty of fresh air.

Parque del Oeste

Even though the main feature of this park is its astonishing rose garden, you can still enjoy the park on your bike. There park is situated on a slope with lots of narrow winding paths, and most of them are actually in the shade. This means that you won’t mind spending a hot sunny day riding your bike around the Parque del Oeste.


Surroundings of Madrid

Having in mind that transportation damages the environment, one of the most obvious activities for sustainable tourism is riding bikes.

If you are more into sports and if you are up for a more exciting ride around Madrid, you will love the experience of mountain biking. Exploring the surroundings of Madrid, you will get to find so many paths that are designed for those seeking a thrilling adventure and new goals to conquer.

  • Ride across Sierra de Guadarrama

Track MTB organizes a ride across Sierra de Guadarrama where you can explore the surroundings of Madrid in the area which is near the town of Segovia. A perfect activity for those who are looking to get away from the crowded streets flooded with tourists, especially during the warm days.

  • Exploring countryside around Madrid

Riding a bike is such an amazing experience to enjoy Madrid countryside. Mountain Cranks tour takes you on an exciting journey of exploring the Mediterranean forest and hills that surround Madrid.


Walk tours in Madrid

Walk tours are also an amazing way to avoid using public transport but still manage to explore the city. You can find a lot of walking tours suggestions online. If they are too much of a challenge because you are not used to walking for too long, you can also check out Segway tours. These are becoming more and more popular because they enable travelers to visit more places and explore an extensive area than if they were to walk.

And if you want some idea on what to visit in Madrid, check out this useful guide to help you organize a five-day trip to Madrid: 5 Days in Madrid: What to Visit.


Thinking about sustainability and taking responsibility

As a traveler, you need to act responsibly and show respect to the local environment. Just imagine it was your own city and town. The cultural heritage and natural resources that we as inhabitants of this planet have are priceless. This is why you need to adopt sustainability as a way of thinking and attitude you have towards traveling.

Regardless if you are visiting Madrid cultural heritage sites or nearby towns such as Segovia, travelers should behave in accordance with these principles of sustainability.


These are only some of the signs of expressing the importance of sustainability and developing Madrid’s tourism in a way that it supports suitability. In fact, the UN has declared the previous year the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. This only proves how the whole concept is vital for the travel industry and how we as accommodation providers in Madrid need to promote this concept and encourage travelers to think about the environment and sustainable development.

Downtown Apartments in Madrid

Visiting Madrid, either on vacation or on business, is an enjoyable activity during which you cannot skip to even briefly stay in the central district. The centre of Madrid is the oldest and most traditional of the city areas, and it represents the fusion between history and modernity that distinguishes this capital in a paradigmatic way.

The centre of Madrid is one of the oldest historical centers in Europe, but nonetheless it does not lack the amenities of a cosmopolitan area, and comfortable places for accommodation and downtown apartments in Madrid.

A stay in this area, also known as “Madrid de los Austrias”, should include a tour to the Plaza Mayor, a rectangular square that has a surface of more than 12 thousand square meters. The square is full of sites of historical and cultural importance, sculptures, ancient porches, and it is a fabulous place to watch a sunset in the city. There is an aristocratic center of the city, not far from this square, where you can find the Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, the Opera House and the Cathedral of Almudena.

If you continue your walk, you can reach the world famous Puerta del Sol, which is surrounded by a diverse, well-stocked and abundant shopping area. This is a great place to visit for both tourists and for those who have come to Madrid only for a business trip. In this shopping area there is a traditional coffee shop that also sells pastries: La Mallorquina, where you can enjoy some delicious desserts typical for the local cuisine. It is also important to mention that this commercial area is one of the most prestigious in the capital city of Spain.

But if what we want is a tour without visiting any shops, this area is also cultural center where we can find the well-known art works. Three of the most important art museums in the world are located in this area as well: the Prado Museum, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (MNCARS), and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. The first of them contains an amazing art gallery, which displays the works by Velazquez, Goya and el Greco. In the second museum, you can see some unique works, such as the Picasso’s Guernica. Finally, in the third museum you can admire works ranging from Gothic to the European Renaissance.

To complement all this, the centre of Madrid is adorned with beautiful gardens such as the Retiro Park, the Casa de Campo and Parque Juan Carlos I. These are all the reasons why it is worth to spend a couple of days during our stay in Madrid to enjoy in everything that this oldest area located in the city center has to offer.

Aparthotel in Madrid or apartments short-term

Travel is one of the highest pleasures that enable us to enjoy in the places near our home, as well as in distant and exotic places. A trip, event a business trip, does not have to be deprived of a satisfying feeling of having traveled to different places, which makes our day different from our daily routine.
However, not everyone enjoys traveling due to the fact that they need to stay in a hotel. While there are hotels for all tastes, budgets and preferences, not all people enjoy being in an environment so obviously different from home.
However, today there are many different options for accommodation during your vacation, which transcend the traditional idea we have of a hotel. For those who enjoy the vacation with adventure, there is always an option to go camping, as there already are many facilities for camping vacation. But there are people who do not like either. What to do if the hotel is not a pleasant experience for everyone, much less than camping?
In this case, what are the alternatives if we are going to visit, either for pleasure or for work, a cosmopolitan city like Madrid and we don’t want to stay in a hotel? Serviced apartments and apartments for short-term staying are an interesting and new option.
They offer places such as an apartment fully furnished and equipped, especially with a kitchen or kitchenette ready to be used and a fully equipped bathroom. The alternative of seeking a short stay apartment is very attractive as you will be able to feel at home despite being on vacation. In other words, they offer us a mixture of home and novelty.
Among the various services that can be categorized as “serviced apartments”, there are the so-called “aparthotel”. An aparthotel or Apartel (the two forms of the word can be found), constitute of an apartment equipped for short-term or medium-term stay, but which operates with a reservation system similar to the conventional system used in hotels. In a complex of facilities of this type, we can find a lobby or hallway. There are no rooms, but instead, there are small apartments for rent.
When it comes to choosing between aparthotels and apartments in Madrid, we would always recommend you apartments in Madrid. This solution is more flexible, as you are completely independent than in any other case. After you choose the apartment you want, you have no worries of any kind as you can relax and enjoy in the comfort of your own apartment. This will reduce the stress of adjusting to another environment, as you will able to adapt much easier being able to enjoy in the spacious apartment.
In Apartments Madrid we have a detailed online gallery, so you will be to closely examine the extensive number of apartments we offer in order to find the apartment that would provide perfect conditions for you to spend your vacation in comfort and relaxation.