Why Choose an Apartment with a Terrace in Madrid

As summer approaches, the days get longer and high temperature predominates during the day. This affects the way we plan a vacation, since what we seek is to find a place that allows us to enjoy 100% in the heat, in the blue sky and the summer breeze.

Not only does this lead to carefully choosing the location for our vacation, but it also determine with thoroughness the type of accommodation that is ideal for a completely enjoyable summer vacation.

Therefore, here in Apartamentos Mayor Centro, we offer apartments with a terrace Madrid, an ideal alternative to making you feel as if you were home and on the other hand, ideal for enjoying the pleasure of having a terrace with a panoramic view of the cosmopolitan Madrid .

Like all our apartments, those with terrace have all the facilities and amenities that allow you to forget about your everyday problems, while being on vacation. You will be able to enjoy in a homely atmosphere, intimacy and comfort that you can hardly have when staying in a traditional hotel. A huge benefit is that they can also have a terrace, well furnished with a table, chairs and accompanied with ornamental plants, allowing you to start and end your days in Madrid with a great view of the sunrise or sunset over the rooftops of the city.

As you can see, this type of apartment is an ideal place to spend a summer vacation in Madrid. It is an ideal place to enjoy everything the city has to offer, from museums to attractive circuit, to adventure tourism and ecotourism, it can all be discovered near the Madrid urban era. And after a tiring day of hiking, there is nothing better than finishing the day with a dinner or a drink outdoors, sitting in the comfort of your balcony, feeling the gentle breeze that soothes summer heat as dusk approaches.

Choosing an apartment with a terrace allows you to enjoy Madrid summer 24 hours a day, because our apartments are centrally located, in the very attractive locations and the best attractions in the city are nearby. Although urban transport in Madrid is very effective and economical, nothing is better than having everything at your fingertips, at a distance that allows you to walk to your destination. In this way you can fully enjoy the city either during the night or during the day. If your choice is to do it by day, you can finish your day with a cocktail enjoying on the terrace of your apartment. If you want to experience the active nightlife of Madrid, you can finish the night full of dancing with drinking coffee and watching the sunrise from your balcony. Therefore, choosing this type of apartment will be a perfect choice for any plan you have designed for your visit in Madrid.

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