Chueca District in Madrid

Madrid is the largest city in Spain, and the third largest city in Europe. The city area is divided into 21 districts which are then divided into smaller wards, called barrios in Spanish. If you have to find where to stay in Madrid, you should have some basic knowledge about the districts, as each one has something distinctive.

This is especially important if you are going to spend quite some time in the city, which is usually the case if you are in the city for business. Hence, finding business accommodation Madrid should involve a little bit of research of the part of the city in which you are going to stay.

Chueca is a neighborhood particularly popular among gay community in Madrid. The neighborhood is part of the Justicia ward, in the district Centro in Madrid. The district was named after Federico Chueca, a Spanish composer who died at the beginning of the 20th century. He is especially known as a composer of Zarzuelas, a genre of Spanish lyric-dramatic songs that combine speaking, singing and dancing.

Chueca is in the northern part of the old part of the city, with lots of shops and street cafes. Chueca, as well as other neighborhoods in the central district, such as Ópera and Antón Martín are known as the places of bohemian culture. Alternative art exhibitions and festivals are common forms of entertainments among the visitors of the local bohemian cafes and galleries. This is also the place where you can find contemporary artists and writers, who enjoy spending time in a bohemian like atmosphere.

This part of the city is also popular when it comes to nightlife which is one of the city’s attractions. There are a lot of cafes, bars and nightclubs with a variety of music shows and events. One of the things that makes Madrid’s nightlife such an attraction is the fact that parties start rather late, usually around midnight and they last until the morning hours. So do not be surprised if you end up returning around five or six in the morning from a party.

Chueca is an important center of gay culture, featuring a lot of LGBT places, such as shops, cafes, etc. It was on this location that the Gay Pride in 2007 took place and turned into one of the biggest festivals of this kind n the world. There are other festivals, conferences and events organized to promote the LGBT community. In addition, there are a lot of designer shops and jewelry stores in this area.

Besides gay community, this area is also popular among tourists, as well as among business professionals, being near the center and Madrid’s landmarks, such as Gran Via. The closeness of the Gran Via, a popular shopping area makes this part of the city quite busy. There are two popular squares in Chueca district in Madrid that you can visit, while in this part of the city. Those are la Plaza del Rey and la Plaza Vázquez de Mella.

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