How to Find Your Way Around Madrid: Public Transport

Madrid is an ideal place to spend a few days there to have some rest or to have fun, depending on what you consider a relaxing and enjoyable activity. After we have already found a Madrid apartment for the weekend, it is time to go out and explore all that the city has to offer… but how? Well, today we will recommend using public transportation. If you are going to get to know the city, do as the locals do and take advantage of the fact that Madrid has one of the best public transportation in the world.

Why do we say this? The price is not expensive, the service is quite good and the network covers both the city and all of the suburbs. Therefore, taking buses, the metro and trains is highly recommended if you want to go from one place to another, within the city, as well in the districts in the periphery. If we compare the price with other European cities, we can see it is pretty good, and the frequency of the departures is acceptable.

Among these transports, undoubtedly the most widely used is the metro. Altogether there are twelve metro lines, to which we must add those of light rail. You can get to virtually any point of the city using the metro, and it is quite fast. The only downside of the metro is you often have to change lines as there is no direct line to a certain part of the city. Therefore, you will have to walk and go up and down, but in reality, it is not a significant obstacle.

On the other hand, the bus network also represents a good option, giving you the benefit of contemplating the city when travelling. Routes, schedules and frequency can be found online, so you can plan your tours to make your stay in Madrid even more pleasant. A tourist map shows the bus stops located near the most famous tourist sites of the city, which can really be helpful when planning how we will spend our time while we stay in the Spanish capital.

Image taken from the EMT Madrid page:

Finally, we have the network of trains, which undoubtedly represent the best alternative to nearby areas, especially when it comes to the areas outside the city. Trains can be taken at various metro stations and you will connect quickly with different community districts.

The Cercanías Renfe company gives very detailed information regarding schedules and destinations that will helps us if we decide to spend some time in the areas near the city.

Finally, it is a highly recommended option (for both economic and practical reasons) to purchase a subscription for the tourist transport for the time you are going to spend in the city.

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