Is Madrid Apartment Right Choice for You?

When traveling to Madrid, you will have a lot of options regarding finding accommodation. Different types of accommodation, as well as various locations around the city, are available. For travelers, especially for those who are traveling to the city for the first time, it might be overwhelming to think about choosing the perfect accommodation. This is why it is worth exploring all your options and understanding the benefits a particular accommodation.


Madrid apartments as accommodation type

Among all of these diverse accommodation type, there is one that has been gaining popularity over the years. It is renting apartments. This accommodation is perfect for a lot of travelers, regardless if they are visiting for a few days or a few months. The motives for the visit can also vary. Some might be traveling during the winter holidays, while others might be visiting the city on business. Some might be traveling solo, while others are accompanied by their family members or friends.


Apartment building in Madrid

The number of travelers who choose apartments is increasing each year, due to numerous perks this accommodation type provides. One of the main perks is the flexibility. Every traveler can find a Madrid apartment that will suit the nature and the length of the visit.

What most travelers might be wondering about is whether this type of accommodation is the right choice for them. Is there a way to know if Madrid apartment is the right choice for you?

We have been working in this industry for years now, and we have helped thousands of tourists find their comfortable accommodation in the Spanish capital. This is why we want to share tips to help you make this decision and see if an apartment in Madrid is the right choice for you.


Long-term stay in Madrid

One of the main reasons that will affect your decision regarding accommodation is the length of stay. Travelers whose stay in Madrid is long-term should always look for an apartment to rent, rather than any other type of accommodation, especially a hotel. This decision is based on the fact that renting an apartment per month is more cost-efficient than staying in a hotel, for example, and renting a hotel room per night. Even if the period is low-season and hotels offer better rates than usual, apartments still turn out to be a better choice in terms of monthly costs. During a long-term stay, this is a factor that will have lots of importance for a traveler.


Business visit

In case your visit to Madrid is related to business, an apartment would be a perfect choice, especially an apartment in the center of Madrid. The first reason is convenience. Most of the business offices and other event venues are in the center of Madrid. As an important commercial center of the region, the city welcomes lots of business professionals from many different industries during the year. And a large percentage of those will spend their time in the venues scattered around the central area. This is why renting an apartment close by is such a convenience.

Furthermore, visiting a city on business is much more different than when traveling for pleasure. During a business visit, you will probably have a specific itinerary and a list of things to do, meetings to attend, etc. It is so rewarding to have a comfortable apartment to stay in after your busy day is over. It feels homier and it is more spacious than a hotel room, and it generally helps you feel more pleasant and relaxed.

Therefore, if you have any doubts about renting an apartment, this is an option you should really explore. Business travelers whose visit is a long-term one have even more reasons to choose this type of accommodation out of all the others.


Traveling with friends

Traveling with friends is an incredible opportunity to unwind together and bond. You will be spending so much time together. You will be sharing a fantastic experience of traveling, meeting new cultures and experiencing life around the globe.

When you travel with a friend, sharing an apartment can be quite comfortable and yet affordable option. It is also a great choice if you want to bond even more, as you will get to share more time together than when staying in separate hotel rooms. Holiday apartments are just like any apartment rentals, so you can find a flexible solution that suits your travel group. For example, an apartment with one (or more) bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen is an excellent choice.


Traveling with kids

When it comes to families traveling with kids, renting an apartment is definitely an option one should dwell upon. As much as it is exciting to travel with kids and watch them as they experience things for the first time, this can quickly become too stressful. Children also have their routine and traveling alone can disrupt it. This is why it is helpful to have an accommodation solution that is flexible for the entire family.

For example, the kids usually go to bed earlier than their parents. If you were to stay in a hotel room, this could be impossible to organize. When in an apartment, kids can go to bed earlier, and parents can stay up late if they want to because they will have a separate room in the apartment. This is also very convenient when you have a baby or children with a significant age difference, so they do not go to bed at the same time.

It is also worth mentioning additional space you get in an apartment, which is usually not the case with hotels. This means more space for kids to play around when inside. All of these are the reasons to check out apartments when traveling. When you explore what each accommodation provider has to offer, you will soon realize that Madrid apartment is going to be the right choice.


Wanting to prepare food on your own

This argument absolutely favors apartments as the best type of travel accommodation. Hotels, and similar travel accommodations, do not provide conditions for preparing food on your own. This results in two issues for travelers. First, there is an additional cost. Most hotels offer a restaurant, but the food here can be so overpriced. Secondly, there is usually a limited number of meals you can get here. In case you follow a special diet plan, or have extremely picky kids, this could be a big issue for you.

When you rent an apartment, it is very likely that you will have a kitchen with all the utensils ready for you to use it. Before you rent an apartment, make sure the kitchen is fully-equipped. This means that you will have everything waiting for you, except for food. Luckily, there are plenty of food stores and supermarkets in the city, especially in the center.

This option gives you so much flexibility. Regardless if you are on a diet because you are trying to lose weight, or if you are a vegan, or perhaps even allergic to gluten, having the option to cook for yourself is a great plus when on holiday. It also tends to be cheaper to cook by yourself than to eat out. If you are on a long-term visit, or if you want (or need) to stay on the budget, there will be even more reasons to have this option for preparing food on your own.


 Kitchen in a Madrid apartment

Great selection of apartments

After you have gone through all the reasons and situations that affect the decision of whether to rent an apartment in Madrid or not, it is worth mentioning one final thing. You already know that Madrid is a popular destination among tourists. The city is proud of its historical heritage and has worked on building this reputation as a must-see travel destination. This means that the city is extremely tourist-friendly. One of the things that affect this status is an excellent selection of apartments to rent in Madrid.

When you start browsing the offer online, you will soon be faced with lots and lots of different apartment rentals. If you know that the apartment is the perfect choice for you, try to define what your ideal apartment should look like. How many rooms should it have? Is it going to be in the center of the city, or would you prefer a specific district? What is your budget?

All of these will provide you an idea of what kind of apartment you are looking for. Use them as criteria to sort the apartment offer and explore only those apartments that would be perfect for your stay in Madrid.

Here are a few examples to help you understand how this process of making a decision should look like:

If you want a small apartment, ready to accommodate up to 2 people, this could be one of your choices. A Smaller apartment means a lower price, which is perfect when you try to stay on a budget.

Families or groups of people traveling together would need a bigger apartment, such as this one. A great asset included in all of these apartments is the completely furnished kitchen.

For a more luxurious stay, you could look for an apartment with a terrace. This example is a perfect choice for a big family or even two families because it can accommodate up to 6 people.

The best thing about choosing accommodation for your travel is the flexibility to choose the perfect accommodation for you. With the extensive offer and lots of places around the city, the choice is quite vast. As you start exploring the reasons for choosing apartment rentals over any other type of accommodation, you will soon realize that this type of accommodation can satisfy most travelers, regardless their situation. The main reason for this is such flexibility and diversity of Madrid apartments.

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