Madrid Markets Guide

Let’s say that you have already decided to spend a pleasant weekend in Madrid. You have already found a good apartment in this city, and you are ready to visit all the cultural and tourist sites depending on the time you have available to spend in the city.

A more than pleasant option, when it comes to both learning about the city and non-traditional shopping stroll, is going on a tour of the markets located in Madrid. What is a market? It is an alternative way to the commercial activity that has become very popular in large cities:  it is a different and much more enriching experience than visiting a supermarket. Besides being popular, markets are also very traditional. The community of Madrid is known for having a lot of markets: 186 in total scattered over 136 municipalities in the region. And this city is noteworthy, since the municipality of Madrid has 26 markets which are located in 15 different districts, most of them are opened more than once a week. Therefore, any day of the week that you want to take a chance and go to a flea market, surely you will find one close to you when you are in Madrid.

What products can be found in the markets? Foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, clothing and footwear, crafts, toys, spare parts, and perfumes. Basically, you can find almost anything. By buying in this type of shops, we help the major sector of the community.

Now, what are these markets and on which day of the week can you find them opened?

Madrid Center Markets:

- Tuesdays and Saturdays at P. Campillo del Mundo

- Sundays (the most traditional and the most prestigious market of the city) El Rastro in the Calle Rivera de Curtidores

Barajas Markets:

- Saturdays in the Ayerbe Street

Hortaleza Markets:

- Tuesdays in the Alcorisa Street

- Sundays in La Uva (Street station)

Carabanchel Markets:

- Thursdays at Via Lusitana

- Mondays in the Gorrión Street and another one in Camino de las Cruces

Latin Markets:

-Saturdays in the Rafael Finat Street

Fuencarral – El Pardo Markets:

- Wednesdays in the Santa Ana Street and in the San Cugat Street

- On Fridays in El Pardo

Moncloa – Aravaca Markets:

- Thursday in the San Restituto Street

Villaverde (four!) Markets:

- Thursday in the City of los Ángeles and another one in San Cristóbal de los Ángeles

- Saturdays at Villaverde Alto

- Sundays in the Colonia Marconi

Puente de Vallecas Markets:

- Sundays in the Ronda del Sur Street

- Mondays in the Aragon Street

- Thursdays in the Fontarrón Street

Villa de Vallecas Markets:

- Tuesdays in the Sierra Gorda Street

San Blas Markets:

- Tuesdays in the Arcos del Jalón Street

Tetuan Markets:

- Sundays in the Marqués de Vienna Street

Vicálvaro Markets:

- Thursdays in the San Cipriano Street

And finally… Usera Markets:

- Saturdays in the Orcasur Avenue

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