Madrid at Night

We have already talked about the excellent entertainment, cultural and dining opportunities that rental apartment Madrid offers throughout the day. But Madrid lives at night as well. The nightlife in this city is bustling and somehow endless. Madrid’s nightlife has something for everyone, regardless of your preferences, your age or nationality. There even are a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars that accept children late in the evening. Sure it is not a good idea to take your kids to a bar, but if you are single, or you have the opportunity to travel with your partner and enjoy the nightlife, it is an experience you will not forget.

Are you looking for a glamorous night?

You can try drinking a martini in the elegant bar El Cock, or perhaps drinking cocktails in Chicote Museum, which is considered to be one of the best bars in Spain. If you want something more modern, check out la Reina Bruja, with their interior completely illuminated with LED lights.

As you can already guess based on those first three recommendations, something that enriches and makes nightlife in Madrid fascinating is its variety, diversity and energy. For example, continuing with bars full of style and elegance, you can also visit 4 Bajo Cero or the Ramses, both in the Barrio de Salamanca. But if you are interested in something completely different, try going to La Lupe. If you are looking for a place to listen to good rock music, try going to Malasaña.

There are also very good choices if you want to enjoy good live music, played by a DJ, and taste excellently prepared drinks. In that case the recommendation is el Bar Camp, where you can even watch interesting short films.

It has always been a sign of “success” for a bar in Madrid to have a good terrace, and even more so today, as it represents a space for smoking, which cannot be done indoors. A good example of a restaurant with a great terrace bar is La Cocina de San Antón, which also gives you an excellent night view of Madrid cityscape.

As for clubs, there are so many of them, that it is difficult to choose. The large clubs, such as el Goa, el Pacha , el Macumba and el Fabrik are constantly active when it comes to nightlife, but there are more modern clubs that are becoming important in the spectrum of Madrid’s nightlife, such as el Charada club. We must also say that not everything in the nightlife of Madrid is related to bars and clubs. A good night walk in the Retiro Park and by the Manzanares River , followed by a night in tapas or a movie night, in a cinema such as el Cine Ideal, are excellent ideas. It is always a perfect culmination to a night in Madrid and to end it with chocolate churros, also called Spanish doughnuts.

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