The Monument to Philip IV in Madrid

Madrid is a popular tourist destination regardless of the time of the year. Nice weather during the entire year is perfect for sightseeing during an enjoyable visit. What make Madrid so popular are numerous cultural sites and historic monuments that represent city’s history.

Since this is a large metropolitan city, visited by millions of tourists every year, there are plenty accommodation facilities to host the tourists, in different parts of the city. You will not have trouble finding Madrid apartments for rent using the Internet.

With plenty of monuments and museums, you will spend a lot of time sightseeing. One of the places you should visit is the Monument to Philip IV. Located in the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, this monument was built during the first half of the 19th century.

The monument was built in the memory of King Philip IV of Spain, who was on the throne during 17th century. He is mainly remembered as patronage of the arts. Queen Isabella II was the one to instruct the construction of the monument during her ruling in 19th century.

The grand opening of the monument was organized on the 17th of November 1843. Even though the monument was placed in the center of the square during the construction that took place in 19th century, the statue itself was made in 17th century by an Italian sculptor. Pietro Tacca is the sculpture who built the statue of bronze, which represented Philip IV on his horse. The influence of Baroque style is visible on this statue, as well as on other works of this Italian sculptor.

The Plaza de Oriente is in a rectangular shape, and there are several parts including the gardens, the monument to Philip IV and the statues of Spanish kings.

The appearance of the square changed over the years. Naturally, the statue took up a central place, but originally, there were 44 additional statues located on the square, presenting Spanish monarch. In 1927, the number of statues was reduces to 20. Today, the gardens are especially designed to accompany the statue, following the Baroque style, and the design you can see at the moment was created back in 1941. Besides the central garden, there are two more gardens: Jardines del cabo Noval, mainly comprised of banana trees and located in the northern part of the square, and Jardines de Lepanto located in the south.

Being placed in the Plaza de Oriente, the monument is an important part of Madrid’s historic center, which is visited by most tourists. In addition, the monument to Philip IV is located between two important buildings in Madrid. The Palacio Real is on the west side of the monument, while el Teatro Real is on the east. Due to this position, this monument is something you should not miss while visiting Madrid. It is recommended that you include this monument during your visit to other nearby landmarks.

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