The Museum National Art Center Reina Sofia

There are many things to do in Madrid. You can play, learn, explore, discover. After you make reservation for apartments in Madrid, you are opening the door to an incredible season in one of the best cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

One of the things that distinguish this city is the large number of museums, art galleries and places to visit. Without doubt, the Reina Sofia Art Center deserves an honorable mention on this list.

The building that houses the National Museum has a long history. In 1566, King Philip II ordered all city hospitals to be unified into a single building, and this building was renamed “General Hospital”. By the late eighteenth century, however, the need for a larger hospital was undeniable.

Between 1776 and 1781, the new building was constructed by the architect Francisco Sabatini, under the orders of King Carlos III.

Since then, there have been numerous additions and renovations, and the original hospital barely escaped being demolished several times, as many considered it to be old and unattractive. However, in 1977, it was declared as a national historic building.

Thereafter, it began the transformation of the building into a museum. The architect Antonio Fernández Alba renewal designed circa 1980, almost ten years after José Luis Iñiguez de Onzoño and Antonio Vázquez de Castro took charge of giving the final touches. Thanks to the steel and glass elevators, the building feels both classic and modern.

In those years, the building housed a temporary exhibition, but later, as instructed by royal decree, it was designated as a national museum and went on to replace the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art.

Today, this museum is a prestigious modern art museum nationally and internationally, since houses an impressive collection of works of the twentieth century, including works by prestigious Spanish artists such as Miró, Dalí and Picasso. In fact, one of the most famous works of the latter painter is located here: Guernica.

So when you’re in Madrid, remember to write down your list of places you must not miss and to add this amazing museum to the list. You must not miss the opportunity to walk the halls, visit his amazing bibliographic heritage and enjoy in its architecture. Remember that no matter what the reason is behind your visit to the Spanish capital, it would be unforgivable to end your trip without visiting the museum and other architectural and artistic gems the city has to offer.

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