Nature Tourism near Madrid: Sierra de Guadarrama

One of the best choices we have when visiting Madrid, Spain is to enjoy the surroundings. This does not only refer to a wonderful urban landscape and everything the central area of the city provides. Thanks to its advanced system of roads and public transport (especially trains), renting Madrid apartment allows you to visit other nearby areas, and you can always return to the apartment you have rented in order to rest from intense sightseeing.

For all those people who are passionate about ecotourism or adventure, there is a National Park, the Sierra de Guadarrama, just 56 km from Madrid. This park, located in the Sierra, which in a way divides the southern and northern part of Spain, is well connected to the city. You can visit the park by renting a car and driving along the highway A- 6. After that you will follow the road M -601 until the exit 39. Alternatively, you can take the M -607 (Colmenar Viejo), from the Plaza Castillo, in Madrid, and then turn at the M -614, to Navacerrada.

If you do not have your own or rented vehicle, you can take the train, using the ones that go from Madrid to Atocha, Recoletos, Nuevos Ministerios and Chamartín . Other option is to take the bus, using either the line 684 from Moncloa, or the line 685 which goes to Majadahonda and Navacerrada via Cercedilla.

This National Park is the “border” between Madrid and Segovia, and it has peaks up to 2000 meters high. In the National Park, we can find a lot of small towns, historic sites and unique natural wealth. It is an ideal place for all of those who love mountain biking, since it has hundreds of small paths and a variety of terrains, sandy, muddy and rocky paths, as well as paths near the streams. Riding a bike in the park or walking tours both offer you a chance to see breathtaking scenery of valleys, peaks and waterfalls, Mediterranean forests, small castles and monasteries, as well as historical sites from the Spanish Civil War. While enjoying the nature, you can catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers from the capital in the distance.

The place dates back to the period even before the arrival of the Romans (whose traces can still be seen in the remains of the Roman road), and it is surrounded by myths and legends. It is just another example of the wonders that Madrid has to offer, a perfect place for you to enjoy if you choose to rent a holiday apartment in Madrid.

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