Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments

The city of Madrid has so much to offer. Sightseeing is one of the main activities most travelers are focused on during their stay, with eating out and shopping falling behind. There also are business travelers, in which situation they might even skip sightseeing altogether. One of the main things that will ensure spending a great time is a comfortable stay in one of the Madrid apartments. This refers to all kinds of travelers, younger or older, solo travelers, travelers with kids, business travelers, etc. As a specialist in this area, we want to suggest several neighborhoods to find Madrid apartments.

First of all, the city of Madrid is very big. It is the third largest city in Europe, with over 600 km2 municipality area. The city is divided into 21 districts. The districts are then divided into wards, called barrios, and there are 128 of them in the city.

When you first plan on visiting Madrid, you might be a bit confused in terms of choosing the location of the apartment. It is completely natural to feel this way, because there are so many choices in front of you. Since this is a dilemma many travelers are faced with, it is best to explore the city area of Madrid, and find the best neighborhoods in the city to rent long-term or short-term apartments. Each of the neighborhoods offers something different and unique, but you will not be wrong to choose any of them, because after all, what matters the most is that you have a great time and enjoy visiting Madrid.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Las Letras or Cortes

Las Letras or Cortes is a part of district Centro. Being located in the center of the city gives an immediate edge to this area, over other parts of the city. The most important Madrid museums, including Prado Museo, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museo are located in this area of the city. This way, you can start sightseeing as soon as you arrive. Of course, restaurants and bars are part of the neighborhood as well, which is very convenient when eating out. Restaurant terraces at Plaza de Santa Ana are frequently praised as one of the best places to eat out when the weather is nice. And if you are a fan of Ernest Hemingway, you would want to visit Cervecería Alemana where he was once a regular.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Malasaña

Malasaña is another Centro district, particularly famous for nightlife. Lots of nightclubs and bars are scattered around, and it is generally referred to as hip and alternative part of the city. Plenty of urban art is on display around the area, which additionally prove the trendy and hipster aspect Malasaña is known for. In fact, there are tours to show off the best graffiti used to decorate the neighborhood.This is why the area is particularly popular among younger travelers. If this is the case, finding an apartment in this neighborhood will be a right decision. On the other hand, if you prefer a more quiet neighborhood, check out other suggestions.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Gran Vía

Named after Madrid’s grand boulevard, Gran Vía neighborhood is an urban area, with magnificent architecture and design being the most important aspects. As much as it is cool to live in such area, you need to have in mind the fact that this neighborhood is considered a classy, high end area, with accommodation prices that match that reputation. Gran Vía is also considered a business center, which is important thing to know when traveling on business.

 Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments

The view of Gran Vía Street, a famous boulevard with its well-known 20th-century architecture

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Castellana

Castellana is a part of Salamanca district. Generally known as an upscale area, with lots of high end shops, Salamanca is also popular among travelers due to its vicinity to the center of Madrid. Paseo del Castellana, one of the well known boulevards, goes through this district. If you are fond of shopping, you will love this part of the city. ABC Serrano shopping mall is in Castellana neighborhood, with stores like Calzedonia, Poly, Reebok, etc. Zara Home, Gucci, Cartier, Jimmy Choo and other brands also have stores nearby. Obviously, this is a shopping paradise for all those looking for places to start their next shopping spree. When it comes to a stay, plenty of residential properties can be found.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Recoletos

Next to Castellana, we have Recoletos ward, another busy neighborhood in the center of Madrid. You should know that living in such neighborhood have both pros and cons. While it is very convenient to live near trendy cafes and famous landmarks, as you will probably spend most of your time in Madrid walking from one place to another, some people still prefer staying a bit away from all the hastiness. Plaza de Colón and the National Archaeological Museum are two major landmarks you should visit in Recoletos ward of Madrid, regardless if you will be staying there or not.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Chamartin

Even though it is in the heart of the city, Chamartin is characterised by an easier pace. Fewer tourist attraction make this area less desirable destination for travelers, but it provides great conditions for living. This is why the district is more popular as residential and business area. People who arrive to Madrid for business are most likely to stay in this part of the city. Despite the fact that the number of landmarks is scarce, there is still one very popular especially among male travelers – the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, home of the Real Madrid soccer team. Since quiet neighborhood and less crowd is what some travelers prefer, this could also be a great place to find an apartment in Madrid.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: La Latina

One of the oldest wards in the city, La Latina is another busy place, which is yet loved by travelers. Most travelers enjoy the busy atmosphere, and most of them love staying near the places they would like to visit during their stay. This is why La Latina is in the group of neighborhoods where you could find an apartment. Lots of plazas can be found around the area, such as Plaza de La Paja, Plaza del Humilladero, Plaza de San Andrés, etc. However, what the area is really famous for are tapas. Therefore, if you want to try out traditional Spanish cuisine, and its specialties such as ‘huevos rotos’, make sure you stop by La Latina neighborhood in Madrid.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Moncloa

This neighborhood is a recommended place to stay mostly for students, because Madrid’s Complutense University, the largest university in Spain, is located here. Although it is a bit away from the city center, it has many features that make it a desirable place to stay in Madrid, especially if we talk about long-term stay. It has plenty of outdoor spaces, parks and playgrounds, cafes and bars. The most remarkable landmark of the area is certainly Templo de Debod, the Ancient Egyptian Temple.


The most important landmark of the area, Templo de Debod, holds great historic significance

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Retiro

Besides being the largest and the most famous park in Madrid, Retiro is also a district located at the southeast of the city centre of Madrid. Unlike Salamanca and Castellana, it has fewer places to go out, but it has more green areas. It is a great place to stay in if you prefer a quiet surrounding. In fact, the nearby park can create such a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, that you will actually manage to escape all the city’s hustle. Many outdoor activities are available here, so if you would rather go running or riding a bike than go shopping, make sure you consider accommodation opportunities in this part of the city.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Arapiles

A ward in Chamberí district, Arapiles is another great place to find an apartment in Madrid. It has many residential opportunities, but the neighborhood itself is quite near the city center. A couple of supermarkets and El Corte Inglés are good resources to have around if you are planning on preparing food in the apartment, and they can all be found in this neighborhood. The fact that the area has fewer landmarks means that it is a less busy neighborhood, perfect for finding accommodation.

Neighborhoods to Find Madrid Apartments: Goya

Goya is a ward belonging to the district of Salamanca. This is another central district, with lots of residential opportunities for travelers. The area has lots of restaurants, serving traditional Spanish cuisine. In case you prefer eating out while you are on holiday, and preparing food in the apartment in which you are staying is not an option, you will love living in this area. Since other central neighborhoods and landmarks are quite near, living in the apartment in Goya ward will be very convenient for sightseeing. Like other central district, you can easily reach it from the airport or bus station.

In the end, you should not get overwhelmed by the idea of finding a perfect place to stay in Madrid. As you can see, each area has something good to offer, and depending on your needs and budget, you will get to find what is suitable to you. Madrid is a great place to visit, and the important thing is that you will get to visit and explore one of the most exciting cities in Europe, with its museums, parks, restaurants, shops, galleries, etc. Everything is only a short walk away if you stay in the center, which is why an apartment in the center of Madrid is a great option for all the travelers.

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