Plaza Mayor Square in Madrid

Holiday season is the time when we all look for a perfect destination in order to spend a couple of days away from the everyday chores and responsibilities. If the destination of your choice happens to be the capital city of Spain, the first thing you should do is to make a reservation for holiday apartments Madrid. You want to make sure that you find the perfect accommodation for your holiday, and reservation is necessary due to a huge number of visitors in the city, especially during the holiday season.

When you decide to go and explore Madrid on foot, we recommend you start from Plaza Mayor square. Not only is this an impressive square, a valuable symbol of history, but it is also one of the favorite meeting points. Located near other landmarks of Spanish capital, this square is a good starting point for sightseeing of Madrid.

The constructions of the square started during the reign of Philip III in the late 16th century by a Classical architect Juan de Herrera. The project by the original design was finished in 1617 by the architect Juan Gómez de Mora. However, Juan de Villanueva is the architect responsible for the look of the square we can see today, as he was in charge of a major reconstruction in 1790, after the old square was destroyed by fires.

The original name of the square was Plaza del Arrabal, but the name changed frequently over the history. Some of the names were Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza Real, Plaza de la República, until the name Plaza Mayor was adopted after the Spanish Civil War was over. In the similar way, the use of the square changed over the years. It hosted numerous events including bullfights, public executions during the Spanish inquisition and local markets. Today, one of the most important events held on the Plaza Mayor square is celebrations for San Isidro, the Madrid’s patron.

Surrounded by the three-story buildings, the Plaza Mayor is rectangular in shape with balconies facing the Plaza. Remarkable red facades create an impressive outline, which is why the square is so popular among tourists. Nine entrances lead inside the square which is full of small restaurants and cafes located inside the buildings surrounding the square. This is a perfect atmosphere for you to spend an afternoon, drinking coffee and enjoying your holiday. In the central point of the square there is the bronze statue of King Philip III, created by Jean Boulogne and Pietro Tacca in the honor of the king who initiated the construction of this square. There are guided tours starting from Plaza Mayor, which include nearby landmarks such as Puerta del Sol, Teatro Real, Plaza de Oriente, Almudena Cathedral, St. Michael’s Basilica, etc. Besides the cafes and restaurants inside the square, there are lots of them in the nearby area, as this part of the city is favorite place for tourists who chose Madrid as their holiday destination.

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