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There are so many different ways to travel. Some people love to travel with a group of friends, some people prefer going solo. Some enjoy traveling during the summer as the weather is very nice, while others prefer winter time, as it’s less crowded.

The type of accommodation is also something that differentiate travelers. While there are those who still prefer hotels, the increasing number of travelers is choosing private holiday apartments as the accommodation of their choice when traveling. Since this has become a popular practice when traveling, we will explore some of the benefits of this type of holiday accommodation, and we will also share some tips related to finding private apartments in Madrid.

Benefits of holiday apartments

The apartment renting is a growing trend of the tourism industry, because it provides so many benefits for travelers. Due to the fact that this trend has been adopted by many travelers, the industry responded, with so many diverse apartment opportunities available on the market. This makes traveling so much more fun. The main benefits of holiday apartments you should consider include:

·         Traveling in a group is more convenient

Apartment renting is mainly popular with people traveling in a group. Regardless if those are friends traveling together, a family with children, colleges spending holiday together, etc. In all of these cases, apartments are much convenient solution for staying in Madrid. You will see that, as opposed to hotels, you’ll have amazing time sharing the apartment with your travel companions. You will have so much more time to spend together and have fun. Even after you are tired of sightseeing and exploring Madrid, you could still spend time together, as you will have a living room to share in the apartment. You could also have meals together without the need to go out, which is also a great benefit.

Just imagine the alternative. How would you feel when each of you has to go to a separate room in a hotel? This is especially inconvenient for families with kids, as kids are used to being together with both parents and with their siblings. For a family, staying in an apartment during the holiday is very practical and convenient.

 Superior Apartment with a terrace

Superior Apartment with a terrace n⁰ 52

·         Flexible way of temporary staying

Flexibility is one of the most important benefits of private holiday apartments. The travelers set off on a journey with different reasons and goals in mind. Each journey is distinct and each traveler has its own preferences when it comes to traveling. However, what they all have in common is the fact that they value flexibility.

Once you travel abroad, you have to adapt to many different things. Starting from the new climate to the new food. You also have to adapt to temporary living situation. This can be quite different from what you are used to, but it is something you need to accept if you want to enjoy traveling. What makes things easier to deal with is certainly an apartment of your own. It might not be painted into the color you love, it might not be completely decorated in your style, but it is a place you can call home, even for a little while. It has everything you would have at home, including the kitchen stocked with appliances that you might or might not need.

The comfort of having more living space and conditions that resemble those at your home is something that hotels have not been able to replicate. People simply feel much better in a homey apartment that in a small hotel room. This comfort is especially important for those on a journey longer than a week. You might not have much trouble adapting to any living arrangement for a couple of days, but the longer the stay is, the longer is the need to feel more at home. The best way to have this is to rent an apartment during your holiday.

Another benefit that we would have to enlist under the flexibility is the fact that you can prepare food in the rented apartment. It is perfectly fine to want to go out and enjoy having dinner in a restaurant in Madrid, but is this something you want to be doing for every meal? Sometimes, you just want to lay back and enjoy a quiet evening in. You are on holiday, after all. In order to spend a night in, you will need some basic supplies you can easily find a local supermarket. You already have a kitchen ready for you. This is especially convenient for parents traveling with children, as well as for those on a special diet plan. Being able to cook allows you to keep up with the schedule of food intake. It also tends to get a bit cheaper to eat at home than to eat out.

Superior Apartment with a terrace

Superior Apartment with a terrace n⁰ 53

·         Cost management

We all know that traveling can get costly. As much as you want to plan ahead, and predict and limit the costs, there is always some unexpected purchase or unforeseen expense that will burden your budget even more. It is also wise to limit the travel costs as this enables you to travel more. Most people would prefer having several budget-friendly holidays per years, instead of one luxurious holiday. Renting apartments in Madrid enables just that.

When you rent the apartment you have the exact costs of the rental per night per person. The more people shares the apartment, the more affordable accommodation is. The same applies for the length of the stay. The longer stay can get a bit pricy, and travelers who plan on staying more than a week in the city, usually prefer apartments. In fact, monthly rentals are sometimes more affordable than renting per night. If you plan on having a long holiday in Madrid, this would be one more reason to consider renting an apartment for your stay in the Spanish capital.

Where to find apartments in Madrid?

Choosing a location is not an easy task especially if you are a first-time visitor. Even if you have been in Madrid before, it is likely that you still find it a bit confusing and difficult to choose a specific location. This is because the city is very big and offers so many rental opportunities scattered around the vast city area.

As a general rule, travelers love apartments in the center of Madrid. Staying in the center of the city is more convenient for sightseeing. It is also practical because it provides perfect connection to the airport, bus and train station. When you arrive to the city, the first thing you will do is to find a transportation to take you to your accommodation, regardless if you take a taxi or choose a city bus. Since you will be tired from your trip, it helps you easily get to the accommodation, so when you rent an apartment in the center of the city, you will have no complications of getting there. The same situation is when going back home. You will not have to spend much time going to the airport or the station, as you will have a direct city bus line to take you there from the city center.

Besides arrival and departure, staying in the center of Madrid is also convenient for sightseeing. Most of the landmarks you will be visiting while in Madrid are located in the central area. Like in many European cities, the center of the city is the oldest part of the city, which historically holds great importance. This is the place from which the modern city we know today originated. Naturally, a lot of the old city look was preserved as these remnants of the past hold a special place in the hearth of the locals. They also have great historic significance, which is why they are visited by so many travelers who visit Madrid. When you stay in the center of the city, you will be able to explore these sights on foot. As soon as you are out of the apartment, all you need is a map, and you are ready to start exploring. You will not be walking long before you come across a landmark worth visiting.

How to book private holiday apartments

The process is quite simple. Everything is done online, before your arrival. Even if you have never had the opportunity to book private apartments for a holiday, you’ll see that it’s very simple to do it. It is best if you could rent apartment at least one month or so in advance, in order to make sure you have plenty of choices. If you are planning to visit the city during the holidays such as Christmas or Easter, it is even more important to act on time. Like we have said, the city is a very popular European destination, and the busiest time is in fact during the holidays. Therefore, make sure you plan ahead and book accommodation on time. Here is how the process looks like when you plan to rent an apartment in Madrid.

Start by choosing the dates. When you want to book an apartment, you will need to provide the arrival date, as well as the departure date. You will also provide other specific details, such as type of apartment, number of room, etc. The data you provide this way enable you to refine your search, and find and book the apartment you want.

You will then check availability. If the apartment that matches your criteria is available, you will see the price and other conditions that apply, together with the option to proceed to making a reservation.

During the process of reservation you will have to provide your personal details, including the credit card number which will be used for paying for the accommodation. Have in mind that most accommodation providers will charge a certain percentage of the apartment price when you make reservation. This ensures you have the apartment booked for your arrival.

There is no right or wrong when choosing accommodation. It all comes down to your own preferences and the way you love to travel. The fact is that private holiday apartments in Madrid do provide lots of benefits and can make a journey much more convenient, especially if you have difficult time adjusting to the new environment.


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