Rent Apartments for Events in Madrid This Spring

Even though the winter is not over yet, some of you must already be preparing for a spring trip. As soon as there are a couple of sunny days and the temperature goes up, we are all ready for a walk outside to embrace the beautiful days we have been missing during winter.

When it comes to visiting Madrid, spring might just be the perfect time to visit it. The tourist season is only starting out, so it will be less crowded. This means more Madrid apartment to rent opportunities and less time waiting to get a table for dinner in a Madrid restaurant. Also, this means that the weather is not too hot. Since you will probably spend a lot of time sightseeing, these weather conditions are ideal.

All you need to do is to choose the exact dates, book your trip, find the apartment in Madrid to stay in and select one of these events in Madrid this spring.

Madrid Carnival 2017

Each year, Madrid welcomes spring with eagerness and the Carnival that announces the arrival of spring. The Carnival features many festivities around the city, with the District of San Blas – Canillejas being the center of all the events this year. The program of the Carnival offers something for everyone which is why it is a perfect event for families.

There will be dance and theater performances for people of all ages, workshops for kids and adults, competitions, performances, and lots of music. The Carnival Parade offers a unique cultural experience that brings together visual and audio elements of traditional Madrid spirit and modern artistic performance. The festival is packed with cultural events that nurture the traditional and artistic legacy, but the event is also keeping up the pace with modern trends. Besides concerts, mask workshops and dance with the orchestra and traditional Spanish dance and music, you can also find makeup workshops, as well as an event devoted to popular cartoons, from Mikey Mouse to Peppa Pig, and the songs that are part of those cartoons children love so much.

Location: District of San Blas – Canillejas

Dates: 24th of February to 1st of March, 2017

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Easter in Madrid

Easter is important in Spain as it commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and his salvation. Many churches and basilicas around the city organize religious concerts and other programs. Typical Easter dishes are served in restaurants and cake shops, with a number of processions taking place on the streets of Madrid, starting from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. The atmosphere is further improved by lots of music and other performances, as the city also hosts several cultural events on different locations in the city, usually on the main city squares, with Paseo del Prado, Calle de Alcalá and Plaza Mayor being the most common locations.

Among all the processions, the Cristo de la Fe y el Perdón and Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Salud processions are the two most important ones. However, the most popular processions are those near the Easter, particularly those taking place on Thursday and Good Friday. Most of these events are free and anyone can attend, so if you decide to spend this year’s Easter in Madrid, you will see a lot of events devoted to this holiday on the city streets.

Location: Various venues

Dates: From 9th of April to 16th of April, 2017

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 Rent Apartments for Events in Madrid This Spring

Plaza Mayor in Madrid is one of the venues where Easter is celebrated in Madrid


Here’s a big music festival which is definitely worth visiting if you are in the city in April. The festival celebrates its 21st edition this year, with thousands of visitors expected to attend concerts that are part of this festival. Internationally famous performers, as well as artists from many European countries, are expected to perform, but the entire list of the performers and the program for the upcoming festival will be available soon. The website is updated with each new confirmation, so this would be the best way to keep up with the program and to know what you can expect from the festival this year. What is safe to say is that there will be performances of different music styles and genres, so everyone can find something interesting to enjoy on this music festival.

Location: Various venues

Dates: From 19th of April to 7th of May, 2017

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon Series

Organized with the idea to make running fun, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series brings more and more athletes together each year. It started in 1998, but the popularity of the festival grew tremendously, as the marathon creates such a unique experience combining health and fitness expo with some of the biggest names in rock ’n’ roll music. Whether you decide to participate in 10k marathon, half marathon or marathon, or whether you decide to support the runners as you stand aside, you’ll have so much fun in the event. And if you are a tourist, you will see how local events like these bring people together, even in the city as big as Madrid. You will feel that sense of community and bond among people who are there for a nice cause. Each year runners and other participants of the marathon help raise millions of dollars for charities.

Location: Pavillion 12 IFEMA

Dates: From 21st of April to 23rd of April, 2017

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Mutua Madrid Open

For all those tennis lovers out there, visiting Madrid is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments. This event brings all the famous players together, both male and female, to compete in sunny Madrid. The competition is taking place on clay courts, and it is usually held in the beginning of May when the weather is quite nice for watching the matches outside. Although the tennis matches are the central point of the event, it really is a great place for all sports lovers, as many sports brands have their stands and organize all sorts of actives for the visitors, which often include contests, games, sometimes even concerts.

This year’s tournament will be marked by a slogan “Tennis is Madrid” with the idea to promote the sport everywhere around the city in the first months of 2017. The event starts with the Madrid Tie Break Tens, a charity event that will be held on the 4th of May where 16 tennis players (8 ATP players and 8 WTA players) will compete and $100,000 from the award will be donated to the charities chosen by the winners.

Location: Caja Mágica

Dates: From 5th of May to 14th of May, 2017

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San Isidro Festival in Madrid

One of the biggest events in Madrid each May is certainly a festival organized in honor of Madrid’s patron saint. The festival has been a part of a tradition for a long time, which is why it has a special place in the hearts of the locals. The official celebration day is the 15th of May, but since the festival expands over several days, the celebration and activities related to it start a couple of days before. It is an impressive cultural event, where tradition is combined with modernism. Numerous activities include dancing performances, kids’ activities, storytelling, theater performances as well as concerts presenting different music styles and genres. Bullfighting is also a part of the festivities organized in celebration of San Isidro. The festival is hosted on several venues around the city, mainly including local squares and parks with La Pradera de San Isidro being the central location.

Location: Paseo Ermita del Santo 74,

Dates: To be confirmed

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Madrid Book Fair (Feria del Libro)

Nothing marks the beginning of another spring/summer season like a trip to the local park. And if you are going to stay in Madrid late in May and in the first half of June, you need to stop by the Retiro Park where the annual 76th Madrid Book Fair will take place. Each spring, the park is lined with stalls for two weeks. Numerous booksellers bring out some of the well-known literature classics as well as some latest releases. Other activities include book signings, interesting workshops and other book-related activities all in the purpose of promoting the importance and the value of literature. Usually, there are fireworks in the evening. This makes the book fair one of the events to attend when visiting the city, if not for the books, then for the atmosphere it creates.

Location: The Retiro Park

Dates: From 26th of May to 11th of June, 2017

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Rent Apartments for Events in Madrid This Spring

The Retiro Park welcomes booksellers in the purpose of celebrating literature

Flamenco Madrid 2017

This is the third edition of the Madrid Flamenco Festival. The aim is to raise awareness of flamenco as a form of traditional dance and artistic expression. The most talented artists will be performing during the festival, with lots of flamenco music and dance that will charm the visitors, especially those coming from abroad. This artistic style is typical of Spain, and it brings together the tradition with elements of modernity. Besides shows, the event also includes conferences, exhibitions devoted to flamenco and courses. The entire program, day-by-day, is available on the website, as well as the information about the admission fees which differ for different concerts.

Location: Plaza Colón, 428001

Dates: From 17th of May to 11th of June, 2017

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With so many interesting events, there is no way you will feel bored in Madrid. As the city welcomes nicer weather, everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy numerous activities and festive atmosphere. Since most of these are organized on various venues in the center of the city, when you are a tourist, it is helpful to find an apartment in the center of Madrid. This way, it will be much more convenient for you to attend the events that interest you the most. When in-between sightseeing, stop by one of these events, and enjoy the local friendly atmosphere in one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

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