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Renting Holiday Apartment in Madrid

Millions of travelers visit Madrid each year. They all have different stories and different ways they experience the capital city of Spain. Some like to party, some like to explore cultural sights, while other are simply there on business and unable to do much of the sightseeing. Travelers are all unique, and this is what differentiates them in organizing the travel and experiencing the new environments. Even those who will spend days sightseeing still have completely different visions of what they are going to visit. However, what all of them have in common is the fact that they need accommodation while staying in Madrid.

There are numerous types of accommodations you can find when traveling. The tourism industry has developed tremendously over the past few decades, so the offer of different kinds of accommodations has been on the rise. Since we specialize in renting holiday apartments in Madrid, we want to focus on this type of accommodation in particular. We want to show you how it works, how you can find apartments and why you should choose this type of accommodation in the first place.

 apartment-key-Renting-Holiday-Apartment in-Madrid

Holiday apartment is a great choice of travel accommodation when staying in Madrid


What is a holiday apartment?

Well, the term holiday apartment is pretty descriptive. It is an apartment you rent on holiday. Holiday apartments are sometimes also called serviced apartments. This is because they are fully equipped and ready for the guests to use them once they arrive. They provide full service, and they have everything you would need in an actual apartment, which means you do not have to bring anything from home.

The number of appliances can vary from one apartment provider to another. There is no universal rule of what you can find in a holiday apartment which is why it is always best to check about the services offered before booking an apartment. When it comes to Apartamentos Madrid, the services our apartments include are the following:

  • Kitchen (microwave, fridge, vitro-ceramic/gas kitchen, kitchen utensils, coffee pot)
  • Washing machine
  • Hair drier
  • Telephone
  • TV
  • Heating
  • Air-conditioner
  • Safe
  • Wi-Fi high-speed internet connection in all the area
  • Reception 24 hours on call

As you can see, what you get in a holiday apartment is everything you need for a comfortable stay in Madrid. All that is left to do is to pack your suitcase, bring the travel documents and come up with a few ideas about interesting places to visit in Madrid. Thinking about the accommodation too much is no way to enjoy your holiday, so the best solution is to book apartments with a provider that has a great reputation. You can easily check these things online, as travelers usually share the reviews of the places they have visited, which also includes holiday apartments.

Benefits of an apartment in Madrid

If you have never stayed in a holiday apartment, and if you have not had the chance of exploring this as an option when traveling, we would like to highlight some benefits of our apartments in Madrid.

  • Modernly equipped apartments with lot of natural light make an enjoyable setting for you and your travel companions
  • Lots of different apartment types and sizes to choose from so the apartments are a perfect choice for different kinds of travelers (solo travelers, couples, families, group of friends, etc.)
  • Fully equipped kitchen to cook in the apartment which is ideal when you do not want to eat out
  • Convenient location in the center of the city so you can easily reach the accommodation from the airport and be near all the interesting places to visit in the city
  • Online booking enables travelers from all over the world to book our apartments
  • High-speed internet for travelers who need to work or would like to use the internet on daily basis
  • Reception available at any moment to help you with any questions or doubts you might have

These are all the conditions that should be met for your comfortable stay. You might notice that different types of accommodation do not offer all of these perks, which is yet another reason to seriously consider an apartment as an accommodation type for your next holiday. Consider these benefits as one of the factors that will help you make a decision when exploring accommodation options for your next trip to Madrid.

How to find a holiday apartment in Madrid?

Just as much the internet has changed the way we look for information every day, it has also changed the tourism industry and the way people travel. Today, you can organize the travel pretty much yourself. You do not need services of a travel agency because everything you need is available online. So the answer to the question on how to find a holiday apartment in Madrid is the internet.

Use the search engine such as Google, and type in the relevant terms that will show you holiday apartments. You can always narrow down the search using more concrete terms. Therefore, instead of “holiday apartments Madrid”, you could search “holiday apartments in the center of Madrid”. This will narrow down the search to only those apartment located in the city center. If this is where you want to stay during your visit, it is very helpful to be specific about that. Other criteria such as the number of rooms, services, and price can also help you narrow down the search in the same way. The goal with this is to focus only on those results that are relevant to you and reduce time spent browsing the accommodations you are not interested in.

When it comes to our own offer of apartments, we suggest you check out the Gallery menu. This is where you will find the images showing the interior of each apartment. The pictures and the description of each property will help you a lot when making a decision as you can exactly determine which apartment you are interested in, which apartment you like and which one would be perfect for your holiday in Madrid.

In general, we have divided our apartments into five groups:

  • Superior apartment with terrace
  • Superior apartment
  • Standard Plus apartment
  • Standard apartment
  • Studio

When you proceed to check availability and book the actual apartment on our site, you will choose one of these groups based on the number of travelers and based on your budget. We always suggest you use Gallery page as a reference when it comes to the apartment interior to make sure you choose the apartment you will be perfectly happy with.

When to rent a holiday apartment in Madrid?

Sometimes it is simply impossible to book in too much advance, and you are forced to organize a trip on short notice. However, when it comes to booking a holiday apartment in Madrid, the sooner you can do it the better. This is especially important for holidays and weekends because these are the busiest time. During these periods, most travelers will choose to visit the city, which means sometimes you need to be super fast to make sure you book the perfect apartment for the exact dates that you can travel.

Since you will probably be using the internet the make the reservation, you can actually do it at any moment you see fit. It can be any time of day or night. You will need to provide necessary information and have a credit card that will be used to either pay in advance or for paying the non-refundable part of the apartment rent.

What you need for renting an apartment?

To be able to rent an apartment in Madrid, you will need:

  • To know the exact dates of the travel – Have in mind that Madrid is popular destination, and you have to know the exact dates when you can travel so that you can book those dates in advance.
  • To choose the type of apartment – Like said, there are plenty of types of apartments in Madrid available for travelers, but there is a huge difference between a studio or superior apartment. Not only does the price significantly differ, but the number of travelers is also a very important aspect to have in mind. If you are traveling solo, there is absolutely no reason even to consider superior apartments. Instead, look for smaller holiday apartments.
  • Credit card for online payments – To be able to book an apartment, you will need a valid credit card to complete the online payment.

What happens next?

Once you are all done with decision-making, once your apartment is all booked, you can be confident that you will have accommodation when you arrive in Madrid. All that is left to do is start preparing for the trip, packing everything you might need during your stay.

Having explained what holiday apartments are and what you need to know if you choose this type of accommodation for your travel to Madrid, we would like to share some extra tips for all travelers out there planning a trip to the Spanish capital.

To help you get to know the city and enjoy your stay in Madrid, we regularly publish lots of helpful articles for travelers. In particular, we have a couple of guides with plenty of useful tips and advice on how to spend the holiday in Madrid, what to see, what to do. In addition, we also share suggestions on how to get from the airport to the city, which is something every traveler should know before arriving.

Hopefully, this will also be of great assistance, especially for the first-time travelers. Traveling to a city as big as Madrid can sometimes be daunting, but if you know that your holiday apartment in Madrid is waiting for you and if you know how to get to that apartment easily, you are in luck. This can be the most difficult part, but once you are in the city, you will easily find exciting ways to spend your holiday in Madrid.

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