Spring Break in Madrid

For single people, it is a great opportunity being able to spend spring break away from the ongoing work stress and to have a few days to enjoy. Spring is an ideal season because not only is there one holiday, but there are several holidays during a short time period. The weather is warm, but not too hot, and both the field sand the cities are naturally decorated with flowers, as the nature comes to life in spring.

If we opt for something urban because we want this spring to be a true party and we want to enjoy the nights out, an excellent option is to choose Madrid. This cosmopolitan city has an impressive, and internationally recognized, ambient which guarantees a break full of fascinating nightlife.

We start by renting apartments in the center of Madrid, in which we can enjoy in the comfort, just as if we were at home, but at the same time, we will enjoy the luxury and pleasure of a fully furnished space in the city center. From there, we can visit the places famous for the great atmosphere during the night parties in Madrid. We can have dinner around ten in the evening, and after an amazing dinner we can go out for drinks, in several bars until two in the morning, when you hit the nightclubs. That’s a perfect plan. Once you are in the club of your choice, you can completely shake off idleness and dance until the sun comes up. You can end the evening with a breakfast, having traditional churros with chocolate, after which you return to admire the cityscape from the balcony in your apartment, and then sleep until late afternoon. The long days of spring are ideal for this. Here is a short list of clubs where you will enjoy and which will make you want to come back to Madrid.


  • OHM Club, Plaza Mayor.
  • Club Ocho y Medio, in the Mañasaña neighborhood (remember not to dress too formal).
  • Club Kapital (in Atocha …here is where you should dress up!)
  • Club Fabrik (monthly Goa sessions)
  • Joy Eslava Club (in the center, ideal for a hipster style)
  • Tupperware Club (in the Chueca and Malasaña , ideal for mingling)
  • Dark Hole Club (for those who like to dress in black, in the Chueca and Malasaña)


Remember, these are just some of the options you can find. These are very different (and as you can see from our short list, there are clubs for all tastes and possibilities), so once you choose the one you want, you can enjoy a night out in Madrid. Surely you will not regret it and you will spend an unforgettable spring. The key is to properly choose your favorite clubs and spend more than one night in each, so you dig the atmosphere, music and drinks of the place.

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