Ten Things to Do in Madrid

When you first arrive to the capital city of Spain, you might face a great dilemma when it comes to which places to visit and what things to do in Madrid. Since the city is such a popular tourist destination, you might have some general idea on which places are the most visited in Madrid, but it is always helpful to have a quick guide to discover things you need to experience in Madrid.

As a provider of apartments in Madrid, we have met a lot of tourists from all over the world, coming to the city eager to explore it and learn about its culture and customs, and we have come to know the most popular places every tourist would love to see. We are going to highlight the most commonly visited places, and if you are visiting Madrid, this is a great list of the things you could do while in the city.

Visit the museums

Famous center of culture and art, Madrid is a place one could not leave without visiting at least one museum. The abundance of museums scattered around the city provides all sorts of exciting collections and exhibitions which will satisfy all sorts of travelers. The most popular area is certainly in the Paseo del Prado, with the Prado Museum being located there. As the most visited museum in the city, it stands out as the place most tourists are eager to visit. The main reason for this is the rich collection owned by the museum and displayed in an impressive interior as you are exploring different epochs and enjoy the works of art created by both local and international artists. Two other museum located close by include Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Together, all three of them make the famous Golden Triangle of Art, a common point of interest for all art lovers visiting the city. Convenient location and impressive collections make these three the most visited museums in Madrid, but the city has so much more to offer. If you are interested in more ideas on which museums to visit in Madrid, here are some suggestions: Museums to Visit in Madrid.

Have coffee at the plaza

Squares in Madrid are known as plazas, and they have historically been places of great interest for the local life. They usually were the places where local celebrations, fairs and other public events took place, but today they are still essential part of the city, where you will meet a lot of people, find a lot of shops and cafes. Nice weather and great company are enough reasons for you to decide to enjoy a cup of coffee in one of those cafes at the plaza in Madrid. While there, you will enjoy the view and perhaps plan some impromptu shopping adventure nearby.

Go for shopping adventure

Traveling is a great way to experience new places and meet new traditions, but for all shopaholics out there, this is also a great opportunity to scout some new stores and check out the latest items that have just found their way into the stores. When it comes to shopping in Madrid, the central area is the best way to start, as most stores are located in this part of the city. Of course, if you prefer indoor shopping, which is particularly recommended during the bad weather conditions, you might want to visit one of the shopping malls. While in Madrid, make sure you check out some of the famous Spanish brands, such as Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear, Sfera, etc. Although you might have these stores in your home town, it is always nice to visit the stores in the Spanish capital, where these brands originated from.

Walk around the Retiro Park

Although there are so many wonderful parks around Madrid, the Retiro Park is certainly the most famous one in the city. It is also the largest one, with so many activities for the visitors, which is the reason why we include this landmark in the list of ten things to do in Madrid. Walking around the park and enjoying the nature is an amazing way to spend an afternoon in Madrid. Of course, if you are up for some sightseeing, the Crystal Palace, the Monument to Alfonso XII and Rosaleda del Retiro are some of the places you will find worth visiting while in the park. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you might come across book fairs, exhibitions, street performances, fireworks and other entertaining activities organized for the park visitors.


Retiro Park

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Enjoy the view from the cable car

It might be an unusual way to explore the city, but when in Madrid you will have a unique opportunity to see the city from the cable car going above the buildings and houses from the Paseo del Pintor Rosales street over the River Manzanares and into the Casa de Campo park. The cable car, called el Teleférico, was built as a part of the amusement park Parque de Atracciones. It reaches the height o 40 meters above the ground and this exciting ride takes around 10 minutes from start to finish, with the route being approximately 2.5 kilometers long. As you reach the top at the Casa de Campo park, you will get to enjoy panoramic view of the city, so prepare yourself to take lots of cool photos.

Try local specialties

When traveling to new places, one of the must-do things is embracing the local tradition and trying specialties that are typical for the cuisine of the country you are visiting. Madrid and the Spanish cuisine are well-known around the world, so you have probably heard about the dishes such as paella, tortillas, croquetas, huevos rotos, curros con chocolate, etc. Even though you might have tried these dishes, there is nothing better than visiting one of the local restaurants and coffee shops to taste dishes prepared based on traditional, decades-old recipes that actually created specialties that have been replicated in many restaurants around the world.

Information about which places to visit is available in this gastronomic guide, with tips and recommendations for choosing some of the best and the most popular restaurants, pastry shops and tapas in Madrid.

Explore the city on a bike

Hop on/hop off buses and similar city tours are part of every large city tourist offer, as they are popular and convenient way to explore large part of the city more efficiently. However, bike tours are growing in popularity, being a more eco-friendly solution, as well as healthier and more interesting option for travelers. If you are in a good shape, and if you are comfortable riding a bike for great lengths (usually up to a couple of hours, with breaks), exploring the city on a bike is a perfect choice for you. You can rent a bike and come up with your own route of famous landmarks, but it is more advisable to join a group of travelers exploring the city on their bikes, with a guide, knowing just which streets to avoid and how to safely reach a specific destination.

Admire the architecture

Wherever you go around Madrid, you will be able to see plenty of notable buildings designed under many art influences throughout the city’s rich history. Many of those centuries-old buildings are preserved nowadays as remnants of the turbulent past and city life that has been present in the central areas for centuries now. The Royal Palace of Madrid and the Royal Theatre are two architectural landmarks worth visiting as notable buildings of historic importance and great cultural value. The Gran Vía is also great place to visit when it comes to admiring the architecture as it showcases patterns ranging from Vienna Secession style, Plateresque, Neo-Mudéjar, Art Deco and other styles influencing the final outcome we know today.


Madrid - Architecture

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Visit the Mercado de San Miguel

A covered market located in the central area of Madrid, the Mercado de San Miguel has become one of the greatest symbols of the city’s tradition and one of the places you need to visit when in the city. The food market is designed to showcase the amazing dishes of Spanish cuisine in pleasant surroundings. Variety of different specialties offered is what attracts so many tourists turning this into a landmark worth visiting.

Relax with a glass of sangria

Regardless if you would rather drink wine, or if you prefer the sweet taste of sangria, Madrid is the place to be for all fond of a glass of wine in the evening. When in Madrid, visit a cafe or a bar where you will be provided with the finest selection of local wines or sangria. In some bars, you will be able to order tapas with wine, making this a typical evening out in Madrid. Most popular places are located in the center of the city, which makes it very convenient to visit them. And since you are on vacation, relaxing with a glass of sangria or wine is what makes this visit even more complete.

Once you get back to your apartment in Madrid, you are left with a unique experience as you finished a fulfilled day of sightseeing. As the impressions start to pile up, you will get to sum up everything and plan the next day of your Madrid adventure.

Apartments Madrid

Madrid is a large, cosmopolitan city offering loads of possibilities for professional improvement, career opportunities, as well as for all sorts of entertainment. If you are about to visit apartments Madrid in order to find the one where you would feel comfortable, we advise renting an apartment in the center of Madrid.

First of all, renting an apartment that is located in the city center is a perfect way to feel the urban life of this large city, full of different cultures and nationalities. Whether you are interested in walking around the city or going out to the local clubs, living in the center will be very convenient.

A great part of Madrid’s landmarks is located in the center of the city. For example, Puerta del Sol, one of the busiest squares in Madrid is located in the center. This square is also the center of the network of the Spanish roads, as well as the place where the New Year’s celebration is held. The clock in the square marks the midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Another famous square in the central part of the city is Plaza Mayor. A rectangular area, which was used as a place for markets, bullfights, and public executions, over the past four hundred years, is now an open area surrounded by residential buildings, with balconies overlooking the square.

If you love shopping, but you want to look for traditional and unique items and souvenirs, it is most likely that you will find those on old-fashioned flea markets. There is one such market, right there in the center of the city. El Rastro de Madrid, also called El Rastro, is a well-known flea market where you can by all sorts of products, including hand-made items. Besides hundred of stall there even are several antique shops. The market is open on Sundays and on public holidays during the year, from 9 am to 3 pm.

Living in the center of Madrid will also be convenient when it comes to eating out. If you want to witness the chefs’ remarkable creativity and skillfulness, you should visit El Club Allard, one of the best rated restaurants. La Era Restaurante would be a perfect place for the late dinner, especially if you are interested in tasting some of the most delicious meals from Spanish traditional cuisine. Il Bambino is famous restaurant serving Italian cuisine, and Nara would be a great choice for deserts and pizzas. There are only some of the top rated restaurants in the central area, but you will find a lot of more restaurants and cafes as you go for a walk.

Another benefit of living in the center is that you can easily get to any part of the city you want, as the center is the meeting point for all of the public transportation. Logically, this would be a good starting point for sightseeing and exploring the city, as you learn about its magnificent history and culture.a

An Apartment with Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Stay in Madrid

Here on the blog Apartamentos Mayor Centro, we have given many recommendations on how to make the most out of your stay in Madrid. We have shared the best places to visit according to your specific plans for your stay in Madrid: whether you are traveling alone or you are exploring the city with your family. Even if your visit is only related to your business, it does not mean you should not spend a couple of incredibly pleasant days in this beautiful metropolitan city.

And today we are going to talk about one of our Madrid apartments, which can be an excellent choice for your short or medium holiday in our capital city. In particular, we are offering you a spacious apartment, called “Superior Apartment with Terrace no. 55”, which is ideal for a family visit, due to its internal arrangement. It is an apartment with two bedrooms, one with double bed (ideal for parents) and another room with three single beds. This arrangement allows us to host a family of up to six members in this apartment. Besides the beds that are already described, the sofa in the lounge can also be used as an additional bed. Having in mind the number of people that can be accommodated, this apartment is also ideal for a group of cousins ​​or friends who have decided to travel together and spend their vacation in Madrid. In that case, the convenience and comfort of our apartment would also bring a really affordable price, since it is split among six guests.

What else can you enjoy if you go for this apartment in particular? A spacious living room, that will make you feel at home, and where you can spend a wonderful evening with your family or friends. If you find it too hot during the sunset, there is always the option to go to the terrace and share a few drinks or a cold soda to finish an exhausting tour around the city. The apartment also has a full kitchen (including a refrigerator and a microwave) to cook at ease and pleasure, so that your holiday does not reach stratospheric costs. Eating in the best restaurants in Madrid is an incredible experience, but doing it three times a day could result in spending a very expensive long weekend or holiday. Therefore, we suggest being more selective when choosing to which restaurant you want to go, while you prepare the rest of your meals conveniently in your apartment. As for the bathroom, you can count on shower, bathe and even on a hair dryer so that you will shine, when taking a stroll through the streets and avenues in Madrid.

To discover interesting ideas on how to get the most out of your time in the Spanish capital, you can take a look at other posts on our blog, as it is important that you choose the perfect accommodation, one of our best apartments Madrid.

Madrid with Children

With millions of people living in Madrid, you are not likely to ever get bored. There is always something going on, that can entertain you. There are all sorts of events depending on your age and your personal interests. Different events for children are also available in Madrid. If you are in Madrid with children and you want to spend great time with your children, regardless of their age, you can attend some of the event created for them. Each event has a different target group, so while some workshops are suitable for pre-school children, teenagers will not be interested in attending those.

Most of the events for children are organized during weekends or during holidays. However, there are events during the week as well, so if you are visiting Madrid on a week day, you will still be able to find an event that would entertain your children.

After you have checked out the apartments Madrid and after you have found a place to stay during your visit in the capital city of Spain, you are ready to plan an eventful day with your family. Here are some of the activities that you can include:

  • Madrid’s amusement park called Parque de Atracciones – This is a popular location among tourists, located in the Casa de Campo. The amusement park has several sections. Some of them are suitable for young children, while other parts of the park are for older children and adults. With lots of entertaining activities, outdoor and indoor shows, restaurants, this park is a perfect location for a day full of interesting and exciting activities for children.
  • Madrid Zoo – Also situated in the Casa de Campo district, this zoo is considered to be one of the best in Europe. More than 3000 animals, an aquarium and a dolphin show will make this visit one-of-a-kind event for your children. There is even transportation around the zoo, if children get tired from walking. Lots of rare animals in their natural habitat will be a delightful sight for young ones.
  • Workshops – There are different workshops organized for children of all ages. Different children organizations host these events, where children can learn about life around them through interactive activities and while communicating with other children of the same age. The topics range from art workshops, music workshops, workshops which involve a parent and a child collaborating on a project, etc. As children enjoy having fun and making their small project, they will be learning a lot as each workshop has educational goals set.
  • Theatres for children – Children plays are available in some theatres. They are specially designed for children of different age, with colorful costumes and masks that attracts children’s attentions and keep them focused on the play. Funny and interesting dialogues, songs and dance are used in the plays to create an enjoyable experience.

Consult your children, find out what they would like to do, so you know which of these activities to choose and get your camera ready to capture the funny moments for a family photo album.