Teleférico – Cable Car in Madrid

There are many different tours around Madrid where you visit Madrid’s landmarks, but what makes sightseeing from El Teleférico unique is the amazing view of the city. El Teleférico is the cable car system in Madrid, offering rides which starts at Paseo del Pintor Rosales and ends at la Casa de Campo. Both of these places have terminals with restaurants, cafes and parking lot for the visitors.

The company Teleférico de Rosales acquired the land in the mid 1960s to start construction. The cable car was built by Swiss company and the inauguration was organized in 1969.

Nowadays, the system has two cables with 80 cabins, each admitting up to five people. The distance between the two centers of cable car system is 2.5 kilometers. Depending on the position of the landscape beneath, the height of the constructions reaches up to forty meters. El Teleférico can accept up to 1,200 passangers per hours. It is estimated that there has been five millions trips since the opening, and more than 150,000 people visit El Teleférico de Madrid each year.

Traveling at speed of 3.5 meters per second, the cable car needs approximately eleven minutes to take the journey from one station to the other. This journey enables you to see the city from a completely new perspective. As the ride starts at Paseo del Pintor Rosales, you will be crossing over the River Manzanares, until you reach la Casa de Campo Park. Along the way you will see the Parque del Oeste Park with La Rosaleda, the Almudena Cathedral, the Torrespaña communication tower, the Royal Palace, and many other landmarks.

You will also see the surrounding neighborhoods, with lots of residential buildings. Since lots of tourists like to stay near the city center and near the important sites of the city, there are lots of apartments rent Madrid, in these neighborhoods. In addition, both starting and end points of the cable car ride are equipped with facilities which include restaurants and cafes, along with the amazing view from the tower. The terrace of the Teleférico Restaurant, located on the top floor of the Casa de Campo Station, is particularly interesting, as it offers panoramic view of Madrid.

The opening hours depend on the season of the year, with summer being the time of the year when El Teleférico de Madrid is opened the longest. During July, August and up to mid September, El Teleférico is opened every day between 11 am and 9 pm. In general, the opening hour is usually from 11 or 12 in the morning, during the entire year, but the working hours are shorter during winter for example. Occasionally, El Teleférico might be closed for the visitors, so you should check the online schedule. It is also possible to buy tickets online. Besides the rides, El Teleférico organizes events for children as a part of their school trips. In addition, the Teleférico restaurant offers the possibility for organizing different kinds of celebrations and events, including corporate events.

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