Tips to Pack When Visiting Madrid

If there is anything that can disturb us when we have to travel to another city, either for pleasure or business, it is the weather and the instructions with recommendations related to which clothes one should pack before going on the trip.

As for Madrid, if you have already solved the issue of finding accommodation for your days in this city with the holiday rental apartments Madrid, it is time to think and decide which clothes you plan to bring for your visit to this cosmopolitan city.

The first thing we should do is to talk about the weather. You should be aware that Madrid is not a city of extreme weather. In fact, the weather remains mild and warm throughout the year. It is not too cold during winter, and only during the month of August is it quite warm, as this is the peak of summer.

In general, starting from the months of March and April, the weather is warm, not too hot, and this weather lasts well into the fall. Of course, both mornings and evenings are a bit cooler, and because of the changes in recent years (perhaps caused by climate change), occasional rain is possible outside the winter season.

It is also important to consider the clothing recommendations for the city. Maybe if you come from an area or a country with great differences between the weather during the different seasons, you will find that the Madrid weather is nice and warm enough to wear shorts and sandals while visiting the city. This is not a good idea. Since the people are accustomed to the climate and even in April they carry sweaters because they believe it is not too hot, it will be very clear that you are a tourist. In addition, there are restaurants and nightclubs that do not allow entry in such casual clothes.

Since there are many cultural sites that have a religious character (Almudena Cathedral is just one example), where you cannot enter while wearing shorts and sandals, it is best to contemplate more neutral attire for your holiday in Madrid.

Obviously, when on holiday, you will not want to carry too formal attire, but something that allows you to comfortably reach all the places you want to visit.

Therefore, the recommendation for the things to pack in your suitcase, if you are visiting Madrid from March to October, would be to bring the following:

- Jeans

- Three or four shirts or light cotton blouses

- Comfortable flat shoes

- More formal attire (a summer dress for a woman, and a combination of shirt / formal trousers for a man)

- Shoes for going out

- Couple of more casual dresses (for girls)

- Shorts which is not too short, in case you visit from June to September

- Comfortable clothes for sleeping

- Two sweaters, which are not too thick

- An umbrella, which is easy to carry in a purse

- A jacket or sweater to protect you, in case the temperature changes

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