Tourism: The Four Fountains of Madrid

As we have mentioned here on the blog Apartamentos Mayor Centro, Madrid is a city that has everything. It is a city where you can enjoy taking different types of routes, and enjoy different places.

The holiday in apartments in Madrid gives you a unique opportunity to visit amazing, beautiful, simple and lovely places.

One of these sites is definitely the place popularly called “The Four Fountains” among the locals. This small group of fountains is a gold brooch next to the Paseo del Prado, accompanied by the great fountains nearby, Cibeles, Apollo and Neptune.

We can find the fountains in front of the entrance to the Botanical Garden. Returning to the allegory of the “gold brooch”, it is interesting that in Madrid these fountains are also called “4 of gold”, since if seen from above, this location has the same layout as coins of the letter in the Spanish cards.

These are simple fountains that are supposed to beautify the garden’s entrance, which means they do not have specific symbolism and are there just for aesthetic reasons.

However, they are not a recent addition to this important tourist corridor Madrid, since their original design is from the year 1781, in which they were created by Ventura Rodríguez. His designs were realized by Roberto Michel, Alfonso Giraldo and Francisco Gutiérrez Bergaz, although unfortunately it is unknown who of them created each of the fountains.

In the bottom of the four fountains there are lions, allegorical representation of the Spanish monarchy, and are topped with a mermaid or a merman holding or accompanied by a dolphin. Styles vary, but the main idea remains.

It is very interesting that these motifs from Greek mythology have become so used in the traditional architecture of Madrid, and now many people continue to create an idea about this wonderful city through these the imaginary parts.

These four fountains or “fuentecillas”, as we affectionately call them, referring to their small size compared to other great fountains in Madrid have become part of Madrid’s traditional celebrations such as Carnival, the feast of St. Peter or the night of St. Juan, when we can observe the fusion of traditional architecture and culture with urban folklore and customs.

As you can see, this little detail of Madrid’s cityscape is just one of the treasures that you will discover when you walk the streets of this great city thanks to the convenient location of apartments in Madrid you have chosen as accommodation for your stay in the Spanish capital.

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