Visit Madrid for Academic Reasons: a City Full of Options

For decades, the city of Madrid has been a central hub of the country and go-to location for people with different goals and plans, especially in terms of career and professional development. Madrid attracts a lot of people every year with different academic goals in mind. Both people from the smaller towns in Spain and people from abroad can find a lot of possibilities regarding academic development and continuing their education. Having in mind that Madrid is a part of the EU, traveling and moving to Madrid for people from Europe is quite convenient and easy to organize.


Here are some options you can explore if you are visiting Madrid for academic reasons.


Getting to Madrid

The first thing you need to take care of is your stay in Madrid. Initially, you will need to legally organize your stay. This means getting a visa if one is necessary for your stay, which depends on the country you are traveling from. People from the EU are able to travel more freely, while other citizens usually need to sort out details, such as obtaining a student visa, or a work permit, etc.

The next step includes arriving in Madrid and finding accommodation. The type of accommodation you can find during your academic visit can be quite diverse, depending on the situation. Sometimes the institution that enables you to travel to Madrid takes care of finding accommodation for you. Other times, you might be able to choose accommodation on your own. The second option is more flexible, as you can choose between different types of apartments, studios, etc. Also, you can select the location. In most cases, people prefer an apartment in the center of Madrid or one that is close to their place of interested during their stay in Madrid.


Studying in Madrid

Madrid offers a lot of opportunities for educational development, with multilingual study programs, different study groups, and degrees. This means you can find a program that perfectly suits your interest and affinities. Here are Madrid universities offering academic opportunities.

·          The Complutense University of Madrid

Offering unique Complutense cultural program, accepting international students, including Erasmus students, with Foreign Language Center this Madrid university provides an excellent opportunity for student mobility and a possibility for anyone to continue education in the Spanish capital. There is also the International Welcome Center for foreigners to get specific information of interest, regarding their residence, life in Madrid, etc.

It’s one of the six public universities in Madrid. However, what’s more recognizable about this university is the fact that it is one of the biggest universities in Europe. Besides academic possibilities and study programs, there are cultural events and offerings, as well as sport activities available to students.

·          Autonomous University of Madrid

This university has many recognitions, one of which is its Academic Ranking of the World Universities. It welcomes international students and offers programs specially designed for those who are in Spain for the first time, and who are not familiar with the language and culture. The university has two campuses with excellent connection to the city center. Therefore, if you choose to stay in Madrid city center, you will easily reach the campus and be able to easily attend all of the events organized there.

·          Technical University of Madrid

Ranked as one of the top technical universities in Spain, this place is a leading academic institution in technological development and engineering. When it comes to opportunities, the university offers numerous study programs, as well as exchange mobility programs that welcome international students and help them with adapting to the new surrounding. All enrolled students are offered help in multiple ways and orientation programs to enable them to fully explore the potential of their new academic life and reach success in their studies.

·          IE University

This university is an international university with two campuses, one Madrid and one in Segovia. 75% of the students are international students coming from abroad. This means that the programs and curriculum are adapted to such a diverse, international group of people who seek to continue their education. The university provides a supportive environment for the students and promotes learning as a way of life. This concept is so important in today’s global market where people are expected and often are required to learn practically every day. The university offers a lot of different study programs providing numerous opportunities for students.


Research and career development

The combination of life-long education concept with a great reputation these universities have in Europe contribute to the respect of the academic life and opportunities. When you also have in mind the popularity of the city amongst the business professionals in many industries, this city offers so many opportunities to focus on academic research, participate in studies, join the formal or informal educational programs or simply work on your career development, using the method that best matches your interests and field of work.

When you explore the academic community or a specific field of interest you work in, you will find numerous research and development programs you can become a part of. Even though these programs are often associated with students and postgraduates, the fast-developing world of technology has made professional development a requirement for the people of all ages, regardless of their prior experience and education. Attending seminars, workshops, global events, conferences, and many other events that promote life-long learning and professional development are all ways to stay competitive as a professional in your industry, to keep up with the trends and make sure your academic background is still a valid reference in your career.


Academic visits and what to see

When you visit a city such as Madrid for academic reasons, you’ll soon discover numerous opportunities to explore the city. While part of your day might be occupied with activities such as lectures, conferences, workshops, and similar academic events, you will probably have some free time. That’s all you need, some time of your day to start exploring the city, the culture and the history of the Spanish people, to initiate the process of immersion and really get to see how people in Madrid live, and the relevance history, culture and religion have on their everyday lives.

Here’s a couple of suggestions to visit places if you are visiting the city for academic reasons:

·          Museums

The perfect way to learn about the history and culture of a nation is by visiting museums. When you take into account the fact that Madrid has such a rich offer and world-famous art collections, this will be even more reason to start your sightseeing. Visiting a museum is an active process of exploring the culture and learning about the history that shaped the modern life you can see in the city around you. As you go through different epochs, you will see how each of those has affected the everyday life and left the trace in the buildings around you, customs and habits of the people nowadays, etc.

·          Enjoy music and art

The combination of music and art is a great way to experience the cultural offer of the city and go beyond the academic research. Find out how to enjoy Spanish music and art with these suggestions.

·          Cultural heritage

When you stay in the city for a long period of time, you will have many opportunities to see the cultural heritage that represents such value in the history of Spain. The first days upon your arrival to Madrid, you will spend exploring the vicinity and visiting the most popular places, so-called tourist hubs, where most travelers spend their time and go sightseeing. However, later on, you will get to immerse into this whole experience and go beyond the central area to explore hidden corners of Madrid’s cultural heritage. These places have such a great value that they are true pieces of history and represent a unique legacy of the country.

·          The culture is all around

When you arrive in the city, you will find out that culture is all around you. Just take a look at the recognizable square, a fountain that represents a little piece of history and religion, a library with a collection of over 26 million items or one of many World Heritage Sights. There are so many places in Madrid that will take your breath away and convince you that this city indeed radiates with history and culture. Use this Madrid culture guide to find out the places you need to visit.

Studying abroad and pursuing an academic education in Madrid can be a life-changing experience. It is not always easy going abroad, even if there are academic reasons that encourage you to do so. There are so many obstacles that might discourage you, starting from the language barrier to uncertainty regarding finding an apartment in Madrid. However, if you find a good program, one that supports you academically and fulfills your educational goals, you will soon realize that you will be able to overcome the obstacles and truly enjoy this incredible experience.


In the end, regardless what your reasons are for visiting Madrid, we have a very helpful, practical guide to help you understand the world in the city and learn a thing or two about Madrid: Tips for traveling to Madrid.




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