Visiting el Parque del Retiro in Madrid

If you enjoy nature, but you still want to visit a large, urban city, you should consider visiting the capital city of Spain. Madrid is internationally famous tourist destination, mainly because it offers a lot of opportunities for sightseeing, eating out and other leisure activities.

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There are a lot of parks in Madrid that you can visit. In fact, they say that you cannot walk more than fifteen minutes without running into a park or green surface. One of the most famous parks in Madrid is Retiro Park, in Spanish el Parque del Retiro. Besides being the most famous park and one of the most popular attractions in Madrid, this is also one of the largest parks in the city.

Even though some parts of the park were built in late 15th century, the expansion of the park was conducted in the second half of the 16th century under the instruction of King Philip II. The architect Juan Bautista de Toledo was in charge of park’s design at the time.

The 17th century brought more expansions, as well as new architects who worked on this project. Several buildings were added as a part of the park, and two of them still exist in the park today. Those are Casón del Buen Retiro and Salón de Reinos. Although the buildings were erected later on, the pond Estanque del Retiro was in the park much earlier.

The park has become an important center of social gathering of court life at the time. During 18th century the influence of French style was evident. In the end of 18th century, an Astronomical Observatory was built. During the 19th century, new trees were added in order to accompany the existing landscape of the park. It belonged to Spanish royal family until the second half of the 19th century when it was turned into a public park.

Besides the pond, park has many other features, including the Rosaleda Rose garden, the Fountain of the Fallen Angel, remains of Buen Retiro Palace, etc. One of the most important buildings in the park is Crystal Palace. This splendid construction, built under the influence of the Crystal Palace in London, is built next to the artificial pond. In the past it was used to display different species of flora and fauna from across the globe, but today, the building is completely renovated and used as the place to organize art exhibitions. Since it has become a public area, the park has been used as a center of various different venues, including exhibitions, street performances, guided tours, concerts, etc.

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