Why You Should Rent an Apartment in Madrid?

When you come to stay in a city of Madrid, you get a lot of opportunities to find accommodation. A city so big and diverse offers so many different places to live in, regardless if we talk about the size of the apartment, location, etc.

Needless to say, when you want to look for an apartment, you will have a lot of online resources and booking websites that will help you with both finding and booking the apartment you would like to stay in while you are in Madrid.

Being a part of this industry and working with travelers from all over the world, our team at Apartamentos Madrid knows how renting an apartment is always a great option of travelers. This is why we want to focus on explaining some of the main benefits and reasons why you should rent an apartment in Madrid.


Long-term or short-term apartments in Madrid

The first thing to think about when renting an apartment in Madrid is the length of your stay. This is a very important aspect of your travel, as it significantly affects the type of accommodation you will need during your stay.

For short-term stay you will feel more flexible and it will be easier to find a type of accommodation you want. You will be less picky, as you know that you will be in the city for only a couple of days, which means that there is no need to invest too much time into finding an apartment to rent in Madrid. In general, when it comes to short stay, travelers are most likely to spend a lot of time sightseeing and exploring the city, so they do not actually spend much time in the apartment, except to go have some rest and sleep.

Still, having your own apartment even when you are supposed to stay in the city for a couple of days only, is no reason to give up on your daily routine, diet, etc. Living in a serviced apartment will make this all easier to you.


When it comes to long-term apartments, things are different here. Besides travelers, there are a lot of people who relocate due to a business opportunity, continuing education, attending seminars, etc. All of those who plan to stay in the city for a longer period of time must think about apartments as a perfect way to feel comfortable, even though they might miss home and are having difficulties adjusting to a life in a new city.

Staying in an apartment for a longer period you also get to sort of settle down, despite the fact that you are a newcomer, and you might still know only a few people in the city. And this feeling of settling down, feeling of belonging, is important for people who move home, regardless if the period we talk about is two months or two years. Either way, people have the need to feel like they belong somewhere, as this helps them feel good about themselves, to be happy and fulfilled. In the end, it also helps with overcoming that nostalgic feeling most people have when they leave behind a place where they grew up or people they care about so deeply.


Renting an apartment vs. staying in hotel

As a traveler, you must have been in a situation where you would consider between renting an apartment and staying in a hotel. These are both types of accommodation commonly available to travelers, but there are a lot of differences between staying in an apartment and staying in a hotel.

One of the major benefits of renting an apartment, as opposed to staying in a hotel, is comfort. Hotel rooms are usually small and you are confined to a tiny area, where you barely have enough space to place your suitcases, especially if you are not traveling lightly. On the other hand, apartments are available in various different sizes, so you can choose exactly the size of the apartment you would find comfortable. There is no need to be confined to a small space, just because you are traveling. Sacrificing comfort when on vacation is not always the answer, especially if you plan on staying in the city for a week or more.

In a situation like this, it seems pointless to choose smaller space, and limit your comfort, as you know you will need to be able to relax. Holidays are all about having fun and enjoying time you get to spend away from home and away from work, so make sure you feel comfortable when staying in apartment.

Another major difference between these two types of accommodations is particularly related to travelers who plan on staying in the city for a longer period of time. Long-term apartments in Madrid are much more suitable option for finding accommodation than staying in a hotel as the cost of accommodation is significantly lower. Apart from comfort, which we have already mentioned as a great benefit of choosing apartment rentals instead of any other type of accommodation, the cost of an apartment is usually much cheaper when you rent for an extended period of time.

Unlike hotels, where the main characteristic when it comes to payment is paying per night of your stay, apartment owners and agencies usually have different payment options. Those options most commonly depend on the length of the stay.

For example, if you need to stay in an apartment in Madrid for two or three days you will pay per day. In this case, the price of your accommodation can be similar to the one you would pay in a hotel, as you get to pay per night. On the other hand, you might need to stay in the apartment for a month, in which case you would ask for the price of renting that apartment for a month. In this situation, you end up paying much less when you pay for the entire month, than in cases where you would have to pay for thirty separate nights, because a monthly rental is not an option.

The same goes for different periods of time, such as a couple of months or even a year. Paying a monthly rental is much more affordable solution in this case, and it is a solution we recommend to most travelers who are supposed to stay in Madrid for a longer period of time.


Traveling with family or friends

Now we come to another situation where you should rent an apartment in Madrid, instead of selecting any other type of accommodation and here is why. Traveling with family and friends is a period where you travel with a group of people, regardless if that is a group of two, three, four, etc.

There are two main reasons why people travel with family (sometimes two families can travel together) and friends. First we have a pleasure of sharing a travel adventure with people you love spending time with. Obviously, in this case, spending a lot of time together, bonding and having fun together is the goal of your travel. The second reason is the fact that people traveling together want to share the travel costs. Travel costs most commonly include cost of accommodation, but they also include a situation where friends could share money for fuel by traveling in one car, instead of all of them buying tickets and traveling separately.

When it comes to accommodation costs, staying in an apartment is a much better solution for people who are traveling together. Instead of renting two or three separate bedrooms, family and friends can all stay in one apartment. Obviously, you will need a two-bedroom or even three-bedroom apartment, so that everyone feels comfortable, but even so, this alternative will turn out to be much cheaper solution that staying in a hotel. Apart from sharing the price of the actual apartment rental, you also get to share food expenses, especially if you choose to cook in the apartment. Staying in and eating at home is usually much affordable than ordering food or eating out.

Additionally, while you stay in an apartment, you will have much more time to spend together, as you can spend a lot of time in the living room, watching TV, playing games, chatting, etc. You could also cook and eat meals together. All of these activities are more difficult to organize in a hotel, especially if you end up being located on different floors.

This aspect of bonding and spending time together is very important when we talk about a family traveling together, especially in cases you are traveling with kids. It might be stressful to travel on its own for some people, but traveling with kids is even greater endeavor. Kids easily get bored, they might hungry, tired, etc. Regardless the reason they can cause you problems when you need to focus on preparing all the documents, carrying your luggage and paying attention to your kids at the same time. In some cases, one room in a hotel might not be enough, so you should always consider renting an apartment in these situations, as you will end up spending much more time together as a family. And when it comes to eating habits of your kids, you are the one who knows them best. As some kids might be fussy eaters, preparing food on your own, in the kitchen of the apartment you rent, might be much more suitable for you when traveling, instead depending on different options such as eating out or eating in a hotel’s kitchen.

In the end, all that matters is that you are having fun during your travel to Madrid, regardless the amount of time you are going to spend in the city, and regardless if you are in the city to work, study or explore its culture. What you need to have in mind is that travel or relocation is a great opportunity to experience something new, to enjoy trying out new things, visiting new places and meeting new people. This is all part of your life, part of your experience which makes you who you are.

Having all of this in mind, we can safely conclude that staying in an apartment has much more benefits, which is why you should rent an apartment in Madrid. Although comfort is the number one benefit, and it is commonly the main reason why travelers choose this type of accommodation, we cannot neglect other benefits such as costs and possibility to stay with family and friends.

Each travel is different and unique in its way, but what all travelers have in common is that they want to find accommodation easily. They also want it to be comfortable and affordable, which all together lead us to believe that apartments are exactly what most travelers are looking for, as only apartment rentals fulfill all of these conditions, thus enabling travelers to enjoy and take the most out of their travel while in the Spanish capital.

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